So i have this drone about 50 charged. The battery was 50 charged and uh ive. I had a flight time of about ill, say, 10 minutes and usually the drone returns automatically to the point of origin. The gps coordinator recorded at the the time of uh initial flight and it returns automatic to the point of origin, so ill play the clip which i recorded from the drone and then lets find out if this drone survived or not, if youre new to this channel, Please consider subscribing this channel and hit the like button. That way you can support this channel. This is the video recorded from the drone. As you can see, the video is really stable, so there is no wind uh factor going on here and the battery. This point of time is 15 minutes of flight time. Remaining. The point of origin is right, underneath the drone ill say and the drone i took a flight all the way if you notice the right right side corner the light over there thats, where the drone was so its not that kind of distance there. So at this point now the battery is uh 10 minutes remaining and its trying to tell me that its a low battery and its trying to go to the point of origin. So it will go. Take the elevation uh a little higher elevation and, as you can see its, there is no obstacle its too high for any obstacle really to be present, and i was trying to go back in there, so the power just drained and then there it is.

This is what happened. It is absolutely crushed from the point it fell and it has broken into pieces. Its like it looks like it ran over by the car. So, as you can see the cover the battery, the motor everything is shattered, it was it is not salvageable or fixable at all at this point of time, but a good thing, i bought this drone from costco plus. I also had a dji care refresh, which uh its a two year, warranty costs about uh 90 bucks. I guess uh, depending on the tax you have and but its absolutely worth it as you can see, its all all destroyed. Everything is, is completely shattered into pieces. So costco has a great written policy like i just told them what happened and it was within, i think, 90 day period, so they replaced this drone free of charge. No questions asked, i just told them, and then they just agreed to send me a new drone. So yeah i mean this drone is not very well made, i would say, and the good thing is it didnt fall on anyone and i followed all the instructions, so it had like pretty much 10 minutes left the flight time to return to its point of origin, But it never did and it just the battery became zero all of a sudden, so it lost the control and i guess one of the propellers malfunctioned or whatever, and then it fell down.

So, as you can see um this is my new drone sent by costco. So lets do a quick unboxing. This is an entry level drone. I bought it from costco for about 440 bucks and lets open it and ill show you whats inside a little unboxing um. I had a second thoughts about drone because there are a lot of places. You cannot fly this uh drone, but this one is very lightweight its uh under 250 grams, which makes it pretty much legal. You dont have to register with faa or anything like that. So heres, the drone comes in a bag and lets see whats inside. Besides this nifty little drone, it fits in your pocket. This is what it comes with. This is what inside the box, so obviously there is a drone, the controller, the battery extra. These are the connecting cables connecting cable for the iphone is inside the controller. If you have a usbc phone thats, the connector for that, if you have a micro, usb phone uh, connector thats the connector for that propeller, there is a charging cable screwdriver for the propellers joystick. It also comes with a 64 gig memory card. This is a v30 uh ultra high speed for 4k recording it comes with the bag manuals bag is, is pretty spacious uh. You can put uh other dji devices like a gimbal or whatever yeah thats it. Thank you very much for watching. If you have any questions, please drop in the comment down below please like share and subscribe.

See you next time.