. We picked up the drone yesterday from costco, and today were headed out to the park, were going to go test out some of its features and fly. It around and see what kind of video we can get from it now im going to show you guys a little bit of what the costco aerial package comes with. Of course it comes with your drone. It comes with a controller. It comes with a sim card. It comes with not only one battery to power, this guy, but two batteries and it comes with the carrying case as well. So when unpacking the drone for the first time, the first step youre going to want to do, is to go ahead and take off this gimbal protector. Its got a little button here on the end im just gon na go ahead and take it off. It exposes the gimbal. The next thing were gon na do is on the side here. These are the front. Legs were gon na, go ahead and open them up its got a little diagram here to just kind of show you how to open this up step. One and then step two were actually gon na fold, these guys back here, so this drone weighs 249 grams. The reason why thats important is because, if a drone exceeds 249 grams, then you have to go ahead and register it. So the controller is pretty straightforward. Its a great design feels nice and sturdy.

We have the analog. Control sticks actually on the bottom here, just kind of pull them out and attach them, and then the last component you need to fly. This drone is actually your phone. After setting up your controller, the next thing youre going to do is power. These things on so in order to power these, on its a two step process, youre going to quick press once and then hold Music, and you should go ahead and hear an audio notification. Now its the same thing with the drone, the power button is on the bottom here, its a quick press and then a hold now with the controller turned on the drone paired and my phone plugged in were ready to fly Music um, Music, um Music. Now that were all done, flying were gon na put the drone away uh. The first thing im gon na do is go ahead and power down again same way as powering on quick click and then hold okay. Just powered down same way to close in reverse, were going to go ahead and close these guys by flipping them and then just go ahead and pull these ones back in here. And so, if you dont have the band to close these up its a little bit difficult, because these things just hang around these propellers just keep flying around. Now that i have the propellers in im, gon na put the gimbal cover on. So you can see this cover has two little prongs on the top, those two go up front and then you just patch it down in the back like so now that your drones put away were going to proceed with powering down the controller.

So same way, we powered on quick click and then a hold a little power down. Youll audibly hear a sound were going to unplug our phone, and these controllers actually have a slot for your cable here, so youll be able to place it in there. Nice and neat, and out of the way good so now were all packed up with the dji mini 2.