Previous unboxing videos, we unboxed a couple of protein powders, see if they’re worth it. They are two of our more popular videos, so i’m in youtube channel. If you are on a budget and if you are into bodybuilding and all that kind of stuff and if you’re new here please do subscribe to life in between without further ado let’s do the unboxing of this bad boy right here we ordered this one. During the 7 7 sale of lazada, it was originally priced at 19, 600 pesos pero da hill, had this is seven seven sales one thousand pesos so boom basha, sir 18 600. unboxing video. All we wanted was to showcase, maybe some drone shots here and there it came with a notice right here. It says, and i quote: please take a video while opening your parcel. All sides of the parcel must be shown during the unboxing. If your order, isn’t, complete or damaged, send the video to customer care at dot ph so safety, nothing more consumers nah, it came straight out of the box. Hopefully the package is complete. We also by the way, ordered the fly more combo and it includes a lot of accessories. Let’S open it here. It is the box itself, it looks pretty secure Music here it is the box in all of its glory and, as you can see, miranda, nice and it’s all here guys iii, now micro sd card. This is a 64 gigabytes, so maramira footage for sure.

By the way, this store is dji’s official store, salazada careful, as you can see it says, fly more combo fly more combo dahil extra battery and if you buy these separately, your battery nasa 2200, the bus. So if you buy the extra two break, even gon na the suppression of b9 plus, of course, there are other extra accessories. So just a tip guys if you are torn between two prices, one is a more affordable price and is always go for the higher price. Like 90 of the time, you’re not gon na go wrong. You’Re, not gon na regret that decision, and here we go wow, so look at this it’s it’s premium. Can you hear that very portable i’m gon na show you what it’s 249 grams 249 grams? You know from what i’ve read the research gon na the reason why dji made this a 249 gram. Drone is because in certain countries like the united states, for example, you need a permit for drones that are over 250 grams yeah it’s, like it’s, like they’re trolling. Actually, now hey here’s 249 for you, so it doesn’t need any any papers. But of course we don’t live in the us just be responsible about it. There are also some limited, i believe you can’t fly nama, lapis airport at least 10 kilometers away. This is the charger now made that long slots and uh meet that long port wow. So you can only have this self fly more combo, because, obviously your base unit itself, you can just directly charge it then some small drone.

What else is here different cables? One end connects to the controller and the other connects to whatever phone you have met on usb type c: meron dijon, micro, usb and whatnot. So since we are android users, we’re gon na be using this one. Instead, this has a your typical charging cable. Oh, an extra cable, so in case you lose the other cable extra that’s good onion chest piece just be snow. Oh no. I think these are the joysticks, screwdriver propellers and, of course, the meat of it let’s start with the remote control. This feels rather heavy look at that look at my new toy we’ve been used to using you know: ds4 controllers, nintendo switch controllers pro controllers, but this is a different one. Ah extra propellers that also comes with the fly more bumble so by the way um. We are total noobs when it comes to drone. This is our first drone ever. I hope i don’t break it. Okay, do i unfold this i’m afraid i’m going to break it? If i ion so it clicks up there, we go on wi, fi, Music yeah. There that’s the entire setup right there. The fly more combo also includes a set of propeller guards, so what these are you’re flying indoors. I believe you need these as a must tighten space aluminum by and you’re more prone to crashing your drone. So just in case at least protected human propellers Music. Here it is the actual drone.

This is so light, okay, so first you have to peel this and so peel that into peel it off and then all you have to do is remove the gimbal guard and there it is the way this thing goes is what’s next, just light them like so, And there’s the drone ladies and gents it’s, so tiny Music cool. I believe we have to download the dji fly app for this to work and then we’re gon na take this baby for a spin we’re so excited. Oh, my gosh it’s, our first drone.