It was on my lunch break. Actually i worked from home and thought give it a go so yeah there were gus of 40 miles per hour and 20 miles per hour. Winds just in general, so i did chicken out a bit um. I got it up here and it did seem a little unsteady and it still dealt with it. I think its maybe a confidence thing but yeah it was. I dont know blowing about a bit and i think yeah, as i say, chickened out a bit, but it doesnt appear to be swaying and you know causing any issues to the gimbal. So i think that camera gimbal it does cope well with um. Any sort of wind – or you know just flight in general, its really good. So this is a new estate, thats just being finished. You can see the building work here and all the materials, Music lots of bricks and concrete, etc were panning around. Here and again you can see the church in the um crane that youve probably seen in all my drone videos, because i keep doing it in this location, so theres some work men they do a proper job. Unlike me, im im in it, so i sit at a desk all day, long so theres a school in the background by the way, guys thats what those um sports fields are, but its school holidays. So you know im not doing anything wrong. Theres! Nobody in the school, so i wouldnt film – if it was turn time.

Obviously, i dont think thats appropriate and probably not allowed so yeah ive chickened out a bit guys so bringing the drone back to me now here i am in my blue coat lining up so that i can land it. I was also now just wanted to see how it was sitting in the wind and it was. It was blowing around everywhere, so im not moving it here. Um youll see it sway in a minute. I am, i am turning it there, just line it up, but yeah. I just put it above me and youll, see the wind blowing it in a moment, and i started playing with the camera settings as well. So the iso was on 100 from takeoff anyway, and no nd filter on. I dont think nd filters are really needed fully um over unless youre over water and its a very sunny day. Uh correct me from wrong guys, but you know its really overcast um. As the uav app said, it was 100 um cloud cover today. So yeah. If you note here, look at all the weeds in the background blowing and you can see the drone just moving all over, so it was very windy and as i say, maybe i chickened out a bit. I am a novice flyer Music. So i was messing around here and i didnt know what the function buttons did. So it made the gimbal look right to the floor and then, when you press it again, it puts it face on so learned, something there as well again just playing my settings.

Music dog walkers kept walking past me and they were probably thinking whats he doing if hes droning him playing so long. I dont think it was causing any problems. No one had to go at me or anything Music, all right, guys so yeah im about to end the flight there im just about to grab it youll, see the drone upside down in a moment so yeah just a quick one, just again a novice flight. Let me know what you think in the comments guys learn from my mistakes. Probably dont fly in 40 mile per hour.