In this video. We shall be learning how to do some basic cinematic moves for beginners lets get into the air. I would say that there are three steps in achieving uh cinematic footage. First, one is definitely the settings you should be using manual settings in this case, filming at 25 frames per second in 4k. The shutter is 150 of a second and iso 200. Next thing in the settings section would be probably um proper gimbal settings pitch. Speed, 10 and smoothness 25 would be a lot better for controlling the gimbal smoothly. Then you can also have these settings right here forward and right. I have it 30 router right. I have at, i would say, 15 and throttle up. I would leave at 25 all right and thats pretty much it for the expo settings and then i would also suggest you to use manual white balance. In this case, i think 73 100 kelvin works the best and the grid lines as well with the diagonals and grid. It helps you to properly compose the shot and then the next step is the composition. You have to compose the shot properly. So it looks pleasant to your eyes and other peoples eyes. So if i would be approaching this church right here, i would have it composed like this, and the third step is movement. This first shot will be very simple, so well be moving forwards, slightly upwards, really close close to these trees, and it will give us the depth of um yeah of the space we are in, and it just looks pretty cool, very simple.

Just slightly upwards and forwards. Close to the branches, dont be afraid just capture now well, adjust it slightly with the rotation all right. Our next shot will be a smooth orbit around these towers right here, so well be just moving right and with the left stick compensating to the left and achieving this orbit. You can also use a gimbal up or down to increase the amount of movement you have in the shot that will make it look even better, and that is how you orbit its very cool. If you have things um close to the camera, because that gives you the feeling of depth, our next shot will be also very, very simple. Well, be flying through these towers, so flying forwards without any other movement flying through objects can give you a very cool feeling of of the area youre in, and it also is just its just very exciting. To do, and one thing i can say about flying through things dont be afraid, just fly and ah the birds. Thank you and everything will be fine. I would have to be a little bit more centered here and bam thats how you fly through things. Our next shot is going to be also very simple, so lets move into the place. Lets fly above these towers right here were like just like that law looks very cool, very foggy. We have a foggy foggy day and now lets just move slightly lower and the shot will be me going upwards with a slight slight rotation that will give us a very, very cool, revealing shot of what we are actually seeing.

So move up and the left stick to one of the sides. It will give you the rotation, and that gives us a very cool cinematic shot, as you can see, the movement, the composition and the settings working all together to achieve cinematic, looking shots, and this fog also helps quite a lot actually, and this car was also in The right place – and that is how you get shots like that, our next shot is going to be like this were just going to reveal this playground right here. It could be anything it could be a house behind other buildings, so imagine that these trees are something that is in front and the playground is something that we want to reveal so lets tilt the camera gimbal slightly more upwards move forwards, uh the closer to three Is the better because it will give us the feeling of depth, and that is always very much appreciated and tilt the gimbal down that will gives us that will reveal things that we wont reveal just like that? Oh and a bird again. Thank you, bird and we can do the same thing backwards, but flying backwards is advised to actually check what you have behind you so right now we are above all the trees, so we are pretty good, so lets have the camera tilted all the way down. So you can see the playground and then okay, not all the way down. Almost all the way down lets, maybe have it precisely and then just move backwards, tilt up the camera and a very cool basic cinematic shot.

That reveals us more of the scenery we have in this place, and those trees below us gives us a very cool feeling of depth. That is what you really need when capturing uh cool shots. In my opinion, all right and now lets do one more thats, slightly bit more advanced, so well be moving forwards, slightly. Lowering the altitude rotating in tilting down the camera and concentrating on the swings just like that. If you practice a lot its very easy to do, this is my first uh try up more yeah, just like that, can we fit through yeah we can. Spatial awareness is something you should be practicing its its something that will help a lot in capturing between things. Thank you so much for watching. Hopefully you were able to enjoy this video. Hopefully you were able to learn something new today. If you did, you know what to do. Go hit that like and maybe subscribe. If you want to see more tutorials about flying and other drone related and filmmaking stuff, i already have a lot of videos about controlling the drones in more advanced and basic ways, so go check the playlists cinematic flight, tutorials and constant flow. You can learn a lot there. People have been saying that it has helped them a lot, so maybe it will help you too.