i’ll, be doing an in depth review about this drone i’m, going to show you what you would do to configure your phone to be able to use it with the dji fly app in case your Phone is not compatible with it watch this video till the end, hey what’s up and welcome back to my channel, and if this is your first time i said big. Thank you for checking me out. This drone came in the post yesterday that’s my package coming he’s got my package in his hand. He’S got my drone yeah hello, oh thank you cheers. Yes, i believe this will be. The drone come on Music, dji mini, oh i’ve missed flying drones. Man, because i left my my previous journal left in nigeria just so uh using it when i’m there. So it saves me carrying drones up and down and because i wanted to buy a smaller drone. That one was. The big drone was the phantom 4k pro, which is big, so i can’t wait to do the unboxing for this one and start flying i’ve got this knife and um i’ll try and be as careful as possible. So it’s brand new came in the post yesterday and here we are that’s that’s, it that’s. What it looks like it’s got this. This um seal here open so i’m just going to break this seal either by that or just just do that, that’s it and yeah it lifts up, and there you go brand new brand new baby.

It smells brand new as well nice. I love the smell and feel of brand new things. You know and that’s it wow. My phone is bigger than this Music and it’s quite light as well. So um i’m happy with this let’s put that away what’s in the box. What else in the box and the upper compartment is just the drone Music, and so i think, it’s got all the all the documentation this is. This will be some of those care stuff and all that i hardly bother myself with this, but let’s see how far we go with this, maybe i’ll need it um and then you’ve got Music these cables. So i think these ones are what connect your phone to the controller. I don’t know how many us type c cables: i’ve got now that’s, another type, c, cable, and so there you go i’m sure these are the the joysticks. These are the sticks to control, so i’ll keep this to the side and some extra blades so tiny, so nice. I like this phantom 4k it’s, just big massive. This is so nice nice to have something cute i’ll put that inside, oh okay! This is actually the the controller, the joystick. This is actually the joystick in here. So this must be something else. I see it’s sealed as well. It comes sealed so for breaking things like this one. Oh okay, um it’s, a screwdriver that you need to anytime. You need to change the blades of the drone.

You will need a screwdriver, unlike the previous ones, unlike the phantom 4k, and i think the other drones, where you just push and lock this one because it’s so tiny. I think you have to you know: you need a screwdriver to unlock it, to unscrew it and be able to change your blades in case you break it. So that’s very, very important don’t lose it don’t lose it don’t lose it. So what else is in the box? Let’S see let’s see. I would keep this box. I won’t trade away just yet so. I’Ll put this to the side as well. I need it later on and oh i’ve started tearing the box actually i’m too rugged. Um that’s the main thing, and in the last video i did about audio, i keep asking what is this what’s what’s it for do not eat throw away, but what is it? Why is it always in the box to keep it fresh, or is that what gives you that smell? Is that what gives anyway um? So what we’ll do put this i’ve done? This i’ve completely turned it. I put it inside so this is obviously the controller and that’s it. Okay, we’ll come back to the controller. Let me start with the with the drone itself. Let me try and see what’s what this drone has got Music. So with the drone, i thought i was going to come with a belt anyway, so with the drone, you want to make sure you rip off all these straps and you know everything is got loads and lots of stickers get rid of all the stickers what’s written On this one, please remove the gimbal protector before taking off so we’re gon na take off all these stickers in there’s, loads and loads of stickers.

On this, i think just to keep it all tidy up and there’s loads of or four different arms forward. So what that is in well there’s another stick. I need to get rid of. I hope i don’t break this blade. I think someone like me should stick with the big drone with the 4k, but i love this one just for the portability for the fact that i can take it anywhere and put it anywhere and travel okay, so we’ve released that and it’s got something here what’s. This thing open the cover press and hold the battery release. So i think that is where the battery is we’ll, get rid of that oh it’s, easy, so get rid of that and hold the battery, and so you need to squeeze this to get the battery out and that’s it that’s the battery, the ji mini 2 battery And it’s it’s just hollow inside just nothing inside yeah we’ll put the battery back in for now, and you have to you know: there’s a way you put the battery in the right position. It’S got this dots. Some lines you’ll see the lines here as well. So if you put it upside, i won’t even go in, so you have to kind of boom that’s it and click to lock. So here this one says unfold front, so push this forward like push that forward. I think we can get rid of this this sticker. As well i’m just gon na strip off all these stickers and to get this one open, you push it down kind of down up.

So this one forward the front one forward and then the back one down and up back in down and up and so that’s the drone. Really this is nice. Oh, my only worries well we’ll. Do the test we’ll do the right test outside, because on the photon 4k pro that i had it’s, you know it doesn’t feel this plasticky. But hopefully this should be nice and, as you see, this i’ll keep this because of when you’re traveling you don’t want it to be moving, and this drone it’s. This is for the micro sd card. Just the micro sd card Music, yeah you’ve, got to you know, get the right way. I think it’s facing down and there you go that’s it okay. So it looks like this doesn’t come charged at all um. Normally it should have a bit of juice in it, but i’ll charge this and then we’ll come back to check it. Yeah with the controller it’s actually got. The sticks is in here it’s in front here, so we just got to take it out and screw it on to that easy. Take that out as well squeeze on top and brilliant you’ve got your controller set up, and this this is where the phone you know you put your phone, so pull it out and that’s it on the phantom 4k. I think it goes up, so this one is like this and you’ve got some two cables right in here uh.

I believe these cables are the ones that control yes straight with the iphone one i don’t use iphone. So i might have to take this out or what’s the solution for people that don’t use iphone. If you can take this out, does that mean i need to go and buy an iphone? Thank god, you can take care of me, so i think that’s, what all these ones are for, and i will just use the one for the type c, which is this one. So i’ll put the iphone back here because i don’t use iphone um. My phone is never type c it’s, um, yeah it’s, the old android ones, so that’s for the iphone that’s for the type c charges. My phone is: is the old android one? So yeah i’m quite happy that dji thought of this, and you know they pull as many cables as possible because i’ve had equipment, i think it’s, the dji osmo. It never came with this type of cable. For me to monitor my phone, i had to buy like an adopt adapter to connect the type c to this old android type of um charger. So that’s for that, and all i need to do now is find a way to squeeze this into this base. It’S a little bit tight, bro and i’ve. My fingers are not even big, so well, yeah, not bad. So how does this phone mount to this? Does it go up? Does it come down? No! No! No just goes forward.

Okay, brilliant, so just be careful, so it doesn’t go. My let’s see oops good because my what’s it called now my on and off button for the phone is actually here so i’m just trying to be careful, so it doesn’t switch off the phone and that’s it i’m gon na unlock the phone and that’s it so Unlocked, i think, that’s that’s. It see that’s how it connects to your phone okay, so here everything is kind of flat. So if you need to monitor this outside, i think you might need to kind of you know. Do it this way probably be flying this way because um it would have been nice if he could tilt to go. I mean if he could tilt if this was a bit possible to tilt, and then you can have this down and tilt that up a bit. So that way you have seen it because sometimes the sun might be glaring too much on this. So i think what you need to do is probably you hold it this way, but we’ll see when we go out to fly we’ll see we see the best way. You know, and now we’re going to talk about this controller. You know what the controller is all about, and this is just basically how to fix it, how to put your phone onto the controller and now we’re going to look. Let me take this off first. So, as i said, this is to hold your phone and it’s also an antenna that sends the signal to the drone, and this controller has got.

You know this is a button. This button is to switch between photo and video, and you can use this button to take. This is to switch between photo and video, and this is to start. You can see the record and the picture so depending on the mode you’ve switched to this is to to start recording or to take pictures, and these are the joysticks. Normally this button is your take off and return to home button. You know you can see there, it’s got the taking off and the return to home and then, if you put it on on the other spot settings on the other automatic settings where the drone is flying on some auto auto stuff, you can always pause by pressing This button, as well so, if it’s on an auto one of those auto modes, that the drone is kind of flying on its own and you want it to just hover right there, and this is a button for you just to press this pause. It kind of makes the drone stop and just starts hovering um. This is the function button to you know, change to move between modes and to give you different functions. When you press this function button, it should show on the screen in the app to move. You know to change which mode you want it to go and you’ve got the stream. You’Ve got the center button, the center one, the controller comes on normal mode.

It gives you a normal flight speed and all that kind of thing you can either push it to cine, there’s, a cine mode, and what that cinema gives. You is some smooth flow of light like it’s, not so fast it’s, not fast it’s kind of, i would say, maybe for beginners or um when you’re not out there doing crazy stuff. I will be shooting mostly on this city mode, because why use my drone footage for what i use my drone for basically most of the time is just to get establishing shots that’s. What i use the drone for and to get effects of, to be honest, establish a shots to establish the location to give it, and you know to give that bad eye view of where i am, and just for the beauty of establishing the place. Basically, for establishing shots i’m, not the crazy drone flyer, the crazy drone pilot that goes. You know i’m, not so much into that, but maybe with this small drone, maybe i’ll start doing some of that. But most of the things i do, as i said before, is just to establish the location that i’m filming and before i go into you know using the camera to capture what it is establishing and some movements exit and entry shots that’s. Why? I use drone for most of the time so cine or normal normal mode gives you a normal speed, it’s, not so slow, it’s, normal and then you’ve got the spot mode where this drone starts to fly very very fast and then you’ve got this dial button.

This dial is to hand the camera up to tilt the the drone camera up or down that’s what this is for. So if you dial left kind of goes up and if you dial this way, it kind of comes down there, isn’t so much here, which is good enough. I love the feel of this it’s, quite small, on the phantom 4k pro it’s massive. So i think i like this. This is compact. This is what i want. This is bigger than the whole drone and everything. So this can just go in your bag. Your backpack, you have your small drone, you pass, you know you travel light, you go anywhere and i’m sure that wouldn’t be making so much noise to on this. I think you press it once and then again and that’s it switched on that’s it. So it’s got three dots on the battery we’ll go into the app and we’ll try and set this up. You know, i’ll go on, would download the app now and try and set this up yeah. So here we are we’ve downloaded um, the dji fly app and one thing though the dji fly app for dji mavic mini 2 is not available in the um play store. You can only get it from the dji website, so you have to go to dji.com and then go into the download section and that’s where you will find the fly app that you use to control your drone and your controller.

However, though, when you download it on the download page, you will see that it’s looking for some form of compatibility, your phone needs to be the new high end kind of phone. I think he has to have 64 bit and all that my phone is compatible. I mean my phone had all that requirements, but if i don’t know what happened but dji didn’t just work with it, the flap didn’t just work with it. Until i had to do this, i had to go into the you know. You know the settings button when you drop down go to your settings and then in the settings you want to go down to my phone or about my phone on this phone. It says my phone and your phone. It might be about your phone click. On the my phone information and then scroll down to where you see build number, it will show you build number, keep tapping that build number. I think about 8 to 10 times between 6 to 10 times keep tapping on it, and then it will show you. You are now a developer, because what you want to do is you want? You want to be able to configure your phone, so that would work with the dji flight app and once it tells you you’re, not a developer. What you do now is go back out and then you now go into system. You know from settings, go to system click on system and then you will see advanced, which is reset options, multiple users developers and all that.

So you click on the advanced. And now you will see your developer options so inside the developer options. You click on the developer options and this listen to this carefully, because if your phone is not compatible with the dji flight app, this is what you do all right. The steps i’ve told you is what you would do and by the time you get into the developer options, you have to turn some things on so starting with oem unlocking you have to check that turn it on turn that on don’t miss it automatic system updates. Turn that thing on don’t miss it make sure you check it usb debugging turn it on don’t miss it i had to you know it took me a whole day to figure this out. So don’t go through the same hell. I’Ve gone through don’t. Ask any questions. Just turn it on force full gnss turn, the goddamn thing on make sure you check it, let it be on as well verify apps over usb turn it on, because once you’re, once you plug your usb to the phone to your controller, you want your phone to Be able to verify that you’re using you want to use an app so turn that on as well enable gpu, debug layers turn that on as well turn it on don’t don’t hesitate. Turn it on um wi fi scan throttling turn that on as well. You can see all these things i’m telling you to turn on.

I don’t know if this is clear enough, you can see i’ve turned them on mobile data, always active yeah turn it on in case you’re outside or anything you don’t have wi fi. So let your mobile data be on turn it on as well third drain. How do i hardware acceleration Music turn that goddamn on, because you’re actually tethering as well? You know you’re plugging this to your phone, so that kind of tethering kind of thing going on. There turn that, on disable absolute volume check that as well turn that on as well – and i think we’re almost yeah. So those are the things that i turned on all right and that’s it once you’ve turned that on. You now want to restart the phone so that it will kind of refigure itself, because after turning this on and you’ve downloaded the the dji fly app, it might not work because this didn’t work until i restarted. So these are things that i had to do. Um what’d, you call them now to juice, try by arrow to be able to get to this stage and it worked so follow the steps. You turn all those things that i’ve told you to turn on, and then you restart the phone once you restart the phone, then you go to your download section. Look for the dji flat, app that you downloaded click on it and now install it. You would accept all the terms and conditions, and you know it’s, going to tell you you’re downloading something from from on verified sources, just because it’s not from the play store, because it’s not available in the play store it’s only available in dji website accept other times And download and install and there you are it’s going to be installed, that is it so we’re going to go into it now, we’re going to click, kick it off and where you’re charging.

This is how you charge you don’t. Actually, the the basic package of this dji mini doesn’t come with um with a charging docket, so this actually charges it and once it’s charging you see, some, the lights will be flashing there. So this is almost fully charged is up to four one, two, three four. So it’s almost for you see the lights there, but i think we can. We can manage this now plug it. We use the right cable plug that in and to switch on you press one and then hold it down, that’s it on and also this goes down. Not before that, the top, so what i was saying about align the app you know, one of those buttons that i said you should check that once you plug it in aligning allowing the app to notify you it’s, just edit edited pgi flyer, hardwood bavic series, yes And then you have to accept some of these terms as well photo permissions. You have to grant some permission so if this is the first time this is what’s going to happen, this is the very first time brand new accept all the permissions he wants to use. Your location, i think it just makes sense, to accept that’s. Why, in case your drone is missing or something you’ll be able to use the location to find it. Allow allow and that’s doing its magic. So, while that’s going on i’ll just set this one up again because, as i told you, i was trying to do this and the app didn’t work, so i had to go and figure this out and you know just found out all i need to do now.

Try by error so i’m saving you tons of time, follow these steps and you shouldn’t be far off so here we are and to turn this on as well one and long press it’s working. This is a phone that it wasn’t compatible before at initially when i downloaded it, but after configuring all that it’s working now mobile device, gps dvs, if you let everything, be checked, activate device, so it’s asking to activate device agree so enter your phone number or your Email address Music, so you enter your email address next and then you put your password as well. You know you just follow these all the steps, because it’s the first time there’s a lot of things to agree. You know and then the the following device will be linked to your account as proof of maintenance. After i say service aircraft activate. So i love to activate to accept – and you know, do all of these things, so you have to restart aircraft to complete activation Music. Restarting aircraft, i think this should be it so the aircraft will restart. It says it will take around 60 seconds. So let’s wait about 60 seconds and see what is restarting we’re just waiting 60 seconds. Okay, give me a message to restart i’m just gon na restart. It manually Music and that’s it so it’s all done they’re trying to sell some add ons, dji care, water damage and all that so i’m, just going to come out of that, okay, so there’s an updated version.

Uh do not close the app 30 so update. This is going to take about 10 minutes just to update so i’ll come back to the video that update, took about 10 minutes. Just make sure your aircraft and your app is all on, and you know towards the end of the update. It will automatically turn off your aircraft, so power it on again and now you can hear the sound and now you will see on this. It says: dji mini 2 firmware update successful. So now you have the brand new firmware and everything is fine now, so you can see, it says, go to fly and now, if we hit go to fly i’m just going to see what we can do inside the house, um you see, the drone is up. I mean the camera is actually seen everything that’s the camera we’re using to record. So let me see what i can do inside this house before we go outside just to we’re going to go outside, but just because this is a small place. I want to see what i can do and to start, as i said you can you know to start you can. Let me see if i can actually do that inside this house there is so small, so beautiful, we’re gon na go. That is it. What we want to do now is we’re going to talk about the the app itself. You know we’re going to look into what the app what you can do and what you cannot do with the app and with the app there’s.

Quite a few things you can do so you know, as i said on this controller, it depends on what you press, i think, right now it looks like we’re on photo mode. So if we press it again, it turns to red you can see that has just changed to red, which means we’re now on video mode. If you press that again it changes to white which is photo mode. So the button to press is just on your far right side, just beside the joystick on the right hand, side so press a more particular about video, so i’m just going to put it to video, but you can always press you can always change it to photos. Anytime and the button underneath just under here, you see it says, photo, it has a photo icon, camera, icon and a red circle. The red circle is record and then the photo icon is to take pictures because you’ve already switched it to what it is. What you want either photos or videos – all you have to do nice, press to start, recording or press to take picture so it’s good. You can do that here without touching the screen. You know just in case your hand is dirty or your screen always has um reflections, so it’s good to have both here and here and on here on the app you get to see how many minutes you’ve got on your storage. I think right now. My storage is showing me: i have about 1 hour 52 minutes, roughly 2 minutes and it’s, showing me i’m recording in 1080p.

So here is where i believe you can change what you want yep. So if you hit where it says 1080p that should it brings up all the other formats that you can record in 2.7k 4k and in 4k, you can record maximum of 24 frames to 30 frames in 4k, you can record maximum of 30 frames, but in 1080p I think you get up to 60 frames per second, so in 1080p you go up to 60 frames per second um, hopefully you’re. Seeing this – and you know here is where you have on the far right of the app is where you have the take off. I think if i press it see it’s going to say take off, but i don’t want to take off now because we’re, just in the house, they ought to be taking off again once we go outside we’ll take off um yeah, and then this is where you’ve Got the four times zoom, because we’ve updated this, so we’ve got our zoom we’re in 1080p anyway. So beside the record button, if you you will see something that says one time if you press it it’s two times, if you press it again: Music it’s four times so i think yeah so that’s it. If you press here again, you should cancel it back to one time, that’s. Basically what you really need. You know and then it’s going map it’s got map here as well. When you press it, it shows your location on the map.

You can, i think, if you press it again, it can make it bigger, and your recording screen is more so. This shows where you are around about where, where about your kind of flying – and it has a flat, find my drone. So if you’ve been flying, your drone is lost. Now you can press that to show you where your drone is find. My drone – and you know all you have to do – is press this again and your main recording screen comes on, and this is where you see information take off with caution, it’s, trying to tell me that it can re because i’m inside the house i’m inside the Building it should be outside. So, if i was outside, you would see more signals and you know there is. I think those are the main things. You’Ve got all the information. You’Ve got your storage. This gives you how many minutes of storage you’ve got because we’ve changed. It to 60 frames per second it’s now showing 1 hour 38 minutes i’m sure if we reduce the frame per second. If i take it to say 24 frames per second yeah, you can see it’s back to 150., so it depends on what frame rate and what format you’re recording on, and that should be telling you the green that button. That should be telling you the percentage. Your battery percentage so and this icon this video icon lets. You know that you’re in video mode and i’m sure when we switch it, it will change photo mode so yep, and that also shows you how many, how many things, how many you’re recording and then you’ve got this.

This auto auto button here on the far right of this app lower far right. If you click on it now, you’ve changed it to pro mode whereby your exposure, your you know, all of that is done by yourself and what you can do is just change the settings. Click on you know just play around click on all these things to change. What your settings looks like Music, if the more you increase it, the more you know, you’re increasing the iso and all that – and this is iso 3200. So you know, if you want it to be manual, that’s that’s, you in the pro mode pro so i’ve changed it back to auto depends on what you want. If you know, if your lighting condition is going to be changing drastically, you can use auto or if you want you use mine, it just depends on your level. Maybe you start with auto or if you prefer manual, just use manual. I think every other thing here is self explanatory and um. You know so we’re again we’re still in cinema and that’s what’s, showing me c mode up there if i put it to normal it’s, showing end mode up at the top left corner of the app and if i put it to sports change, spot mode. Don’T forget spot means super fast and when you’re doing some maneuvers or you’re doing some powerful stops and all that your the goomba or the drone could be a bit jerky.

So for this test, i’m going to start with sin cine, the c mode, which is you know, as i said why i use most of my drone footages, for what i try to get from my drone is establishing shots, walking shots in and out of the building. In and out of the location just to establish where i am that’s, what i use my drones for mostly so so that’s, basically what you need inside this app and if there’s any other thing. Let me know in the comments, so this this take home and take off. Button is just to take off and return home, so let’s go out there and do a proper test of this thing in the real world outside. Meanwhile, don’t forget please. If this video has been helpful so far, don’t forget to smash the subscribe button, hit the like button and share it. Please subscribe. Okay let’s go outside i’m, going to hit the record button before i start flying that’s. What i’ve done it’s showing me that i’ve got takeoff permitted and you can either pull the two joysticks together to start the the drone? And if this is your first time flying, i would suggest you go to an open space um rather than houses like this, but because i’ve got some experience flying and i’m not going to fly so much and, as i said, all i do with drones is just Establishing shots, walking shots exit and entry shots, and you know just a cool to show where i am to show the area so it’s gon na take off now, yeah yeah home point’s been updated and you know i’m currently on auto, so yeah it looks okay.

Let me just bring it down so that the camera can sit and to the side. You know so yeah. If you follow all the tricks, i’ve told you, your cheap phone should work with this drone. I just want this to see so that’s it and it’s. Looking a bit dark what i’m seeing here, let me see if i can adjust it to. I want to try it to be the auto okay, so it’s much brighter, now, yeah yep! So there you are here um! You know if you turn, if you keep just swinging around and then i’ll push it up to see me and let’s see. I hope my neighbors are not going to say i’m i’m snooping around them yeah so up and forward. Let me, i think, that’s four that’s down yeah a little bit like that and so that’s the kind of thing i use my drones for just to establish where the area i’m filming and, as you can see, that’s gone a bit far i’m. Quite happy with that and then i’m just gon na reverse and bring it back yeah. As i said i’m, not the type that i use drones for crazy stuffs, but probably from now i might try to start doing that and then let’s go the other way. You know this would do for a 500 under 500 pounds. You know if i can get something like this out of the drone. Then i’m happy okay, let’s, try return to home yeah so that’s it that’s.

It really and then i’m gon na so i’m trying to land it so that’s it that’s the back, that’s the drum back to us. I love this and it’s, not as noisy as the phantom 4k that i used to have you know and again it’s, not as big as massive. You can travel with this anywhere. You want to go, but the thing with this doesn’t have any sensors so, and this is the cine mode. So if it’s this fast in cine mode, what would it be like in sport mode? Okay, let’s try spot mode guys, let’s, try spot mode, i’ll switch it to spot mode, it’s quite windy now, so you can feel the difference in sports mode. Music super fast in sport, mode wow! This is super fast in sports mode. So if you, if you like, you know if you, if you, if you want to be doing some, really fast cool moves, then you can try the sport mode, but i think i’m, fine with the cine mode and yeah that’s it i’ll be putting you know in Links in description below i’ll put in some of the stuff stuff that i’ll be filming with this so check it out check out some of the stuff that i’ll be filming with this, because i’ll be doing some area and property videos with this so yeah, i add What some of the stuffs i’ve done – and you know after a few few weeks, a few months of using this and to land this just keep pulling it down and once it’s landed as it’s switched off and stop recording so yeah that’s it.

Thank you very much. If this video has been helpful to you, please don’t forget to subscribe like and share. Thank you very much.