The drone im going to be using for all of these shots today is the dji mini 2, but you can do these shots and these techniques with any drone, a kind of its just getting that thought process and these techniques embedded. So what i want you to do is sit back and relax and watch these, but then go out and practice with your drone and take board some of these actual tips. Im going to be showing you. I did a whole video on showing you how you can use different, actually techniques of flying with your controller different moves, and i use the same moves time and time again. So, if not check that out ill link in the description below about how to do these cinematic moves, but the fundamentals are its just about keeping everything, smooth and steady and actually just trying again and again and again until you perfect it. So a lot of these shots coming up some of them. One point one is try and get up early if youre in a really nice location, so one of the locations i got up at 5am, i just couldnt sleep, but also this area i was in was spectacular. So i wanted to get up when the sun was rising. Oh lets get up when it was nice and early and capture these shots and youll see soon that it definitely made it worthwhile. The second thing is actually take your time, so dont be rushing around.

Okay. Were not on a roller coaster, we are trying to get cinematic smooth shots so on that gimbal you want to have everything, nice and smooth, so smooth, panning motions of that camera gimbal smooth control over them sticks nothing too fast. We are not filming a roller coaster. Scene so most of the time i use the cine mode setting, and this allows the gimbal and also the speed of that drone to be really smooth, and this is fantastic for getting those panning shots, a good way of thinking. This is just imagine right. You had this massive long, gimbal. Okay, imagine this was a mile long! This stick okay and you had your drone on the end of it and you want full control of that drone. So if youre doing a pan shot up youre here, you want to have it really smooth as youre increasing that tilt and if youre doing a side with shots. You want this to be again really smooth nothing if im moving like this, and it goes like that, its gone. If im going up, i like move it slightly its gone. You need to get this into your head of just creating these shots, and anybody can do this so go out, enjoy this footage its different, because its just going to actually focus on the actual cinematic side of what you can get out of this drone ill join. You again at the end of the video, but all of these shots are all taken on the djite mini 2, which is incredible.

Considering at port miriam. The wind was round about 25 to 35 miles per hour. Wind and the drone was handling it and just look at look when youre looking at these uh video footage. How smooth it still is: theres no warp, stabilizers theres, no stabilize in post for all the shots. I have a nd filter on by freewell and the first shots when i get really early, ive got the 16 on and then later on, at port miriam and then also the very end when im flying around the castle, ive got an nd 32 on so nd Filters i use all the time and im also using which arent ready just yet, but i have my own luts coming out and im using the cine 2 lut from the dm pro luts, which arent ready just yet, but boy are there looking good so anyway, lets Go and enjoy that video. So in the first video we discovered mount snowdon staying at the swallow falls. This area is absolutely stunning and i cannot wait to be back here with the mavic 3 pro. Just imagine that drone with this landscape. That is going to be incredible, but for todays video we leave the area of snowden and we travel down to the area of port miriam, which is this really nice. Man made italian style village that was built between 1925 and 1975 and i highly recommend going and visiting this area in wales, but before we set off, i just could not sleep with this landscape on my doorstep, so i got up early and took some footage.

Music. Hey Music, Music. I think you can agree that im so glad. I got up early to capture that footage, because this place is just breathtaking anyway. Now, ive done that now we can get back on to port miriam Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, wait, Music, Music, trying to let it go! Music is Music Applause, so the drone did absolutely brilliant there being quite high up just where you can see this little hut. Thats, where the takeoff and land was – and it was extremely windy here, but that dji mini 2 handled it like a boss but moving on to the next location, now the final one and boy. This is nice: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music. So you can get some pretty good results. Cant you from that dji mini 2., its incredible this handled those really strong wins and was able to get some great shots whilst in wales. So i hope you enjoyed that but go out and practice these remember those techniques that we talked about smooth and steady. Imagine that drone being on the end of this really long, gimbal and everythings got to be smooth if its not just do it again, so sound. Also plays such a key part in that production. The sound and sound effects i use in that video makes that footage even better. I use soundstripe all the time if you want to check this out. Ive got a free trial, ill put on the screen here.

This is the code you need to put in when you go onto the website, but i use this for all the music and it has a fantastic selection that i can use on all these videos to get that just from a nine to a ten out of Ten, but go out and practice it hope you enjoyed this video. I love making these type of videos. The editing is also a fantastic side of it. What i also really enjoy doing so, if you liked that a like and subscribe itd be fantastic. Let me know down below which area you thought was the best in wales, but awesome place.