Yes, i am flying the dji mini 2 4k camera. I think thats quite awesome, dont forget to like share and subscribe, were going to show you exactly how it flies were going to take a look at some footage and just all around very cool drone. Okay, guys lets get to the video okay, guys, hey! Welcome back to my channel and yes, i am flying the dji mini 2 drone. Now, if you saw my other video in the past, go ahead and watch thats about a 50 drone, its a beginners drone. This is more of a semi professional drone. I would consider this around 450 uh for the package um, but its really really worth it if youre into droning. I think this is really a really good value, so were gon na just do a basic some. Some flying tests with it were gon na look at some of the footage. Uh 4k footage in the air uh were gon na go up about two 2 300 feet were gon na, get some shots of that, and just all around some cool. Looking video thats. What it is all right, guys lets get to flying. Okay lets take the drone out of the package here, um, so real, simple setup. These are real simple. They pretty much sink right to the actual control that built that way. Theyre really nice. We just pull the propellers out here. One here pull this one out here like this, like that, then we take off the gimbal protector like that there you can see okay, so all i have to do basically is just i i open the drone and to start the power up like i showed you During the um, the unboxing just hold it once twice, and that is automatically ready to go.

That gives you a little uh signal. Okay, like that, and then we just turn on the controller same idea once twice like that there and youre going to see in a second that the camera is going to connect Music lets. Just go back here, go fly and then you can see the video. The video is super clean, its uh 4k. Its awesome. You can see the camera moving like that there so lets just take off like this is really super simple to use. Hold that like this. So im gon na have to hold the gopro a little bit just and hold the drone, so you can see im gon na get it taken off. So the takeoffs a couple different ways really simple ill take off on the drone lets just see make sure i have this on camera. One second head down itll take off the other way. Is you can just put the joysticks down this way? Itll also take off. So lets do that you can see it already started up right, real easy and you can shut it down same way. Joy sticks in and shuts it off, just like that, so thats how you start it thats. One way, oh, you can just hold the button down here: take off and itll actually just take right off and it stabilizes immediately. Just like you see here its giving me a warning because theres an airport nearby were just you dont need that right now, thats, fine! So you can just give you a 360 look of the drone.

Okay, very cool Music, and you see it does not move its very, very stable uh, so were gon na take it up in the air were gon na get some footage and uh see how it looks. You can see very responsive, really really nice and the camera on this thing is absolutely spectacular. So lets get this up flying and just take a look at this and see how it looks in the sky very easy to use all right so im just going to take it up in the air and lets see what happens so. It says im at 90. Just so, you know, and uh im up and away wow. That thing goes way: high, wow, im just gon na get a panoramic view here, im gon na gimble down. So i can see where my location here, if you can see im just gon na turn it its windy out today, so it actually is holding the wind. Pretty good its uh pretty stable, i have to say very stable. Really nice lets take a look further away. You can see here. This is all 4k video, it is a little blown out and i have an automatic exposure so its a little bit blown out, but not terrible, okay, im going to try to go higher okay, so i am currently at 85 feet. Gon na go a little higher thats 116 feet wow. That thing is way up there very, very stable lets.

Take a 3d look at the whole area here. This is really really awesome. This thats it this. I am just shocked the quality. So hopefully you can get an idea what im shooting here i want to go down with the gimbal. So you can see here. This is super super high im gon na go 360. Look i mean, i think its 114 feet in the air and were gon na. Go a little higher were gon na go one thirty one. Forty sixty eighty im at two hundred feet and i cant even see it wow i mean i cant even see it. That is freaking. That is sick, and here i am in the ground here. You probably cant even see me, but im gon na just turn it around im that little little dot right there ill try to wave yeah. You really cant see me that is crazy, crazy, crazy. Okay, i want to bring it down. I am absolutely blown away by this camera. You can see here. Hopefully you can see a little bit of the farm and the house way over there. I think its way up there that i am just looking. I am just going to go higher and see how high we can go here. 270. I want to go 250 feet 250 feet. I can barely see it, but it is super stable. It is right above my head. I am telling you this thing is sick. I love this thing.

Wow im going to bring it down, it looks pretty high up. There lets bring it down Music yeah. That thing is super wow. Well lets. Take some lets. Take a look around here. Look around again at the grounds here you can see the little junkyard there. You can see that you can see the trees lets go over here, theres, the skyline! You can see that very kind of cool. Sorry about that. I dropped you all right. Let me bring it down, so you guys can actually see it, bring it down, bring it over me. Hopefully you can see that Music. This thing is phenomenal. Im telling you the the quality build and the stability on this drone is absolutely phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. So lets go around again. Look around theres, some more flying. You can see here. This really goes off the right. Pretty quick, and this is on with the gimbal. This is on cinematics. You can see, so you can really get some really sweeping shots. You can bring up the head a little bit. You can really control this. You can really turn it around go forward. Then you can really get some really awesome sweeping shots here. You can see that how that looks, you can really just crank it along, and i got 72 minutes left ive been flying pretty well after a long time. Actually so thats pretty good. I love that and lets uh go forward. I want to get a nice little shot here, so any questions or comments leave down below im, actually just pretty impressed of the quality of this here.

So im missing all tennis courts here so im, just gon na fly right near the uh right near the uh im gon na get a cinematic shot of that of the that right. There lets bring this down a little bit. Lets get this really cool, shot and watch how this is like the this is the little cool cinematic shot right here, its going to go right across the tennis court and ram right over? That is a cool shot right. Look at that! That is sweet. I love that lets turn it turn around around come back. The other way fast. This thing moves this thing this drone. This drone is quick. Okay, lets back up a little bit. You can see lets go forward. Music, hopefully youre, getting some footage on im going to switch back and forth, but this is all shot in 4k. So im going to do one more thing: im just gon na put one more time. I just want to let you know so this thing is fantastic. So if youre enjoying the drone video, please dont forget to like share and subscribe, let me know im gon na be doing some more videos with drones, definitely doing a lot more videos and take it out on the road. I wanted to see thats very stable in the wind. I have to tell you. This thing is really holding up quite well: okay, so im gon na put it here now: im gon na try to go home, so just one second im gon na just get it set up and im gon na.

Take it up in the air im gon na. Take it way way up way way up way up way up. Here we go again, yeah, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait were trying to go, weve got still plenty of power. Lets see how high this tree is so thats a hundred feet. I have to set for 200 for these big trees if it gets an issue at all Music Music lets. Take it a little flight there we go. That thing is crazy. Look at this im sure i love this thing. So if you guys have any questions again any questions or comments, please let me know down below. I really appreciate that so im going to hit the home button ill hold the home button, return the and home see what happens. Return: the home Music. Okay. So i tried to get it to come back home automatically and unfortunately it wouldnt do that because i think im in their airport, i have to get a clarify. I have to get a clarification code or something i have to unlock it. So i wasnt able to do that, but thats a bummer but im going to figure that all out. So if you guys have any suggestions on how to do that, let me know leave some comments down below. Let me know what you think um, if youre enjoying the video please dont forget to like share and subscribe, also hear that notification bell youll be notified when the next video is ready, ive been doing a lot more droning.

I think its really kind of cool im going to get some ocean stuff some snow, some different just different. You know really just different kind of views and shots and just some really fun stuff. So, honestly, this drone thing is awesome. Ill leave a link down below also in the description where you can see uh, where you can find a drone im on amazon. It is an affiliate link. It does help support my channel just so you know. I do appreciate that, so it does help me out. Very very much also hit that notification bell, like i said in the next video when its ready, youll be notified and youll get the notification that droning is ready and thats really really cool. So i hope you enjoyed the video. Please give me a thumbs up as well. Also share the video with everybody else. Thats really awesome. I really do appreciate that and um like i said this is my second drone. The first one was like toy ish kind of thing. You can watch that ill. Put a link down below in the description about that and also the um. This is my second drone which i want to get more of a semi professional drone and i think its really good. I think its really really worth the 450 if youve got a drone, think youre going to really do it. I think this is a really its like driving a cadillac compared to i dont know an old car.

I guess i dont know, but im really not really really nice quality really happy with the build all in all fantastic value: Applause, ultra light: 249 grams. The thing is: super stable and very, very fast. Music. This thing is cranking, im, pretty happy guys. All right so tell me what you think. I think this drones awesome. Okay, this is a big upgrade for me. Like i said this is not a cheap drone, its almost 450 dollars, but well worth every dime. You can see the quality its phenomenal. How stable this is. Gps coordinates, fire resides where its so i know it knows where its at signal is excellent and dont lose any power at all. I still have roughly 26 power ive been flying this for about a while. Actually, about 25 about 20 minutes youre going to get 20 25 minutes of really good flying time. This package does come with an extra battery which is really cool. You can see. This thing is super stable, awesome, bring it up, you can see underneath it now. You can see how it went up by itself because it knows it measures, so it knows when somethings here so yeah see what happened there. So it knows it was somebody there, so it does have that obstacle thats something much obstacle avoidance, but i know its almost there so its going to pick up. Do it again its going to pick up so you can see that so that knows where it lands.

It has a sensor underneath so i know how its how it lands it has all the blinking lights, its very, very cool. I love the look of this thing. Really super sweet. Its gon na come right toward me and fly over my head. You can do that. One more time raise up a little bit more all right, guys thats it for me, dont forget to like share and subscribe. I appreciate it. Dont forget to subscribe, hit that notification bell doing a ton more drone flying im gon na go all over the place. Got ta go in the ocean were gon na fight a little bit of place in the snow, if possible, so subscribe to that and youll be notified when the next video is ready and how cool this is.