I had purchased a potensic d60 for 200 and enjoyed it for about a month before i crashed into some trees. Hopefully hell get it back on a windy day. I was disappointed with the d60s range and pissed it myself for losing 200 bucks im, definitely not in the one percent. Anyway. I kept reading about the mavic pro platinum, but the price kept me from getting it. The range kept me interested, but the cost in the end, i put it on my amazon card and i will pay it off in six months. Was it worth it hell yeah this drone flying camera is amazing. It takes beautiful pictures and videos and i have yet to learn its full potential. I know i shouldnt have, but i couldnt resist seeing how far id feel comfortable taking it in its flight. I reached an altitude of more than 1000 ft, but dropped drop immediately because i got nervous it could have kept going. The farthest i have flown is two miles and again it could have kept going Music. The gps lands it exactly where it took off and the obstacle sensors alert you to obstructions, but you should not test it. I cant wait to take some amazing aerial. Shots started out with a cheap four hundred dollars. Oh other brand, totally sucked sent it back and bought the platinum omg. What a difference from overall quality to the picture, quality super happy everything received and functional is advertised.