The reason why i got this drone is because it has a really long, remote controlled range, as we can see here. It says it has a 1000 meter range: it has 5g wi fi connection and 4k video. So in the end, after trying several asian models, the 1080 pixel video resolution was not enough. For me, i think that the quality is not so good and this time im trying a 4k video quality. This model also has the one key return: button, headless mode, altitude hold and gps, which is important uh. My conclusion was that its important to have a gps in a drone with gps, the drone is stabilized easily and you get rid of the problem when the drone drifts chaotically during the flight. So you can concentrate on other things, while youre flying the drone lets see how it looks like here. We get a guide the instructions. This time the booklet is much bigger, so this is how the drone is packed. So this is the drone itself. I can feel that its made of a different plastic – this is the remote control. It looks the same, but i see that this button is a bit different. This drone has a controllable camera, so the angle of the camera, while youre flying, can be controlled thats. What i was also hoping to get it helps a lot to have control over what you are shooting and the batteries these have different shapes.

If compared to previous model, it is claimed that each battery provides a 30 minute flight time, or else we have something in this small box Applause, which is the extra spare parts. These are blades propellers, some screws inside and the battery charging cable. So the battery has this uh socket here, so you plug this cable in and charge it as usual same logic, was applied in the previous models. So lets look at the remote control. I see that they changed the position of some buttons, as this model has camera control buttons. They put them here, camera up and camera down buttons. So i remember the home return button in the previous mode was here and they moved it here and the photo and the camera buttons are the same as in the previous model. E520S. The speed button is the same as in previous models, and they added here another a orbit as it says, orbit mode button, which means that the drone will fly around you automatically. The headless mode is here, one key takeoff button is here and i think they removed the landing button, so theres no landing button. You have to land yourself in the previous model. You would have the landing button and, if you look at the remote controls itself, looks nice again its almost the same as all previous models. This is how the drone looks like, and it has its claimed according to the product description, that it has brushless electrical motors inside and yes, i can see some kind of different structure inside the previous model would have just an electrical motor here with some gears.

That would transfer movement to the propeller, but here we can see some different type of an electrical motor. So probably it is brushless. The drone is light. I can feel it its lighter than, for example, a e520s drone, and what was interesting about this model is that it doesnt have sd card slot, because its claimed that it will be recording video directly to the phone, which is good. If you lose the drone, you will not lose your videos lets see where we put the key battery thats a good thing. We have a cap for a battery compartment, which means that you wont lose power. If the battery moves in its compartment. In the previous models, the battery was able to move back and forth and, for example, if you hit the drone, you would move a bit and slide out and the drone would not work and youd be wondering. Why, and if you wouldnt know about this problem, you would think your drone is broke now, when i put the battery in the drone, feels heavier now and lets just turn on the drone to see how it looks like in an on state a lot of fancy Lights and synchronize with the remote control and its synchronized and lets just turn on the propellers to hear how it sounds yeah. Definitely the sound is really nice, its so smooth and uh.