This is the dji mini 2, so its huge shout out to dji for sending out this tiny little foldable drum im very excited because i had the phantom 3 and im excited to have a smaller drug which i could fit on large cargo pants or a small Backpack, so when i go on a trip or something i can get some cool aerial footage 4k resolution, which is a huge upgrade over the 2.7 k, which is on a previous model. Plus you got 31 minutes of runtime can fly up to 35 miles per hour, which is pretty quick and it can handle up to 23 miles per hour with your android or iphone just kind of qr code, and it looks like this. Guy has a micro, sd card slot, has a nice little carrying bag so lets go and get this guy opened up and well see what the dji mini 2 is all about. So what do i start? Lets start from the top here. Get this plastic wrapping over now. Let me know down in the comments, if you guys ever use a drone, what type of drone you have um! I had heard that dji is a pretty good company. I had the phantom 3 loved it um. The only downside about the phantom 3 is, you need a pretty large backpack, but with this guy it folds up. So you can probably stick in your purse. Maybe a small uh bag or something oh okay, lets see it just pulls out there wow thats.

Actually, a really cool box experience sweet going to open up the top here. This is the drone itself. Look at that guys. This thing is super tiny. I was not expecting this thing to be that small thats actually quite impressive, so you got a 4k camera right. There has the three axis fertilized gimbals and these uh arms fold out. I wonder if i can do that on camera here, yep they just kind of fall down right all right. So there we go pretty small with the arms fold out and we do have a battery pack in the back here and it looks like we have a micro usb to charge 32 gigabyte memory card installed, but you can get bigger one if you want so very Nice, looking drone here lets check out the camera. I think we have to pull off this tape here. All right pull off this cover theres, our three axis gimbal camera right there can rotate, can go up and down so very, very nice and its 4k resolution right lets see there you go, and i guess this way you can turn it on its right here. Press the button uh open up this compartment paper now so it looks like we could either add some more batteries. Maybe a charging cable in this slot lets check out the main compartment all right, so it looks like we have a booklet. Very, very nice kind of gives you everything you need to know: yeah, sweet and heres.

The quick start guide right here. This is probably the most useful for me since i dont like to read the instruction manuals kind of tells you how to get started. Scan the qr code, using your iphone or a smartphone or android or something nice all right lets see what else is included. We have a usb type c charging, cable and heres. Our controller has some good weight to it very, very nice. So we have some thumbsticks which we can remove uh. We have some functions right here. Uh looks like we could take a photo right there and a function key. We got return to lamp, one touch right there on and off, and we got power button and this particular model, or this controller uses your smartphone and theres, actually a data port which kind of charges the smartphone. But you can see this kind of pull pulls out and you can put your smartphone right there, so very handy so yeah it feels very, very nice, and it looks like down here is where we hold. Our thumb sticks because in this little handle right there we just kind of screw it in there. So cool lets put the other thumbstick in here and then screw in. So yes, very nice. I think you can do mode two or more one, depending on what style you so for more mode. Two, you have the throttle on the left. I think uh mode, one, the dollars on the right, but ill double check, all right, so thats.

Basically, everything for the about to control it lets go and get this charged up ill. Show you how to pair up with the smartphone and well see what the dji mini 2 is all about hold on one second, okay, so the setup process is pretty straightforward. Just scan the qr code ill, take you to the dji fly app once you have installed, youll be introduced to this little video clip here, Music. Well, i guess that introduction will definitely wake you up with all that exciting music, okay, so heres the main home screen. So lets go and now pair up our model. Now we are using a mini 2 in this video, but you can see. Dji does have several consumer based drones. They also have professional drones like the dji inspire and the phantom 4.. All right so lets go and select the mini 2 here and theres a nice animation kind of walks you through how to set up your controller, make sure your controller is fully charged thats. One thing i recommend – and i am using an iphone for this example: okay, so once we have it installed, you can see the main screen here. I dont have a live video feature. I havent turned my drone on yet, but one thing i like to do is make sure im on a track scale i like imperial, but you can do metric if you like the medias good and so on. Now i like to confirm that im in mode 2 thats how i fly, but some people like mode 1 or even mode 3 or you can customize it to wherever you like, as you can see its pretty easy to see.

Whats going on here. The animations are great and its really clean laid out. Okay, so lets go and jump into the main screen. Here i have the drone hooked up its powered up and i can check some additional settings. Some pre flight checklist does tell me. I have to calibrate the drone, so in order to do that, make sure your drone is away from metallic objects or metal objects and just kind of rotate. The drone in different axis itll kind of walk you through it and once you do it completely. The animations will uh go away all right, so it looks like were ready to go so lets go and check out this drone were gon na fly in my house also well fly outside and see how well this guy does take off. The home point has been updated. Please check it on the map. So yes, the drone does talk to you and theres several sensors to make it very smooth: uh theres, gyros, theres, accelerometers theres, also altimeter. So when you press the takeoff button, it will actually go up about 1.5 meters and just stay there. Now you can see. The footage is very smooth. Has that three axis gimbal – and one thing i recommend is if youre a newbie pilot dont ever try to fly this in your home, especially if youre in a smaller area, because you could cause some damage if you accidentally bump into something okay. So you can see my daughter there shes definitely used to the drones.

I guess shes used to my vacuums running around, so the noise doesnt affect her landing so theres a lot of use case, snares for drones, uh. For this example, im taking a nice slow, panoramic shot of the rocky mountains during the sunrise, its kind of cool kind of gives, a cool eerie feeling, and i definitely like kind of flying around the neighborhood uh just be mindful of people uh their privacy dont, be Looking into peoples houses but heres, my house here and if you like, a building inspector its great to check up on the roof to make sure theres no damage. Um ive also seen drones at weddings party events. Well, if youre more adventurous kick into sports modes and definitely fly around a little bit quicker or maybe turn the drone into a snow blower and blow off the snow there. Well i want to give you guys a personal shout out. You guys are awesome each and every one of you, you guys are the one that makes this channel possible and thanks so much for watching these videos really does help out my channel, and i try to educate you guys to make sure these are the right price For you now, if you have any questions, let me know down in the comments ill be more than happy to answer any questions. I do have experience with flying quadcopters drones and i can help you with like any regulations. If you have any uh questions, usually the application will, let you know if you can fly or not.

Those are like no fly zones, but also, i do recommend talking to your local authorities. If you have any questions about the weight class and like if youre allowed to uh fly, because there is some regulations regarding with these uh drones, but have a great rest of your day, uh thanks so much for watching uh be safe out.