Theres, actually, no drone laws in albania. So i can fly this as high or as far as i want to. This is the dji mini 2 and it has a flight time of 26 minutes. It does take 4k uh 30 fps uh video or you can also do it in 2760 frames per second, which is usually what i choose as well as take uh four meg uh megabyte pictures so im just going to launch it off this top of the thing I hope that itll make it to 1600 before it hits 50 battery power. Ive actually got it at 85 right now, so i usually also check uh uav forecast to just to make sure the winds at 1600. Feet are not too high because i have gotten wind warnings before and i also just you know double check to make sure that theres no flocks of birds around before i launch it or you know dogs which there is one over there. But hopefully it will come after me, so lets give this a shot see. What happens has been hmm, please check it on the map so Music.