So i dont need a license to fly it and so ive just got in. It is right here in the case joshua has it um, so yeah uh ive been im gon na be making a video sort of showcasing it showcasing some of the features and stuff. Like that um sorry, if the camera quality, isnt so great im actually on my phone right now, because uh i in the previous video, the waterfalls, one in costa rica, i jumped up the waterfall and the gopro sort of got filled up with water. I dont know how that happened, but anyways uh. We do have more costa rica videos coming out um. Luckily we had a our friend had a gopro um, so yeah we have more costa rica videos coming out in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for those and also sorry for not uploading too often recently, because um, you know, i i dont know why. I just havent really been uploading much but im going to be trying my best to try and be uploading a lot more. I might try to be doing some phone content on my phone for a bit. Until i get my new gopro uh, we claimed on travel insurance, so yeah im gon na be getting one of those soon um but yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this drone video and stay tuned to the end, because we have some special shout outs: Music, Music, Music, all right guys.

I hope you guys liked that quick mompack so now were gon na head up were in an altitude zone right now. So i can only go up to 150 um, so yeah, okay guys, so some of my footage got lost so im, just gon na be narrating whats happening, so um right now, im just putting on some good lines. I do like flying with gridlines uh. Just you know shows me like center points and stuff, okay guys. So now we are testing out quick shots. Quick shots are a mode that you just select, select yourself or whatever object. You want to track and it will get a really cool shot without you having to fly, it will automatically get that shot and then return to the starting position. So right now what we are doing. We are selecting um, helix and ive selected myself, helix and then what helix does it will basically do a spiral of three, so it starts to close one and itll slowly go further and further away to reveal where you are so. This is a really cool mode. If youre, like especially a hilly area or something like that, like a mountain top or something thats, cool and theres tons of other quick shots that you can test out, if you buy a mini too so here we are, as you can see its the reveal. I have it on 25 meters right now, but you can get it a lot further, so i you can make it 120 meters away with, so you can make it so it reveals more.

So i just had a 25, but you can have it on a lot larger area, but you just got to be careful because dji mini 2 does not have any sensors to track any objects. So there you go thats a quick shot right there. So next test. We are going to be doing is going to be a speed test, so im going to go up. Okay, so now that were up here, um you, we are doing air speed, check, uh our speed check so make sure to look down where it says d and then distance, and then it says how fast were going right now were going 40 ks an hour, but It can go a lot faster, one sport mode right now, its not going flash us because of wind, its kind of its quite a windy day um, but wait till were coming back and we can go a lot faster than this, so uh on the way away. Um, we got 40 ks an hour were going against. The wind now were going with the wind and look. We are going to push past 50, 55, 56 and 57 right, and i think we got 58 yeah. We got about 57 uh, so yeah and i have managed in flatter no windy days. Ive pushed it to like 59 or 58. So it is a very fast drone if you need it to be, but you dont always need it to go super fast.

So then, this drone is pretty much good for any situation youre in so i definitely recommend you go ahead and get yourself a dji mini 2. If you dont have one and you are looking for a drone. This is the one i recommend, okay, guys so um. As i promised you, we are doing some special shout outs, so the first shout out goes to jacob noble whos, our cameraman right now, um yeah. He just filmed this whole video for us. So shout out to him, and our second shout out is schnobs, which is joshs, channel jacobs, older brother and he and were going to be doing a hide and seek video with him tomorrow. Im pretty sure um.