Coulee today, as a very historic site near east end saskatchewan, and i thought what we would do today is check out some fall foliage or as foliage as marge would say, marge simpson that is well check out the foliage, but today is really all about the dji Mini 2. ive had it for about six months now, and i thought you guys might like to know how im getting on with it. What i like and what i dont like, so how about we, get started on that right now. First, im gon na take you back to my car here and were just gon na, have a look at the camera bag and chew the fly away. Now this is my mind: shift backlight elite 45l. I bought this earlier this year. I was sick and tired of cheap camera bags that didnt work for me. So i went ahead and i pushed the nuclear option and got the most expensive thing i could have afford and so far thats been a good decision, because this has handled everything ive thrown at it and then some. But, as you can see, the dji is right up in there and what i like about this bag is. You can either put it in there like that, but it also fits like this. I dont like to do it this way, because it puts a little more stress on the on the drone but thats where it lives, and i can, as you can see, ive got the batteries for it here and ive also got the remote extra batteries for the Two slrs and memory cards.

This leaves me with plenty of space for the rest of my gear. As you can see, the d800 is right here. The z50 lives right here. Ive got extra 18650s for my flashlights and the gimbal because they both take the same cells. Ive got my filters right here: ive got my peak design, strap thingy for the z50 down at the bottom. Here ive got the smdv remote for the d800 down there. Ive got three neewer app control lights down in here, and that leaves the whole rest of the bag for the good lenses theres. My gimbal acting up again anyway, heres my 85 millimeter f, 1.4 ftz adapter is right down in here. I cant get it out because its kind of trapped in there right now this is the sigma 14 millimeter, its a giant lens, but this case just swallows. It heres my 20 millimeter nikkor and right now the d800 has got the other sigma lens on it. The 24 to 70. and right up top here weve got one of my new noctagon msrd18 lights, which i just got a few days ago to replace my failed fireflies light, and i got two of those. Ive got one at 4, 500 kelvin, color temperature and the other ones 2700. I do believe, and that ones up in the top compartment of the of the case, which im not going to show you right now, because this is about the the drone. Now, what do i like, and what do i like about this little guy? Let me pull it out first and well make a little platform and just talk about it, real, quick, okay.

The first thing i really like is the size. Its tiny, and i do mean tiny my hand – is eight and a half inches long. As you can see, i can just about hide the drone behind it. Thats. What i like about these micro drones? Not only are they legal to use without registration or license, they just go away when you need them to and thats the best part. I think now. Whats, the worst part well got ta, be honest, its that their camera. It is a 12 megapixel camera and its about the best quality you can get in a sensor, the size of that sensor, but its still just over half an inch large, so theres only so much quality youre going to get from that. I like to describe it as a cell phone camera that flies and its the flying part thats important, because without the flying part its really not such a good camera and sorry to those of you who have one and and really like it. But i am used to that kind of a sensor thats a full frame dslr, even though its nine years old, the 36 megapixel sensor in this is far superior to whats in the dji and its also superior well, maybe not quite so, superior as to whats in The z50, but even the z50, is quite a bit better than the than the drone sensor. So i find myself not using the still photography features of the drone very much i use it for what its best at, which is video, even though it doesnt do.

4K. 60, it still does a great job with video i find so thats, basically what i use it for most of the time within the next little, while i hope to start getting this out after dark and start doing or attempting to do some more after dark shooting. With it, but im not really holding my breath that im gon na be very impressed with it for serious photography. I think i would very much like to upgrade this. I dont know what i would upgrade it to yet, but ive mentioned in previous videos that ive got my eyes on the air 2s and the autel evo 2 pro and im still not sure which one of those id prefer. So what to talk about now? Uh! Yes lets talk about batteries. I bought the flymore combo and im just going to say this right now. If youre eyeing, one of these drones just go ahead and do the fly more, it does work fairly well and run fairly long with one battery. But trust me, you are going to run out of battery, you are going to wish you had more batteries, and this is just too convenient. It acts as a power bank when you dont use the drone, so you can charge your phone off this thing and i have done that. It works really well for that now, the remote are there anything. Is there anything id really like or dont like about this remote? Not really, it is a little bit of hassle.

I find to get my iphone xs max on this thing, because its got a a jet case on it that sort of gets hung up on this little black plastic piece there, but once you get it on there, it doesnt go anywhere, so it works quite well. Now, i think, maybe id best get my phone on there and maybe well unwrap this thing and start getting it ready for action back in a sec. Okay, here we go as you can see. Ive got the the phone on the remote and, if youre concerned, about the remote pressing the buttons on the iphone its never really been a problem. It looks like it presses the the button, but it doesnt so dont worry about that. Now, before we get into the the app too much, i want to come over here and show you how i usually launch this drone, because i kept losing all of my my uh launching pads ive taken to just doing this right off the sunroof of the car. It works well enough and usually when i land it, i dont bother with this at all. I just catch it in my hand and im not sure if im up to showing you that process or not because its a little convoluted and a little hard to do. But there is a way to just land it in your hand and just sort of catch. It it takes practice, but it works fairly.

Well now i should probably tell you that i do change blades on this. Whenever i feel like i need to not too long ago, i was using it and i tried to catch it in my hand, and i sort of missed and one of the props hit my fingers, and so i instantly put new propellers on there, because i really Dont want to take the chance of losing the drone, even though its not the most super expensive drone out there. You just dont want to throw away 750 bucks just like that. So yeah make sure you have lots of props thats. One of the advantages of the fly more kit: you get lots of props with it and im probably going to order some more because i can just see myself messing up some more props. So i think what im going to do now is take the z50 off the wii bill and put it on the tripod just so i can sort of use it as an audio capture device. While i mess around on this app a little bit because im going to turn on screen recording in there and im going to show you exactly how i like to have the app set up and the settings i like to have and that kind of thing, so I will be right back: okay were back and ive got the z50 aimed right at the drone on top of the car. Ive got the drone aimed right at the trees to the northeast a little bit, and i hope that this screen cap is working right because ive never used it on this phone before.

But i guess we shall see now lets talk about the app a little bit. What i like to do is have it in pro mode, all of the time on all of the modes, whether it be quick shots, video or photography, and you do that down in this corner, say ive just set it up to auto there, but well go back To pro mode, because i like having full control over my cameras at all times now, what you got to realize about this app is you have different quality settings for each mode? So if you change one thing in video mode, its not going to carry over to the other modes so ill just show you right here ill go to quick shot mode. Well, i guess i cant right now because its not in flight, but you get the idea. This is photo mode, and i like to have this aeb turned on thats, auto exposure bracketing that way, if im a little bit underexposed or a little bit overexposed. I can just pick one of the the three exposures that work for me and the other thing is: let me see here, thats, not where i want it. Oh yes down here, i keep it in j plus raw all the time that means jpeg, plus dng raw, because i like to have full control over my post processing as well as you might expect from being a photographer for years. I just dont like to have automatic exposures at all at any time really now.

Another thing you want to be aware of is white balance. I i leave this off of auto all the time, because what happens is if youre taking a video somewhere, you will find that as the the drone moves around its going to shift white balances all the time, and usually i dont like that, im going to leave It at 6, 100 or so for today, because i kind of like how that looks: well, maybe not thats, actually not quite tracking, with what im seeing in person, so uh yeah lets just leave it at 5500. anyway. The other thing i like to do is make sure my iso is at 100 as often as possible, because thats, where your best quality is with this sensor, you can go to 200 or 400 if you need to or even higher this thing goes all the way To 3200, but, like i said, half inch sensor youre, just not going to get much quality out of it. Youre going to get grainy footage at anything over 100, so try to leave it in one in 100, as often as possible, now shutter speed. Now, if youre real, if youre real, real careful about your shutter speeds, like you want to use the 180 degree shutter rule which i might cover in a different video, but not today, this is entirely dependent on where you have your frames per second set. If i wanted to use 180 degree right now, i would have to do one over 60, because thats double the 30 frames per second im going to be shooting at.

But, as you can see, this completely over exposes everything you can see all these zebra lines here. Thats, the area thats, clipped and overexposed so im, just gon na bring this back down to something sane. I like a little bit of highlights blown out in the shot because you can often recover those in post but because im facing away from the sun right now. I know its going to be overexposed anyway, so well go for one over a thousand today, but yeah. If you want to use the 180 degree rule, then you have to put nd filters on this on this wee little camera and im, just not doing that guys. Youve seen how big my hands are, i cannot get my hands around that tiny little gimbal, so im not gon na. Do it anyhow quality. Let me see where do i change that again, im still getting used to this, this drone guys so uh, yes, im still in photo mode thats. Why im not finding? What i want lets go to. Video were gon na shoot 4k 30 today and, as i mentioned before, if i wanted to use the 180 degree shutter rule, i would need one over 60 shutter speed and thats just not feasible today. So how about we get this drone in the air and look at some foliage take off okay! Here we go. The home point has been updated, im gon na try and do a picture and picture thing there.

We go lets just take a look around real, quick theres. Our clipped highlights thats fine, it is a little windy today ill admit, but we should be okay. Ive had this drone out in conditions that you would never think would work, but somehow it manages and well just go over here, a little bit over the road and im going to make it hover in place. While i talk about the the app some more okay im in the settings now i like to use this, allow upward gimbal rotation that way you can rotate it upwards a little bit to see things that are above the drone. I dont use that very often but its its nice to have. I dont use the gimbal calibration much or advanced gimbal settings. I like to turn on the phone charging, because this really sucks the battery out of the phone. I leave stick mode alone and in order to recenter the gimbal, i have my function button set for for doing that. I just used it right there now camera video subtitles, i dont even know what that does. Really. You can use the histogram which puts your histogram right in the center there, and you can just sort of see how that changes right now, everythings pretty well centered, which is where i like it and im just gon na. Have it shoot some video while were talking about it here and were gon na go back in here now, not to worry? If you get into trouble with the wind, it will tell you that youre getting windy and you got ta start taking care now for grid lines.

I leave it in the center one all the time, because it just helps me with a shot. I dont find the diagonal one very useful white balance, like i said always in manual auto sync, with the phone thats fine with me, and i like to turn on this cache, because if you ever lose your drone, then youve got some video footage on your phone And my xs max is the 512 version, so ive got plenty of space and im looking at upgrading it soon, but not right. Now, now this transmission stuff – i just pretty much – leave it alone about well theres, really nothing in there. So – and this is sticking me to the wrong there – we go and ill turn off the the thingamajigger again now as far as flying modes. I am almost all the time in cine mode, because when you have a drone that you cant control the aperture on and you dont have any way to to drop your your uh, your shutter speed to the to the 180 degree shutter rule and you kind of Have to do that because otherwise the drone will move too fast for you and were just going to do a nice little fly over and see the foliage. I dont see any issues with the trees right now, so im not going to worry about that, and you can just see it getting into the battery right now, its at 73 percent and were kind of losing the signal a little bit.

But ive really not had any problems with that. So im, not that worried about it lets go up a little bit. Well turn her around and well move the gimbal way down there take some overhead shots like this. Well, just bring her back to where we are, and it looks real jittery on the phone thats one reason its really nice to be able to do the 180 degree shutter rule this is. This is also why i kind of like not shooting in 60 frames per second, because its just not ideal for me, but this drone cannot do 4k 30.. So we got to make do and theres me in the car ill just wave at the camera here and ill check if the z50 is still recording and it is – and you can probably hear it now – im making it record this the whole time and actually what I would like to do is check out these trees across the way, because i have never been over there. Its not part of the chimney coulee site, so weve got a car coming so ill.