Hello, my peeps uh. Thank you again for joining on today’s video for a very special unboxing that i’ve been urging open, but i haven’t done so in order for me to bring you this unboxing. This particular video is giving thanks to a very special friend um. So, thank you, marcos from new york. I appreciate you tremendously for giving me this gift, as is going to elevate all of my videos in youtube. When you know i decide to use it, so you probably guessed it you’ve, probably seen them in other videos already and that particular product is that dji drone, which is the mini 2. The new one that came out this year, oh well, last year, 2020. um i’m, excited to open it just because i’ve i’m actually a beginner and come when it comes to drones. I’Ve never used a drone and after looking for a lot of reviews and tutorials online, this particular item is the best one to start off with. Well, anyone will have learning curves, but this one’s, especially so let’s, go ahead and grab it open it, and let me show you what’s inside okay, so here it is guys you have no idea how excited i am the dgi mini 2, and this is the fly More combo set so uh dji is running um, two different ways you can purchase this item. One is the dji drone by itself, which runs for only 449 or the combo set, which runs for, i believe, 600.

. I think you get more for your buck by purchasing this item, because you’re only paying like what 150 dollars more, which is not bad at all, and you get a ton of stuff with it um. So one of the great uh features that i i love about. This product is that it shoots in 4k versus the previous generation didn’t shoot at me, 4k. I think it was just 1080p, so i’m excited um, let’s open it. You have no idea guys i’m holding my uh enthusiasm and the reason why is because um again, like i told you, i’m, a new learner and one of the things in 2021, i want to do – is pick up. New skills pick up um a lot of skills. Actually, and and start building on them, so this is going to help me elevate, my videos, so without further ado, let’s, just open the damn thing. Let’S just go ahead all right now. This requires a special knife, a simple letter, opener Music. I just feel like turn. It out oh easy, opening nice, so you open it and automatically see that there’s a carrying case. The other version that you know if you buy the dji mini drone by itself. It does not come with this carrying case so i’m telling you like, if you’re actually going to be using it and traveling, and everything just go 150 more and just get the oh case. God all right. Nothing in here don’t need this.

Just look at it. It’S all right advice: do you guys smell uh items once you purchase them, just smells so brand new. You know it’s, never gon na smell like that. Ever again, so you go ahead and just smell. It i’m probably weird for doing that, but i don’t care the case seems very cushiony. Um it’s, not hard shell it’s. Definitely on the middle end in terms of you know, hardness to softness um. It does have a protector layer for sure, so there is padding inside. So no worries it’s not like completely thin. You can tell that there’s there’s padding in here and on the sides as well. If you can’t see there’s padding, so no worries okay, so you open it here, and this is what you see: oh it’s, a lot i’m gon na have to really learn this it’s, probably gon na. Take me a moment to learn, but i don’t care all right and first we’ll start off with this little pouch that comes in here, let’s see what’s inside here very organ, very organized packaged beautifully. So and then here you have the um propellers and i like the fact that propellers tells you they’re, you know propeller a propeller b in terms of like what direction they go and and side of the uh drone, which is useful here, we’re, going to start off From here and just go to the drone, so i take this out and it comes with just paperwork and whatnot and it’s the quick start guide.

Okay and dji support. Damn no sticker i’ll have to read that really well later um. Then it comes with the accessories. Let’S go with the accessories all right in the accessory. It comes with let’s, see a lot of stuff, actually that’s. Why they give you the pouch, because they give you a lot of stuff and for 150, more i’m fine with all these stuff um. It comes with the multiple chargers, so i think you get like three batteries: uh extra two extra batteries um, which is great – i think they each battery lasts up to 30 minutes and that’s huge um for my friends who told me what they use drones. That 30 minutes is a lot of times yeah. So there you go see here’s the two extra batteries and i think all you have to do is snap see and all you have to do is clamps in um usbc charging, which is awesome and the other battery is inside the drone. So no worries uh. It comes with the cable, the almost apple like charger uh just says, dji, probably use the same manufacturer and they just change the logos. I swear these companies get to the main thing. Is this controller here i love the fact they included this in this combo and boom here it is and then, for the main event, the main guest here. Is this beautiful drone? Just look at it. Just look at this baby. I am automatically in love.

Just look at this look at this baby awesome, so loving automatically the the belt that it comes with, so it keeps everything aligned um and not only would it keep the the body aligned, but the propellers align as well. Once i put everything together, um and the thing is easily removable: oh yeah just clip it look at that wow keep it back, clip it in and it protects the it’s a propeller holder. Pretty much once you have everything in place. So here’s some propellers already installed right. I think they already come installed. Actually you’ve got extra ones, wow, that’s, awesome, and from here you can charge to activate the battery before the first time you use all. You have to charge it so yeah there you go i’m. Actually going to be buying the holder, the the the drone holder, which will be in a separate video, and i think that looks just beautiful, it’s going to add a nice ambient lighting to my room. You can see here automatically there’s coils inside so i’m, not sure how well that’s going to do in um in rainy weather. I have to really look up to see how well this is in those types of conditions. I know in terms of wind, you can’t use any really strong wind, so i definitely need to uh to monitor my weather if i’m going to use it that day, it’s ultralight 249 grams. One of the main reasons why i wanted this zone is because of the weight there’s a lot of regulations internationally, that you know that make you get a certain permit in order for you to use certain drones in different countries again, depending on the country you’re going To just just do your research and make sure that you know you’re able to use this without a permit in the united states.

You anything under 250. Grand do not need a special permit in order for you to register your job, which is great um. I like the fact that it’s very lightweight and guys when i say lightweight, it’s 249, so my cup of coffee is heavier than this peeps. I completely apologize for the delay in this dji mavic mini 2 um, unboxing and review. I completely forgot that i actually lived below one of the main uh plane zones in boston, so i can’t really uh fly my drone in my neighborhood. However, i recently made a trip down to florida to visit a couple of my friends and i actually got to test this bad boy out so i’m gon na leave you here. I want you please to enjoy this review. I would say that, after flying this drone, i fell in love with it. The quality, the air um dynamics that it can do the different types of shots that it can do um. I just completely love. So if you want me to keep giving you these type of videos, please subscribe down below hit that subscribe button and hit the notification bell. Like this video comment of all different types of um aerial scenes, you want me to shoot whether it’s in boston or in other places in the world and if i’m traveling to those spots of the world, then i can definitely do that for you. So i would say i love this drone um, i fell in love.

I want to use it more constantly and i’ll be taking in another spot in boston very soon. So without further ado, i want you to enjoy the cinematic view that i shot.