Today we are going to be reviewing the dji mini 2 drone, and i just wanted to come on here and tell you guys. I got it like two days ago and i wanted to give you information on it. So if you were looking for a drone or anything – and i wanted to tell you the pros and cons about it, so lets get right into the video okay guys. So right here is the box, its a very nice box. All you got ta do is peel. The tape opens up from the front um everythings in there nice and well, but we dont need that because the drone is right here, um. So yes, this is the dji mini 2 and all you got to do is unfold it out under, and here we go, it has a 4k camera which, later in the video im going to be showing you guys, pictures and videos. I got on this thing so far. They are very nice im going to start working on some videos that i could do uh like clips with this in it um so yeah so far. I love the camera quality because its the best camera call quality. You can get um, i mean i did hear theyre working on 8k, but its not out yet so for what it is right now, uh its the best quality. You could get okay guys, so the dji mini 2 holds a micro sd card right back there, micro, sd, and to charge it.

You use a usb type c, which obviously comes with it right here, just plug it in and then the other end is a usb. So you could just get an apple block and plug it into here and plug it into the wall outlet and thats. Fine um. I noticed, like you, know how those wall outlets just have usb um. Now you can plug in. I did charge it like that once and i noticed it charged way slower than with the block, so i recommend with the block instead of just plugging this straight into your wall um and then obviously comes with the controller. You just pull this up and then set your phone in right here and then yeah the heres. The controller got all the buttons you know and then to hook up your phone to the drone. You take this little thing. Thats plugged in back here, um this ones plugged into the controller, and then this one is an apple charger and you just plug it into your phone. Then you can see the camera that the drone is seeing on there and you can see what mode youre in, but you can still see that on the controller so that doesnt help too much. You can see the charge um everything its really nice uh, so yeah thats the remote, and if you guys have an android, you can do that. It comes with an android adapter um. You just have to unplug it because the apple one is already set in there.

First um so yeah thats, the controller so im guessing. You guys want to know the price. So this thing is 450, its a great starter. Drone um, you know you dont need all for. If youre starting you dont need to carry in case the extra batteries and everything um so yeah its a great starter, drone obviously comes with the charging cord, the drone, obviously the controller and the controller charging cord, but lets get into the pros and cons about this Drone, okay, guys so pros, first, its a great drone for the price uh. You know the camera quality is great, it comes with extra dialog sticks, it lands itself and it takes off by itself um. You know. Just a great drone id definitely recommend this. If youre getting your first drone um so lets get into the cons now for the cons, okay, so the cons, the controller charger. This is super small, its usbc and it doesnt come with the usbc block. So youre gon na have to buy that for extra. For like five dollars, um, it doesnt come with this uh block either, but i feel, like everybody, has an apple charger, uh block, so thats not really a problem. If you dont, you can buy that for like another five dollars um, but yeah great drone. Only thing another thing is is that it only lasts at a hundred percent charge. It only lasts for 31 minutes of flight time, which that does kind of suck, but you dont need that much flight time for a starter, drone, um, ive ive been fine with it.

I run it down to like 30 battery um because i usually only fly for like 15 minutes at a time but yeah. So those are all the pros and cons um great drone uh. I love this thing, but im gon na get into some of the pictures and videos that ive taken so far so yeah. Here we go okay, guys so heres a picture of the lake on your screen right now. Uh this lake is right outside of my house. I drew drove the drone literally a minute away: um nice lake, you know nice camera quality on. It looks like a pretty good picture and now youre seeing the lake at night, which the morning i took that i woke up, did my uh took that picture. Did my other things and when i came back at night i did the same thing and tried to make it exactly the same. Obviously, you can see its not perfect, but it looks pretty good um, so theres like good camera quality even at night and during the day and now im gon na get into some of the videos. Now im. Just gon na put up a video on the screen that i took uh its just my flight skills. I just flew through uh some trees and like under trees over trees, its a pretty cool video um. By the way, when i randomly stopped thats, because my brother said i was gon na hit a tree, even though i was not even close um but yeah, so here it is so guys.

I hope this video helped you out on your first deciding decision decision of getting your starter drone or even just a drone um, just because a nice drone. Obviously i love this thing. As i explained multiple times in the video folds up, you know make it a little bit smaller easier to carry um, but i hope you guys enjoyed make sure to like and subscribe and, as you can see in the background my setup looks a little different. I hung up the led sign which you cant even read: it, which kind of sucks, but i made a secondary setup thats like where i edit my videos and stuff so yeah.