This is all cni films and i’m here to show you guys the dji mavic pro 2 drone let’s go Music, make sure you guys follow all seeing eye films. I typed it down the screen for you guys, so you can see and to keep up with all the drone footage and all the content that i’m going to put out for you guys with the dji mavic pro 2. So this is the controller for the drone and you make sure you guys download the dji 4 on your iphone app and make sure you guys download before you fly i’m gon na type it down. So you guys can see for yourself um before you fly. You have to know your drone laws. You have to get your certification for a flight license. Thingy i’ll type, that up in a bio for you, but when you first buy your drone make sure you handle your certification because they do have drone laws. And if you do not comply with the drone laws, then you will get either federal time or you’re going to get fined so make sure you handle that all the legal things so that you can fly your drone safely and accordingly, now i’m going to fly. The drone and i’m going to show you guys the footage that i got with the Music tron Music do Music. So after you, film with the drone, you can download them directly to your phone. So here are some clips, if you can see and to save them on your phone, you simply click on the clip and this arrow button right here is to save download, and then your file will download once the drone turns off.

The app is no longer going to read the drone so make sure you don’t turn off the drone when you are downloading your footage because being that it’s 4k it’s very high quality, which means it’s high storage, so it may take a while to download and also Here’S, a tip for flyers, if you are going to get the mavic 2 pro drone, make sure if you have an iphone, make sure it’s 256 gigabytes, so that when you download footage into your phone, it won’t interfere with the things that you already have in your Phone, i do have some pros and cons about this drone, but overall, like it’s, pretty good. So the first pro that i have is that you have the option to fly beginner mode and also manual mode. So if you’re just starting to fly, make sure you’re flying in beginner mode, because in beginner mode, if this drone gets close to an object, the drone will automatically stop. You know so that’s a really good thing, because you don’t want the drone to crash into something and you’ve just like lost three thousand dollars. Another pro that i have is that you can download your footage straight into your phone, so that’s a really good pro. I like that overall um another pro that i do have is that when the battery is about to die the phone lets, you know when the drone battery is about to die so that you can land safely.

Another pro that i do have is that you know what you’re working with and the settings are pretty much very clear one con that i do have is that, while you’re downloading footage onto your phone, you can’t really do anything with the drone, but wait, and it Does kill the battery while you’re downloading footage, because you do have to keep the drone on in order to download footage if you’re doing it directly through your phone, but other than that? Another option is that you can take the sd card and then put it on the computer, but i prefer to have it on my phone, so i can just instantly transfer it to a computer when it’s convenient so but overall, this is a really good drone.