For a ride now theres a distribution warehouse near me that ive never seen and its been there for a while it is by this year company here. Can you see this right here? This is amazon theres, an amazon distribution warehouse near me and ive never seen it. You know its maybe about 20 minutes away, so im gon na drive there on my bike and go check it out and im gon na bring with me in. Where is it so? I have the bag over here my tank bag, and then here i have. Can you see that ive got a little mini so im going to go check out the warehouse and take my mini and take some video of it Music? Now this is actually a joy for me because most days i am either at the office of my day. Job working or quickly, squeezing in a review video before heading off to my day, job as you can tell this is one of my few days off, and it is on those days that i do enjoy a relaxing motorcycle ride now, im guessing several of you are Going to ask what is the brand and type of motorcycle im driving well? This is my trusty old honda. Vfr800 from the year 2004., you see in my younger days. I used to drive nothing but crotch rockets and i used to crash often as seen here. So i jumped over to the sport touring motorcycles in order to get to the amazon warehouse i have to head south out of the city limits.

Unfortunately, theres not a lot of twisty roads back here, so yeah its kind of straight and boring, but look around its farmland. I dont have this around my place so farmland. As far as the eye can see. It looks really good doesnt smell that great though after 20 minutes of riding, my gps tells me im nearing my destination and it should be on my left so as im crossing the highway im. Looking to my left, and what do i see nothing? Well, i see this building, but that cant be it because the amazon warehouse is supposed to be massive but yep thats. It im looking great at it, but it looks so small, okay, so now im thinking if thats the amazon warehouse it doesnt look very large, but ive got to stop. So i pull into this gas station, which is actually a truck, stop pass. The trucks go to the back of the gas station. Luckily, no one is around so ive got the whole area to myself park the bike and uh yeah. I guess we should take out our dji mini and go check out that amazon warehouse all right. I got a gopro over there. Hopefully none of these trucks at this truck stop drive it over all right. I did say earlier that i brought the mavic mini, but i just took a look at what i brought. I brought the mini 2, which is even better than the mavic mini, because im going to have to fly farther than i thought, and this will be really good with ocusync 2 in it.

So here we go, all right were all set im gon na take this up and uh ill show you, where im standing watch out for this sign up here all right. Let me take this back there, we go, take it back there and let me put the camera down there. I am over here so im at this truck. Stop petrol, canada, gas station and im going to point up over. There is our little amazon distribution warehouse right over there, so thats what im going to fly over and check out now for some reason: ive stopped in an area where there must be a wasp hive or a beehive, because theres a lot of them around me here Lets take it away up wow. That is pretty big. Look at the size of this thing, its massive all right so lets head over to it. Here we go Music, so this would be our amazon distribution warehouse for my neck of the woods. So, for my city and surrounding smaller cities, this is it look at this thing here. Let me just bring the camera down a bit. Look at this, so when i order from amazon on a daily basis, this is where it all comes from lets. Go this way check out the length of this thing. Wow look at that! It just goes and goes and goes i almost have to put this like in sport mode or something to uh to get to the end quickly, because it is so huge.

This is crazy. Lets stay im gon na take this up higher to the maximum height im allowed in canada and look down at it because its just going on and on and on and on and on so lets go. I can get up to about 120 meters here in canada. So lets go were going up up up up, looks pretty nice in the back of it, nice, scenery, nice, landscape and uh, almost at 120, and then im going to spin around and take a look at this baby because the higher i am there we are max Height reached all right, so theres the highway im looking down and lets look back at this thing. Im gon na have to go backwards. It still doesnt fit in the picture, its so huge. Look at this im going backwards, not gon na bring the camera up im at 120 meters here and look at this thing i cant even get it the whole building. I cant even get it in frame. That is insane look at this thing, wow im sure in your cities. You have the same thing, but ive never seen something like that before. That is incredible. That is amazing. All right im glad i came out to check it out because thats so freaking cool, all right im going to put this in sport mode and zoom it back to me. So here we go im over this way. Sport mode. Here we go full speed.

Even in sport mode, it looks like im going slow over this thing because its so big that is oh, its just crazy. Let me show you the horizon. How far out i am im far far from a city and anything else around theres not much around here. Maybe a small little town, its just basically, this amazon warehouse and this gas station probably makes a lot of business. So lets come on back to me, im down here, spitting this around as im coming down there. We are and well be right at the tail end of my motorcycle Music, actually ill put it in camera, so you can see it the gopro so ill bring it over here and ill. Put it right in front of me right. There theres the top of my head whoa. I just missed that petrol cannon inside Applause and there we go, bring the camera back up and bring it on down. Well im glad i checked that out. I often wondered how big the amazon warehouse was, and now i know its pretty darn big here ill just show you how i have everything stuffed in my tank bag. So i put the little mini 2 over here and the controller goes there and a spare battery. I have up in here, but i really dont need a spare battery because you get so much flight time with the mini 2. Music, Music, Music. All right all right! All right! Thanks for joining me on this ride.

Let me come around this way, so uh. If youve heard of the term helmet, hair or helmet head watch, this ill take this off when its really sweaty and youre riding a motorcycle. This is what youre left with yeah. It just sticks everything to your head. Alright, guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up, and i bet a lot of you out there ride motorcycles like you know you probably have some nice ones sitting around. So if you do post a comment below and tell me what type of motorcycle you ride your make and model and what you think of it, and then everybody can experience your thoughts on your own motorcycle. All right guys take care.