I’Ll, try not to damage the entire packaging. Okay. This did not go as i planned. So what do we have here, it’s already placed in a really nice box. This is beautiful, just box and everything inside okay, let’s see what we got here. I have to say: the quality of the bag is actually extremely nice, so we have the drone. Oh my god, it’s super light, it’s, actually ridiculous. How light it is. Look at this one when i saw it on youtube: it looked much bigger. Actually, so we have this, then i believe this is a charger. No sorry! This is the controller. Okay, i’m. Actually, looking forward for this one well, this is actually quite heavy, so let’s open that one up. Oh well, this this! This really feels nice. So on the bottom, you have the sticks for the the joysticks, which i have no idea how to open up. Probably i need to have nails for this, so let’s leave it for later. What else do we have here? Okay, i have no idea what this is most probably a manual, a quick start guide, um the future of possible okay to a charging hub, okay, so the documentation, then accessories let’s see what we have here. Oh yeah, this is nice. I have to see them. They package so amazingly, so the charging adapter, the usbc usbc, cable, usbc and micro usb cables for the controller, the usb a usbc, cable that’s, it so what’s this one.

This should be, i believe, the battery charger, oh yeah, so this is the triple battery charger. One battery is probably in the drone uh. Oh yeah, one more is here. Okay, do we have anything else nope? I think something is still hidden here. Oh yes, okay, so one more set of joysticks for the controller one two three sets of spare propellers and one super small screwdriver. I think that’s, actually it. I cannot find anything else yeah this is it what you get in the box, so uh let’s get outside and try to fly. This thing, hello, guys welcome back to my channel, so today, i’m going to be doing something completely different. Finally, i bought the drone. This is the dji mini 2. It was a long time wish of mine to have a really nice drone, so i can combine it with my black magic pocket cinema camera 4k. I actually had a drone long time ago. It was the first parrot drone. I think it was a barrett ar something that one. Unfortunately, although it was the first one, it was completely unflyable, uh unstable it would crash. The camera was really bad. So after so many years i finally got one. This is going to be. I believe an amazing drone. It also has a 4k camera on it. So i think the video with this could be really nicely followed by the blackmagic camera video. So today we are going to do it.

Do a test flight outside of tilburg. The reason for doing that is that every european country has different well, the laws and regulations are the same, but the areas where you’re allowed to fly are different. So this is something that what every operator needs to take care of to make sure that he knows what are the restricted areas to fly so you can use in the netherlands the go fly app. I think it’s a go flight. No sorry! My mistake! It’S a go drone app. I will actually show you my screen here so let’s do this start recording so on this app, you can find the locations where you are allowed to fly so, as you can see right now where we are located at the moment, i will zoom in here, for You give it a second to load in, as you can see, this area is completely out of limits for the flight, so where there is a red area, it’s controlled air space and controlled airspace goes from zero meters. So that means that even you’re not allowed to fly on let’s, say 10 15 meters out of the ground, so we are going to move outside of the city a bit to the outskirts. We are going to do a test flight there to see. How does it perform? I can’t wait to do that. I have all my batteries charged. The drone is now updated to the latest firmware. I read something that there are some issues with the firmware, so we’re going to see what’s going on there and uh yeah let’s get uh let’s get to the first test flight.

So for the first flight i chosen this beautiful location outside of tilburg. This is in front of the beautiful monastery where the le trap beer is made. So this is literally my first flight attempt. I will be doing everything for the first time, so i have no idea what i’m doing i did some research online, how to connect it and how to do it, but let’s see so. First i’ll find my phone and try to do the screen record for you. So you can see what i see: okay, let’s, take this out of the case. Unfortunately, the the samsung case does not work well with the controller so let’s take this one out: okay, let’s get the controller, the rc, cable. Okay! We have this one. The samsung galaxy note s20 ultra is actually quite huge phone, so i am having a bit more trouble, putting it in no pun intended: okay, let’s unlock it beautiful okay, this should work. Let’S connect it. We just fly more let’s start. The swing record, also screen recorder and start recording yeah. So now, if you open the questionnaire for me, i don’t want that one great let’s take the drone. Don’T fall uh. I always forget the right order, how to disassemble it so first, the top props, then the bottom one. Now the camera cover. I hope i didn’t break anything. Okay turn it on so one short press and then press and hold okay. Now let’s see the controller.

I need to take out the flying sticks. This is going to be a fun one. Okay, i’m, going to ask my girlfriend to do that. Can you please i’ll keep hold of a camera, so look how beautiful it looks. Okay, this is going to be the area we’re going to be flying from, and this is the monastery okay beautiful here we go again press once and then hold to turn on the controller. That’S beautiful, okay, yes, that’s done start auto check. Okay, start to check. Also. I updated the firmware to the last one. The latest version safety check has been done: okay out to the zone, 150 that’s, okay, okay, let’s, move away and let’s try to fly this thing: Music, okay, prop spin and we are updated. Please wow! This is actually quite fun, so right now, i’m in the normal flight mode. Let’S try to see this is the monastery. Okay, the bird almost shot us yeah. A friend told me that uh the birds want to attack the drone seriously yeah so watch out for that. Okay, fair enough yeah it’s, a quite high investment to be attacked by a bird okay. Let’S go a bit up now we are at height only 12 meters. Maximum allowed height here is 120 meters. Okay, you can see the entire monastery from here. Okay, let’s. Try to rotate the camera, go up and just fly straight back and look at us. You’Re here look honey, it’s us let’s rotate.

It can. I try give me a second. It looks fun. Yeah, yes, go film! The goats, goats, okay, let’s, move Music, Music. Okay, so, as you can see, the drone performs amazingly the new firmware. I did not see any problems with it. It flew amazingly well at first. I was a bit scared to fly it especially to go higher than 20 meters, because to me it looked ridiculously high, and the winds here in the netherlands can be quite quite strong. I’D say like that so yeah. I cannot wait to take it for a new flight. Again, the batteries lasted around 25 minutes 20 to 25 minutes, which is actually really good. I was not expecting that much of a flight time uh what else to say about it. I think it’s a great deal to get the combo so to get the charger to get extra two batteries, because with one battery, when you go outside you do one flight and the battery is out, then yeah it’s not going to be too much fun. So my recommendation for the drone – amazingly – yes, absolutely yes, uh what you need to take into account. This is a sub 250 gram drone, so even with the new law goes into uh force uh for first of first, i think 2023 i’m, not sure check that one out i don’t know exactly the date. The all the drones above 250 grams will be a legacy drones and they won’t be able to fly anywhere in the city or the people they’ll be extremely limited, so that’s.

Why? I think this one is a great purchase at the time. They are, of course, bigger and better drones, but for the bigger ones you need a license for now later, who knows what will happen with the new regulations? Uh? The image from this is amazing. Only thing i will try to do soon is add the nd filters to it just to see how that one works other than that it’s amazingly easy to fly. It has a really stable flight uh, even my girlfriend, as you saw or flew it a bit since she didn’t crash it not saying anything bad about it, but she doesn’t have best technical skills, more knowledge, it’s, a great beginner’s drone. I would recommend it to anybody and i hope to make more videos with it soon. So thank you very much for watching. I hope you are going to share this video subscribe. Do everything else and if you like this video, please comment on it to see. Maybe we can do more videos like this in the future.