So if youre interested theres loads of other youtube videos out there because thats all into flight by researching them really really interesting, so you basically connect your smartphone. So at the moment that is now looking at us, as you can see there so like so like a little gimbal on the front anyway, before we lose some lights, im gon na give it a fly and then let you guys have a quick look around the Boat well be doing a lot more driver footage in the future, but this is probably the first, my first proper proper flight and ive done. Some flying in the gardens to fly so well see how we get on Applause. So you can now see what the drones in so, if you can see like the radar tower so well, go Music well turn around and then almost for a second Music ill zoom into us now see all the barrel. I had all the lines and seo thats um to gain some altitude zoom out theres, all the boat yard, quick pan around all the goalies thats. How to see out there now this is the channel were going to be leaving on theres a toilet place there. She is still with a painted bit missing. Theres me on top Music theres, the windsor going chugging away so Music, so Music, Music, Music, um, Music, all right! So we need to see if we can land it now, dont we they were the same.

Weve still got a 50 battery left, but my hands are freezing cold, so lets pull it onto a slow and steady mode. Sorry, should we film you yeah lets go Music, so Music, so it was quite a success. Itd be nice to be nice to see the boat from all angles from all altitudes and stuff like that, so yeah it was just just a quick one.