This is my new case for my drone. Um monkey got me this one to go with my drone for christmas, but it’s not for the mini two it’s just for the mini. So we are going to keep this one because i’m going to make it for maybe her mics or something for her camera, so let’s open this up and let’s see if i got the right one this time, okay guys. So what we’ve got here is, like i said, it’s another case it should, for it should be for the dji mini 2. um let’s go ahead and open this up and make sure i got the right one um, you know monkey didn’t know she just saw minnie And she ordered it, but it was only fifteen dollars, so i said well, let’s just keep it and uh i’ll make a case for some of your stuff. You know maybe the uh, maybe her mics or something whatever whatever can be fit in here um, but as you can see, the drone fits good, but this does not so oops sorry so, but that’s, okay, she didn’t know um there. We go get this out now. This one’s in a it’s a different it’s, a different shape. This one kind of opens up at the top i’ll show you what i mean here in a minute and i kind of wanted something a little different. There we go uh there. We go, hmm, not sure what that’s, for so we got got a compartment here, put stuff in like that it’s kind of cool there’s a little compartment back here.

So we got this, handle and i’ve also got my shoulder, strap so that’ll be nice, like i said, i’ll have to let you know later on how well i do like it after i use it. Okay, there we go check that out all right. This is cool. Okay, so so this is going to go in here. The drone will oops sorry guys i’m sitting right beside you here and keep bumping. So this is going to go here like this all right and then these are for your batteries. Um i was hoping my charger. Will fit in here, but let’s get the, and these are for these things here for your um joysticks, all right and i’ve got extra i’ve got extra blades i’ve got a little screwdriver and i’ve got extra joysticks here, so we’ll go ahead and get these joysticks out. We’Ll get these put in just like that. I don’t know that my my charger is kind of big, so i may have i don’t know if it’ll fit in here or not we’ll just have to see, but let’s go ahead and take this out and there’s different. You can cut that if you don’t want this like all the way down in which i’m good with that right there like that, excuse me, like, i said, as i get more money now, i can’t just go out and buy you know 500 worth of batteries and Those sit in there like that, i will get.

I got one in the drone one one’s in the drone. I got that one and then i’ll get three more um. Let me see, i forget what these are for, but let’s go ahead, get this out, and this should sit right in there perfect, like that. Like i said, if i want, i can, you know, cut cut these and make the set out higher, but i like it down in like that i’m gon na go, get my charger and we’re gon na see. If my charger will fit in here, i don’t think it will. But i wanted that charger because of the fact that that it can charge so much stuff at one time, it’s a very good charger. So let me go ahead and go get it uh for mavic, mavic, 2, pro and that’s. What i’ve got now i don’t know if this is one of those to keep, but i thought they were rubber bands that they put around these. They were like black rubber bands to keep your and that’s what this is for i’m betting, anything so that’s cool. I got a bonus, i didn’t know it came with that all right, so i mean so that’ll work. It just keeps from flapping out. You got ta put it in snap, one off or whatever so that’s what i’m gon na use it for all right. Let me go get my charger and we’ll see. If this will, if it’ll fit in here like it said, i don’t think it will but it’s worth a try, if not, i think, it’ll fit down in here or in the back.

I may put it in the back. I don’t know. Let me go get my charger. I forgot it. Okay, i’m back! If you guys hear anything in the background that’s maul’s uh therapist had come over today, so he comes over twice a week. Pull this out. I don’t know see it’s kind of too big because the original charger will fit in here, but this is not the original charger like i said, it’s got all these ports and everything, but i can probably just stick that in there like that perfect all right now, I’M gon na go ahead and pull another one of these out. If i can there, we go and i’m just going to stick my you know until i get extra batteries, those are my extra uh propellers let’s go ahead and stick that screwdriver down in there. That should be right now, here’s some more my other cables here: Music, okay, these cables. I think what i will do is stick them down in here, because i won’t need. I won’t need them until i don’t think it’s going to work either. I won’t need these until i get extra batteries, i will need the one. So you see this can go. I don’t know what this can go right down in here as well. I do believe there we go nice, okay, but once i get once i get the batteries the extra batteries, i won’t need to carry this charger with me, because i’ll have i’ll have plenty and if i do think i may need it i’ll just stick it down.

In here, but so right now, we’re just checking to see if everything’s going to fit right. Okay, that’ll fit fine let’s go ahead, and let me see i know what, since nothing’s going in there we’ll stick we’ll put this down in here all right, we’re getting somewhere. Now guys, all right, the other ones are in here sliding out of the bag. I’Ll just stick this one in here for now, like that, okay, that’s, looking pretty good, got everything i need in there got some extra foamies um. This is handy, dandy, huh. I see it’s starting to separate there a little bit this one, those metal ones, it’s supposed to be really tough, it’s six feet. Okay, i just wanted to share this with you guys now this i can put i’ll put in them back right down in there. Just like that, oops sorry it’s down in here good to go and, like i said this, this will be fine here, but one like i said once i get the batteries. I will not be carrying this around as much if i’m going, if we’re going camp for three or four days i may you know i may bring it with me, but or might be a better idea. I mean it doesn’t lock anyway, it might be a better idea to stick it in here if it’ll fit yes, it’ll fit nice just like that. Now let’s see if it’ll zip up and this make sure it zips up the way.

We need it to no problems. Perfect all right, i like that strap it’s, nice and wide it’s, not real thin, see how wide that is so, and this one did not come with a strap so but it’s fine, i mean it’s a nice. This is a hard case this. This is a soft case um it i mean it’s, durable it’s, just not as hard as that. If that’s okay, i mean, and there we go and that’s that guys so anyway, i just wanted to give a quick review on it so far. I, like it um because i’ve got a a like a a a smaller suitcase over here with a whole bunch of camera equipment in it that we take when we go like overnighters two places and i have all kinds of stuff in there: chargers and whatnot and It’S something like this only it’s got one of those handles that pull out. You can carry it or you can pull the handle out and it’s got wheels on it. You roll like that, so this kind of matches that i went with the gray, because i kind of like that – i think it’s, a smoke gray so good to go and then, when i want so, i could have used this yesterday when we had the drone out. But there’s everything i need right there so yeah, i don’t think i’m, forgetting anything nope, we’re good to go all right so i’m thinking this will fit the mini one as well that’s.

Why there’s so many different compartments to it? I like it. So thank you monkey. I am going to call this my christmas present since i can’t use this one. So i’ll call this one my christmas present, so thank you monkey and there we go we’re good to go anyway, guys shea bear i’m at the man of legend golfer. Now, thanks for watching so uh, i think this was. This was 25 dollars. Well, i can check real quick here. Um it was 25. Yes, it did come from overseas don’t. You hate that past couple days this everything’s been slow. Um i’ll tell you exactly what i gave for here in case. You guys have one you want to want to pick one up. I think that one over there was 15.. This one, i believe, was 25 and i think there was some shipping. Let me see here. Um no it’s free shipping, it was 25.29, is what it was free shipping i did get it it wasn’t supposed to be in until february, 9th to february 26th. I got it today on the 8th, so it came a day early period so and it did come from overseas and it was shipped out january 24th. So let me bring it up for you yeah there. It is so cool yeah. I, like it it’s gon na it’s gon na, be just fine see they got the original charger in the center, which i don’t have because she didn’t get the fly more kit um because well, she didn’t know just like when we bought her camera.

We didn’t know you know about the other to get the kit to get the other things. You know the mon the wrist, monitor and stuff like that, so but that’s fine, because i think this is a better charger. I can charge up to seven things with this. It says six, but you can charge seven things with this because you can charge a phone with the controller while the controller’s charging, then you got that extra port, so that’ll make it seven. So that’s yeah that’s, pretty pretty cool um awesome, so it was 25 29 free shipping, so i’m good with that. So anyway, guys again shea bear the myth. Man legend gone for now, thanks for watching guys. I appreciate it and i hope you all have a great week and an even better weekend when it gets here.