This is big guy from big guy reviews. Here we are back. Welcome to the channel. You may be wondering what the hell is that well, im gon na explain it so decided come down. Do some surf fishing had a dji, mavic mini 2. Did a bunch of research about how can i use that to drop bait? So i found this little device uh. I might have to put the name of it and all the information in the description, because i just dont have it um, but basically its got an on off switch the charging port there a open, close button right there, the thing uh so that you can attach Your bait to it go out and drop it now. The reason this is important and the reason im doing this video is twofold one i couldnt find any information. I was looking for so im, hoping it helps somebody. So i got this device i went out. I dropped my bait. Let me show you what were using. This is kind of a red drum type sea. Trout type rig, as you see, were using mullet, were using one four weight and then 2 mullet, which is important, because your mavic mini 2 can only carry so much weight, so thats the one review um. I did my first test on this thing and was able, with the base remote and the base device, was able to get 350 feet and then 370 feet that it would still pick up the rf signal.

Well that wasnt enough for me. So i did a couple of things i went in here and if you see the little spool of wire right there i made the antenna longer. Did my test got about 20 more feet on average with it, so i decided to extend my antenna. So what i did the only wire i could find in this rental was this three and a half millimeter, i think, thats, what it is: uh earphone jack, i cut one end off. I spliced it in. I wrapped it around the connection for the antenna. I have now successfully run it out 750 feet and been able to drop my bait so thats.