com, and i wanted to run a little test to see if i could, if i had enough range that i could uh get a video of the construction site that i usually ride. My bicycle to and uh see whats uh, whats changed and whats going on the reason i wouldnt ride. My bicycle is because weve had so many uh rain storms that weve got flooded, uh roads and big mud, puddles and so its not even safe. For me to ride through some of the mud because its its so deep, so i thought well, if i can catch up on the construction thats going on over that over at that construction site from standing at home, then ill. Give it a try and see see whats what theyre doing where they have progressed to so at this point in time, im climbing and getting up as high as i can, because im figuring that well, i need the. I need the the altitude. So, as you can see, im just right at ‘9 feet and i get this warning that says: im exceeding the ‘3 feet. That is the limit and if you look down at the bottom, its flashing red because ive gone more than ‘3 feet at the same time, if you look up in the top, it says the altitude zone where i am flying is 492 feet where that comes from. I dont know but anyway, so you im looking at what just went up into the corner.

Okay, im standing on the ground at home – and this is all i can see – is the uh. What ive got it up in the corner in the meantime, im playing around with the controls, hoping that the reason its stalled is because its just behind time, you know sometimes itll kind of stop and then itll pick up where its, where its located so im waiting For that to happen and thats, why im turning it around and so forth now i have to say something that is that ive never run into this before, because normally i dont care whether im up at exactly 400 feet or you know somewhere below it, and so Normally my my altitude ill leave it at like lets, say ‘3 feet or ‘2 feet or somewhere in the 90s, but i dont usually take time to try to get it right at 400 feet and so at this point in time, im getting a little bit concerned. But i noticed that the compass shows me, which way the drone is headed and i dont know if its doing what its supposed to do or not because im looking at the picture in the corner. So, anyway, the other day i was fooling around with settings, and i thought im just going to take time to set the maximum altitude to 400 feet. That way, i can get that little extra amount of of altitude, and so i set that altitude to 400 feet, and so, when i was flying out to get as high as i could um, i gave no thought to the fact that that 400 feet was too High for whatever it is thats going on in this area, and so at this point in time, as you can see, i dont know whats going on im just standing there in my backyard um with my the picture that you see on the screen, and i thought I dont know if that thing is is moving, because all of the telemetry at the bottom of the screen is telling me the truth.

Uh like the direction that the drone is heading over in the compass uh, the altitude, the distance from the home home point. All that stuff is accurate, but i have no picture. I have no. I cant see so thats why i went ahead and i decided im im just going to go ahead and hit return to home, which is what i did so now its coming. As you can see its coming over, my sons place there and because of my hearing aids, i cant hear it at 400 feet or whatever its at and because and my neck is stiff. I cant look straight up anymore, so i cant tell if its really coming home or, if im still stuck out there over those other fields, uh, even though its indicating that, and you can see it, shows that the the drone is over the home point right there And so, and i was watching that but uh i figured well, it must be because uh its showing that and as it came down and it got down to oh – i couldnt see it its too small to see anyway, but as it got down to a couple Hundred feet, then, i began to hear the drone overhead and i knew it was actually uh coming home to land. Now i uh i dont know why i looked on a loft and theres no tfrs or nothing its just uh. For some strange thing it. It says.