This is the DJI mini 2, and this is my first impression of it. … You guys ready Let’s get to it., So the DJI mini 2 is a 4k 249 gram drone that fits in the palm of your hand, and it is awesome.. It comes in two separate configurations, one being the quotfly more comboquot and the other just being the standard.. The fly more combo comes with two extra batteries, a charging hub for all three batteries, but it only charges them one at a time, a carrying case and extra propellers.. If you don’t buy the fly more combo fear, not because you can still charge the one battery that it comes with inside the drone.. The drone actually has a usb c port built right into it.. The fly more combo comes in at 600, and the standard package comes in at 449 dollars to start.. Another thing is, if you’re thinking about buying it, but not spending the extra 150 on the fly more combo, I guarantee you you’re already going to be looking at batteries after your first flight, because I looked at spare batteries and I have three of them. An hour And a half when you’re getting used to this drone is not a lot of flight time, especially considering that this drone starts warning you that the battery is almost empty at 50. … being that this is a first impressions, video I’m, not gon na bombard you with all the specs of this drone, it’s tiny it doesn’t weigh anything it shoots.

In 4k, the gimbal works great on it and that’s pretty much all you need to know.. The controller is awesome, but the battery life isn’t that great on it. The battery life on the batteries themselves for the drone isn’t that great either because it’s not actually half an hour like it says that it is. It’s more like 20 minutes. And then everything starts going haywire the drone starts trying to return to home and the controller starts beeping.. I don’t know why dji made it that the drone starts going insane at 50 battery, but in my opinion, and where I’m from 50 is not low battery that’s half battery. Low battery is more like 20 …, then maybe start the alarm at 10. Don’T start the alarm at 20 percent that’s six minutes of our flight time out of a half an hour battery that’s insane to me., I don’t want to be too nitpicky and I don’t really want to trash the thing. I really like this drone in almost every way, except that battery alarm thing and the fact that you can’t disable the return to home function, no matter what you do.. If I wanted my drone to just fly straight up and go back to wherever I started, I would do that myself. I don’t need you to start bombarding me with, like alarms and warnings and stuff that I can’t disable all you’re doing by incorporating those safety measures. Is stressing out your pilots, we know how much battery is left we’re watching it constantly.

Of course we are. I’m, not gon na, be flying over the ocean with 10 battery. I mean I’m sure some people do that. But in my opinion, if you’re that dumb, you deserve to lose your drone, anyway. DJI also offers a quotcare refreshquot insurance. Where you pay an additional 50 bucks. It gives you some insurances on your drone.. If it breaks, I believe it’s not that much to get it repaired, it’s, like 50 bucks to get it replaced or repaired. If it decides to fly away here’s the kicker, it says that there’s quotflyaway, protectionquot and they’ll check the flight records and see like what happened and then replace your drone, but it’s, not free …. I think it was 225 or 250 dollars to get it replaced.. What am I paying for here if I have to re, buy the drone anyway, if it decides to fly away, if you guys can see in the flight records that it was the drone’s fault that it flew away. In my opinion, you should be replacing our drones. One of the other things I noticed as a first impression is the thumb sticks on this controller …. This one is the stock size of the thumb stick. This is one that I modified it’s, a tiny little nub.. If you’ve ever played Xbox or PlayStation. You know that the thumbsticks aren’t very tall by comparison I mean it’s, almost double., So what I did was obviously I cut it down to be about the same height as the Xbox controller and I’m way happier for it.

. Obviously, you need to be kind of handy to be able to do that. I don’t have to take the sticks off to put it back into its case, which is super nice, because it’s annoying to have to pull out the sticks every when you’re messing with a drone and trying to get everything ready and everything. The last thing I want to be doing is anything extra., So just having the sticks built in and small enough, that they’re comfortable is way easier. In my opinion and while we’re on the subject of the controller, this controller is super comfortable don’t get me wrong. It’S an awesome controller if you’ve ever played video games before and you haven’t piloted a drone. A DJI drone is a great place to start because it is super intuitive to fly this thing. Taking video and photo with this controller is super simple, it’s, really easy to pan side to side or strafe the wheel on the side here actually controls the tilt of The gimbal in front, which is really nice, the thing turns on a dime. Obviously it doesn’t turn perfectly on a dime. It still obeys the laws of physics and skids. If you turn, while you’re going forward but it’s super agile for what it is and the balance on the drone, the way it kind of keeps itself steady even in wind is amazing. But anyway this isn’t a full review, it’s, just a first impression. So it’s not going to be a super long video.

I wanted to show you guys some test footage so let’s get to that now. So anyway. In closing, my first impression of this drone is, it is just awesome. Dji knocked it out of the park with the mini 2. In my opinion, this drone is awesome. If you just want to dip your toes into the drone world., I didn’t see myself going real, deep and spending a whole hell of a lot of money on a drone in the first place.. I just wanted something to play with and you know get some decent shots from up. Above obviously, you can’t do super low light or anything crazy with this drone, but it’s a great entry level drone at a reasonable price. But thank you for joining me on this.