I just bought myself a drone which is going to take my video making skills to the next level. So ive got a dji. Mini 2. comes in this bag here with a handle, so you can carry it around on your shoulder nice and light and compact. In fact, the drone itself only weighs 250 grams or 249 to be exact, um and im going to show you what you get in this package. What weve got here is your drone. It has a remote and also has a battery bank which well put right there as well in the bag as well. We have a secret little zippy compartment with the charger with a usb plug in on it. Weve also got the cords that come with the charger. We got the whole range of goodies here. Weve got spare propellers that uh just in case you stack it into trees or whatever weve also got these little adapters here, which are so from your controller to your phone um. To connect your phone with the controller to the drone. Youll need obviously, whatever adapter that suits your phone, so weve got a usbc. Weve got the uh, the little samsung style phone charger. I call it and also the iphone style charger. Also we have here three or two toggles which actually go on the remotes here. Theres already two here in the end of your controller, they put them away here so that when youre transporting your drone, they dont snap off.

You also get a little mini screwdriver as well. Um cool, so thats, all the stuff that comes with it lets go through. All this one at a time and lets start with the drone so, like i said this is the drone. Its very small fits in the palm of your hand, so nice and compact easy to travel with um and the features are amazing, but well talk about that. A little bit later, so it comes with this little cover here that uh protects your propellers. So what we do here is we take these off and that releases your propellers and uh. Then what we do is we take these off here, thats a little cover for your camera, so you dont get scratches on your lenses, then to set up the drone for flying. You simply fold these out then fold these out and there she is ready to go on the back here. You can either charge the the battery directly through here or under here. You can simply just remove the battery and then slip it straight into your three way. Charger and then put plug the usb in here Applause all pretty simple. Next up the controller, so the controller comes, as is to use this controller. What we do is you take out these little toggles here they just come out of here and then screw them in this is for ease of transport. There we go now. We have dongles all right thats where you fit your phone, so you just fit your phone directly in here that can slide under to fit most phones.

You can slide up and down and then on the remote here we have, you can either have normal shooting, which is uh like a medium speed, drone usage. So it will react faster to your controllers, cinematic, which makes the drone fly a lot smoother. So when you change the direction of the drone it doesnt jolt it does it in one big, smooth motion, its really cool thats. What i use mostly also weve, got sports mode use. I use this sports mode to get my drone to where i want to go to and then switch back to cinematic and shoot from there back to where i am or back to wherever the subject that im shooting is but sports modes a good way to get It there quickly um yeah, and then you got the power button. Yeah, so power button push it once to see how much battery is left in the actual uh in the actual remote control itself. If you push it once and then twice and hold it, that turns the remote on ready to pair with your drone on the top. Here we have a quick shot button which just is either record or take a photo here. Toggles, the angle of your camera up or down so, if youre flying over the top of something you can roll this wheel and itll just tilt your camera downwards, to look directly down from your drone at the subject or opposite way, and it will tilt your camera Upwards to look straight ahead where its flying theres a lot more to go through, but im just going through the basics here.

So i put this away here now and well turn him off now. As for the features of the drone, so ive only had it for a couple of days and ive been using it quite a lot. Um ive sort of figured out quite a few of the really cool features. Theres, a couple id really like to mention to you guys, um one really cool thing about this drone is it travels quite a long way. Its got a 10 kilometer range of clear sight. So if theres, no obstructions, no buildings, no big trees or anything like that, youve got clear sight. You can fly this up to 10ks. I havent been that far with it, ive been 5ks with it. No worries absolutely no problems whatsoever. As soon as i get behind some trees or something like that, it starts to jolt around a little bit and get a little bit shaky, but you know its uh about other than that. Its been pretty good, um 10k is a really long way. Its kind of scary to think that your you know, thousand dollar drone is 10 kilometers away from you um one thing i noticed when i turned it on and turn the propellers on for the first time is its pretty quiet. Um ive seen a lot of other drones around and theyre a lot noisier than this giant its fairly quiet. Then, once i got it in the air uh, i was down the beach with it the first time and it was a fairly windy day at the beach, and i was a bit worried about how it was going to handle being so small, but it had zero Problems whatsoever, i flew it up pretty high.

It was about 15 to 20 knots and i had absolutely no problems whatsoever flying this thing. It handled it fairly. Well, it uses a lot more battery in high wind situations, but thats expected its doing a lot more work. Another thing i forgot to mention with the battery charger the three way battery bank on the end. Here you have a usb port. That means that when youve got these batteries charged that acts as a battery bank, you can charge your phone off that you can charge anything that will plug into a usb. You can charge off this, which is a pretty cool feature if youre out the bush middle of nowhere got no power. There you go now, while the mini 2 is awesome, theres a few things it didnt have that i thought it may have, but that was just me assuming i didnt do enough research. It doesnt have active tracking now thats pretty cool, for if you want your drone to focus on a subject and follow it wherever it goes. So if youre driving along in your car itll, follow your car along and thats thats, you know a pretty cool thing to have, but being a mini and being in this price range, its still an amazing product. Also, what it doesnt have is obstacle avoidance sensors. It does have two on the bottom here, these two little things here, theyre a sensor to make sure it doesnt get too low to the ground or it doesnt hit anything below it.

But on the front here these these things here are not sensors, theyre, just fence, and also these things here are just vents as well, but as long as hes flying high enough and away from trees, its still an amazing little piece of equipment. So one thing that im really happy with with this drone is the quick shots. So these quick shots are just preset drone angles. These quick shots include a dronie which is like a selfie with a drone, so you click on your subject and it will zone in on that. Subject: hold you there and then itll count down from three to one and then itll start this quick shot where itll start in close to yours to the subject and then itll just shoot away and keeping you centered on the screen and thats pretty cool next up Its got rocket rocket is where itll focus on the subject and then itll fly directly up like a rocket from the bot from the top and have a birds eye view, and then slowly panning away from the subject, which is pretty cool next up is just simply Named circle, where it simply circles the subject from wherever it is the next one is helix, helix or spiral where it will start in close and then spiral outweighs right around you in a circle getting further and further away as it goes, and the last one is Boomerang where it starts off close to the subject and does a big loop all the way around and gets further and further away until its furthest point on the semicircle and then starts coming back in and ends up back at the same position close to the subject.

Again, like a boomerang as its called anyway im going to leave you with some footage of some of the things that ive shot in the last couple of days. I hope you enjoy and i definitely recommend this product. It is going to take my video shooting to the next level, get out there and get amongst it. Friends, catch you next time: Music, uh, Music, be Music; Music, oh Music! So guys, if you like what you saw in this video or any of my other videos, make sure you head down below subscribe like follow, and uh dont miss out on anything. Ive got coming up. Ive got plenty more adventures coming your way. Until then friends see you later get amongst it.