Us dollars seeking to deliver a high quality audio lets see how good it is. Music. Oh good morning guys. I want you to know that every single piece of audio that youre listening to in this video is recorded with the new dji mic. I just woke up. She was still sleeping so im gon na do a few shots by myself and i really hope that if you enjoy the quality of the mic, let me know in the comments and if its rubbish, just let me know too Music djs, says that this mic has A transmission range of up to 250 meters without losing any quality at all, so im gon na go a few meters away from the camera as youre listening to im now like about 15 to 20 meters, i hope there are no cuts and the quality is still Good and im just gon na keep going a little bit and right now i dont know if you can see me, probably not but im about 50 60 meters away from the camera. I really hope that and i have some trees in between and everything. So i hope the quality is still good. One of the things that i actually enjoy the most about dji and has been like this for the past seven, eight years, its the ease, they turn everything so easy, the most complicated stuff. They turn it just easy flying drones, gimbals, stabilizations and everything, and the dji mic is no exception.

I just unboxed it open it up. It was charged. I just had to turn it on. It was all linked attach it to the camera attached it to my body, and the party could start no complicated, linkings or pressing buttons here and there. You know this is what i like the most about dji Music. These are like the mic pots. I mean you have the nice case. Without the case, you have on a single charge, 5.5 hours on each of this transmitter and 5 hours on the receiver. But if you use the case, you have up to 15 hours of battery, which is more than a day. Music also guys one of the most important features is that actually our sony camera doesnt have a sound output, which means that most of the time were recording with tivo he doesnt even know. If my mic is working or not, he has some display. You know some graph in the display when im talking, then it goes up and down, but he doesnt really know if the quality is good if its getting cuts or whatsoever. The good thing about the dji receiver is that it has a sound output and shiva will be now able to listen to my soft and tender voice. Im loving it. You know what this is good jibber. Also for doing asmr am i sexy. You know the action. 2 comes with a lot of magnetic stuff and look at this guys right now.

I just attach it and i can take it off like this easy. I have this magnet part here. Uh djs says its not really good for hoodies and stuff, but i can still prove that it works pretty awesome. You should use this actually more with t shirts and stuff, but um no cables easy attachment lets go as you know. By now, the dji mic bundle comes with two transmitters. The first one is the one that im wearing and a second one, which you can use either simultaneously or separate. You, for example, can record in mono both and put one on the camera and then record some ambient, sound and or you can, for example, do also an interview, and i can attach this to chivo and have a nice conversation and record simultaneously, and i can also Record in stereo, using one for the left channel and another for the right channel inside the case, we have two adapters: a lightning adapter and a usbc adapter, which means that you can connect this with a transmitter onto your smartphone or your laptop. Another great thing that dji says is that you have a variable gain adjustment, which means that, for example, if youre inside a car and youre recording a voice from someone talking, you can also have the other transmitter outside the car and record the motor of the car Or so, and you can adjust the volume, so you can record it simultaneously and there wont be one of the tracks that will be.

You know, killing the other one. Another thing before i forget it is: you have also a safety track, which is pretty awesome because it will internally inside the transmitter record a safe track, which means another track with 6 db in case, for whatever reason your you know, your sound breaks or so youll Have this backup – and you can use it in post later, if you have lost the original one, we probably are going to be using this a lot from now on. Well see we, you know whats what can be interesting, tivo to make a test just a comparison against our sennheiser. Do you think this is a good test table? Well yeah, but um yeah, okay well, do a test and see which one is better, so stay tuned. Leave a thumb and sub if youre not yet because were doing a comparison versus the sennheiser to check out. If i mean our sennheiser is a 600 euro receiver and transmitter. This is gon na be interesting.