But if you have a DJI, Mavic Mini DJI, mini 2 or any other DJI drone and want to enjoy Cinematic First Person view, then this video is for you and learn how to convert any drone into an FPV drone system, so lets go and explore. First, let us use a micro usb to usb 2.0 otg adapter cable and connect this cable to the Type C to USB 3.0 charging cable, Better use, a high quality. Long cable do not use cheap cables because you will find difficulty in drone signals. Cables, purchase links available in the video description. Second connect, this cable to your wireless drone controller and attach it properly. Now we need a smartphone. I am using an Android phone. Let us connect the Type C cable to the smartphone to successfully connect the controller to your smartphone. I am using the LITCHI DJI drone app on my Android phone Now turn on the controller and the drone as well. Once everything is connected properly and the title GPS will be displayed in the center. Finally, the VR goggles. By the way I use the VR goggles from Shinecon, which you can easily connect a smartphone in order to view the VR via the goggles. I use the Litchi Mobile App, which converts to VR mode and displays multiple options on the screen, such as altitude, distance, speed battery and more In the VR settings. Several options are displayed, such as gimbal, head tracking gimbal, speed and more.

The VR mode is ON, and now it is time to place the mobile phone on the VR goggles and make sure it is placed properly and then close the VR glasses properly. Let us enjoy the drone footage with the FPV goggles and enjoy the flying. Experience Turn on the VR goggles, So you can see the view from the glasses and enjoy the FPV drone flying experience. If you want to enjoy the FPV drone experience with this method, please follow all the steps carefully and enjoy the first person flying experience By the way. Dji FPV drone is expensive and available around 1299 and I have unboxed the video for the DJI FPV drone and you can find the video link in the description and the Litchi Mobile App link, which i used for FPV Drone. Its link is also available in the description Also.