We’Ve got the dji mavic mini it’s, the yeah, the dji mavic mini drone it’s the combo edition. So it comes with extras. So, as you can see, on the top, it’s got two micro, usb chargers, um yeah, two two cables, and then it comes with a plug, so an official dji plug which is cool um and the purpose of this particular plug, i think, is to fast charge. The batteries because yeah they do – they definitely um, get fast charged. Um, really, you know really quickly, which is cool um, so yeah it comes with them. First of all, so yeah, this box, um that comes in the the material, is um actually really nice. So if i hold up to the camera, you can kind of see it’s um, it’s kind of woven, really woven fabric um, and it feels quite rough. It reminds me of a car seat. You know in in particular cars you get like this material feel and you sit on them and you can kind of feel that kind of material it’s really nice, though um a nice aesthetic as well. It looks good um, it’s, quite it’s, fairly small as well. It fits in a backpack really well and, as you can see, you’ve got the zips that run all the way around to close it and it’s quite hard as well. So it protects everything in here which is fantastic. You’Ve got the dji zip here. So this cost me 330 pounds.

It was refurbished from a an outlet on ebay, an official store that sells dji drones, but you can get it um when it’s on offer. You can get. You know between maybe three 340 brand new to sort of 360. um and at the moment i think it’s floating sort of between 300 to 400 don’t know exactly the amount. Let me know in the comments um, if you know you know how much it is at the moment, but um, i would estimate it’s sort of around 370.. It was when i last looked. It was flowing about 370 pounds so yeah. The bottom is basically the same. Exactly the same, just with this, you know, it’s got nothing really apart from a random qr code. Don’T really know what that’s, for so yeah let’s get it open, um it’s, just one of those things. I thought you know what i’m gon na buy one i bought this fairly recently, so i’ve had a couple of flights of it, so i can probably give you a verdict on the flight as well, but um. If we pop open and there we go so yeah um, the the material inside is kind of like felt it’s really nice. It feels good um. Let me just bring it into focus yeah, so you can see it’s kind of like a gray felt material and it i guess its purpose is to protect everything in here. So, firstly, um it comes with the drone itself.

So let me just get that out um. It comes with a box of stuff. I actually forgot what that is um. It comes with the charger and the charger pack, three chargers as well: three back three batteries; rather it comes with the controller. So let me just tell you about the charger first, so this is an intelligent charger. So, first of all, it has the on and off button here or i’ll just say the kind of status, light i’d call it usb b, socket here to charge and the usb you know the actual usb itself. So when you charge it, you you, i believe you you know, connect it into here the usb charging into here and then obviously connect it via the cable into the outlet mains outlet and charge it, and you have the three batteries. So each battery is supposed to last 30 minutes and i’ve kind of tested it. I haven’t timed it but it’s floating, just shy of 30 minutes, which is great, really it’s. What you want um and you know it’s kind of what it’s supposed to do. It’S, not a marketing scam where they last you know: um let’s move out there it’s, not a marketing scam where they, they say it last 30 minutes and actually lasts 15 minutes. You know it actually lasts just shy of 30 minutes, which is fantastic really so to get the batteries out. You just literally pull the tap this tab right here at the back.

If you can see that just pull it or push it rather and pull the battery out and it just comes out really and that’s a battery ready and you can see the pins and they line up into the drone they pop into the drone and i’ll show You that in a bit and uh yeah there’s not really much to say not much more to say about the battery, but the fact that they last the time that they they say they do um, that’s, fantastic, really um yeah and they just literally clips in and You’Ve got status lights here so to see that again, you just press that on button here and they light up and you can see what each individual battery has um. You know how much charge they have left in each individual battery and when they charge they charge the battery with the most charge first, so that you can whip it out and fly it as soon as possible, and these uh the status lights. They actually kind of strobe from left to right and depending on the charger. So this this official dji charger here will charge this as quickly as possible, it’s the best charge to use for it. If you use, you know, like some cheapy charger, you’re not going to get as efficient charging you’re not going to get as quickly charging as quick charging as you would with this. So i would, i would thoroughly recommend you use an official dji charging plug um.

Excuse me, i just took a swig of drink um, not beer though uh, sadly um so yeah uh. There we go there. We have it that’s the that’s, the charger itself. So i guess we go on to this, which is, is the controller so um? First of all, we have it’s quite a nice nice design, um that’s the front and the back. So you’ve got status lights here which tell you how much charge you’ve got left and they will. They will flash and kind of a steady white to tell you how much charge is left in the actual controller itself, so you charge this and to charge it. You charge it via this with one of those usb plugs here, and this actual plug itself is kind of a weird shape, and i thought first of all, it was usb c because of the shape but it’s actually squared, which is very odd, and it doesn’t really It’S not really the same as that, and you can see a little picture here, kind of telling you which way around it should go in so it will accept this and you just literally line it up, and then you pop it in like so there we go. I had to peep around the camera there um so yeah there we go so um. These are antennas, so you just pop those out and bring them out like that, and these i believe these antennas they connect to gps’s, it’s, gps, satellites um and on the app itself the app will tell you.

You know um how many, how many satellites it’s currently connected to, if you’re inside a house you can still fly inside but kind of the satellites are limited. I think um. I tried it inside and uh it didn’t really like, like it too much. You have to it kind of says: gps satellites not available um, but you can still fly it because it it has a camera on the bottom of the drone um to kind of detect where it is and position itself so yeah. So that’s the antennas antennae um. Let me try and close that it kind of clips in there you go so this button here is home button. Um it’s, essentially a way which your drone can literally fly back to you, so where it where it first took off, you can literally press this button or press and hold, and it will beep and continuously beep, and the drone will literally turn around and fly back To where it first took off, which is really a really cool feature on the app you can also um, essentially pinpoint a new location of where you want this to land. So if you want a new home point, say: you’re you’ve walked like a mile and it’s still in the air you. You can basically change the home point for it to land in a certain place so that you don’t have to go all the way back to fetch you. If that makes sense, you can kind of, like you know, kind of put it sort of in front of you and then it will fly back fly there if that makes sense and you’ve got like this map, and you can literally pick and select an area on The map, which is really cool really.

I love really like that home feature um. If we bring these out, this is basically to put your phone in. So, as you can see, you’ve got two sort of spare. Thumb sticks here. Um you’ve got speakers here, so you kind of i think it will just beep um yeah it kind of beeps when you press, home and stuff makes noises when it’s when it’s on um and yeah. This is quite a wide fit as well, so like it fits most phones unless you get like a 50 million inch phablet or whatever they call them. You know those massive phones that you can get. It fits most phones, probably just your standard five or six inch. You know smartphones nowadays they five or six inch, i think so. Um yeah just and they kind of like you know the arms come out and extend as much as you want to a certain degree, and then they just kind of stop, but you slot them in and then this when you actually um start the drone and everything. This cable here will connect in here, so you kind of like have to push push it in this hole here, um and connect it to your phone’s. You know outlet like here so it’s kind of fiddly, it’s um to put it in, but once it’s in you can kind of close it a bit and make it more secure for then so then you can obviously fly it um yeah, so the cable goes in There to connect it and then you obviously download the the dji app, which is actually a really good, app um, so yeah, that’s and uh.

I was gon na, say that’s about it for the controller, but there isn’t that’s, not all what i wanted to say really. So this is um to take pictures. This button right here, it’s not focusing properly there. We go um yeah, take pictures of that one record video with that one, and this one um is the gimbal kind of tilt. So the gimbal is just basically the camera on the drone and if you move that left to right, it kind of moves the camera down or up basically um. The camera can actually go all the way down and sort of all the way, horizontal um, and it can go a little bit upwards as well. You can you can config kind of configure it to go upwards if you want it to, but not too far up it kind of it kind of goes up upwards a little bit and then just stops um and yeah that’s that’s. Just some writing. Basically, to tell you, i guess the battery inside made in china blah blah blah um yeah, so i believe this. This is a chinese make but it’s like one of the best drones for the money you know like. If you read all the reviews and everything you’ll know, you’ll you’ll see that it’s a really good drone and everyone likes it. Um what’s, it say, said: dji technology, co, limited um, china, so shenzhen china, so yeah um there. We have it for the controller um you just put those together class back together.

Um just put that to the side. So we have the box of mystery things. Um, okay, just use it literally just use the manuals um. So we have a quick scott, quick start guide um i can’t get my words right, quick start guide, accessories user guide fly more combo disclaimer and safety guidelines, probably lots of boring stuff um, yes, and no whatever. That means. So i guess what’s what’s the right thing to do for the drone and what’s the wrong thing um. Some of these are quite comical um. So what is this uh? So? Yes, you can connect your phone and something about you. You can make a present with it. You can put it in a bottle, some sort of bottle, i don’t, know um or display display you can draw on it. Yeah you can draw on it. Don’T fly any barbecues, don’t put your feet and hands in it. Don’T carry shopping but uh and don’t fly near thor’s hammer so yeah there we go um and that’s, just a random booklet about guarantees and stuff. So there we have it for that. Pretty boring stuff for that um, but it’s always good to keep the user guides. Now, obviously, they’re part of the kit, so you don’t want to get rid of them. Um, because that you know the set the sale value when you want to sell something like that, people want everything original, i guess, and that increases the value of the product.

So put that to the side, so i guess this is the golden golden nugget. So this is the the drone itself, so it’s a nice it’s, a lovely, looking drone and it looks really angry for some reason: um, so that’s. The gimbal. This thing here is: is the gimbal protector, so the trouble is with this drone, the uh propellers. They they seem to like to just move around on their own, which is annoying but um, but yeah you can see kind of it’s got um. I don’t know what i don’t really know: what these are. These might be not really sure. To be honest, they could be speakers actually to be fair. Um yeah they’re, probably speakers because got holes in them, but that does make noise when you turn it on so that’s, probably what it is um so yeah the material was, is fairly solid, um, it’s, plastic, it’s plastic, but it’s. It feels solid for solid plastic um, and this is the the gimbal basically. So this is the camera. So you have to push this in and pull it out. The protector comes off and there you have it. There’S, the the camera and the camera actually moves around. On its own um automatically, which is really good, it kind of levels itself and stuff um. I won’t touch it because it’s really delicate, but um yeah, that’s it’s a really cool camera, it’s it’s, a really good quality one as well.

You can, i think you can record it 2k. I think i think at 2k or maybe 4k i’m, not too sure on that one um. I think i personally think it’s 2k from what i’ve seen on the app but um i haven’t recorded too much stuff um. If you want to check out my future videos, i will be posting some on my other channel called drone life. Um i’ll put that in the description or something about my other channel, but um yeah be sure to check that one out so yeah, basically um. This is the drone and uh. If i just push out the propellers, so you push out the front ones first and then you you turn it round and you flip the back ones outwards like so so they come out like that. Um it’s a weird design, but it’s cool and uh yeah. So there we go there. We have it there’s, the drone and that’s what it looks like it’s, quite small as well really light. It weighs um two as they as they say, 249 grams, which is ridiculously like um, and you have to have what’s called a well it’s. A specific drone license um it’s, a flyer id in our operator id so that’s, essentially um yeah that’s. Essentially, what you need for this um it’s good, to get both, i think, uh. I had to do this small theory test kind of thing that you have to do for to legally fly it around people and stuff.

You can’t fly too near people and stuff there’s lots of different rules about it, so that’s the front and which i’ve shown you the sides and the back. So we have the usb b. We’Ve got a micro sd card, which i already have in there slotted in. I had to buy that separately. You’Ve got the status light. It will flash red green, yellow, depending on the status, really it flashes sort of a flashing green when it’s connected and yellow when it’s not connected some more kind of speakers, i think you’ve got them things there that are supposed to protect the the wires um you’ve Got the dji logo and these propellers just freely sort of move which is weird but anyway um. I digress um. So this is the bottom of the drone. So this is a status light it’s not on at the moment, because the batteries there’s no batteries in there. But these are the two cameras i believe um. This could be like an outlet to let heat out and suck or something you’ve got small. You know screws and stuff here that you can undo um. It actually came with a screwdriver combo kit, which is cool um, so yeah that’s about it really for the drone. If i show you how to open the battery outlet, so there we go that’s where the battery goes um. If we get one of the batteries just pop that down for a second get one of the batteries, they’re fiddly those those things so just pull one out and you you get the drone and you where the pins are.

You just match the pins with the pins. In here you see those so right here you just match them up and you push it in here’s. Here, a very satisfying click. There we go there’s the click pull it down, shut it another click and turn it over, and you press and hold this button here. Oh, i think i just turned off press and hold, i think, usually it just um. I don’t know what it’s doing um. Usually it basically it kind of lights up up there, so maybe it’s, i don’t, know i’ll just try it once more it’s, not working. Probably i don’t know why that’s strange, usually you just press and hold um very odd, okay uh. Maybe it needs something connected or something, but usually the the lights kind of strobe up. You know, depending on how much charge there is in the actual battery itself, so it will tell you that way: it’s got the indicator lights um. I think i think it’s to do with the gimbal. Possibly. I might be wrong, though. No i’m wrong. Okay, all right! I’M, not really sure what’s going on um. I have to find out it’s being fussy um, but usually it works um. It might be because the app’s not working or something i don’t know maybe it’s because i’m not connected with the app or something it could be. Um but yeah it’s, a very it’s, a very good drone. Really good. Drone i’ve tried it a couple of times flown it um it’s, really nice to fly.

It takes a bit of skill to fly um. It definitely takes some skill uh, just one more thing. Actually. So these are the feet and you can see this there’s uh some tiny feet here right here, um and then this feet here. So you can just literally it lands like this so um. But yes, a really good drone it’s. It lasts for a good 30 minutes on one battery, so you’ve got a good. You know hour and a half battery time with these three batteries um, and would i recommend it yeah definitely um and out of 10 i’d, probably give it a good 10 out of 10 because it’s, obviously a very expensive product, but it’s just really cool, and you Can take some awesome photos and videos, and i will be posting more i’ve only got one video um on my drone life channel, but check that one out um. Let me know if you like it um yeah, give me a thumbs up like um subscribe. If you like it and uh yeah it’s it’s in general, it’s a really good drone good to use easy to use as well um. There are some cool features as well like uh you’ve got this um this mode, which allows you to take the kind of views cinematically like you, would see in a movie or something you know, so it kind of like floats there and it kind of moves in A very smooth fashion like like you, would in a movie that you see in a movie so um you can kind of do it.

You can make it like pan out, so you can fly it right next to you and it will kind of fly backwards away from you very slowly or fast, depending on what you want so it’s sort of like it feels like you could make some. You know professional video and photos with this and it’s really good quality imagery as well like really good quality stuff, so um, but yeah anyway um. I was going to say thanks for watching. I just realized there’s, just one more thing: i’d like to show you uh let’s just put that train over there and the propellers will just move randomly um, so yeah it just comes with some accessories. Really so you’ve got a spare screwdriver spare propellers. So you get sort of three three pairs i think actually are they? Are they pairs i’m? Not really sure it’s hard to see, looks like this there’s. Maybe three in there actually um you get some little screws as well, which is cool um and i don’t know what them like: yellow and black things are maybe stickers or something that could be not really too sure, but um. Could they be something to do with a flyer and operator id not too sure, but yeah um, just one thing about the operator id it’s nine pounds a year, so you have to pay um it’s a legal thing as well it’s by law. You have to pay it and if you get caught without one you, you basically face charges.

I think so it’s good to always have one of them. Um. I had to i kind of was told by mate that i needed one and if he didn’t tell me, i wouldn’t have known really so i kind of googled it and you have to take some sort of um, some sort of theory, theory test which doesn’t take Too long it’s about 40 50 questions, so yeah it’s, um it’s something you have to do, but it doesn’t take too much time really um. So, yes, so you’ve got micro. I know that’s that’s, one of those weird ones actually um. Oh yeah that that’s that connects two, so this particular square sort of yeah the square one connects to this. So this goes in here, um like so, it goes in there and then you, on the other end, is your phone that connects through the hole. If you bring the art this this arm out here, so let me just show you that bring that out and then you, you know you put that through the hole into your phone, so that’s cool, so these are different attachments for different phone cables. I guess let me just get that rid of that um. These are spare. Thumb sticks these ones. So what we’ve got with micro? Usb b? We have a usbc which is for most phones nowadays, i think especially android um, and if you want an apple fan, you you get a lightning cable for apple products such as iphones, so yeah that’s, pretty cool and very versatile that’s about yeah.

I think that’s what you get all for 330 pounds, and this is quite a lot of money. You know it’s quite a lot of money but um. I personally think it’s worth it. If you really want something like this, you just one day, you say i’m, just gon na get it. I think you know it’s just something you something that you just buy. I think you kind of don’t really need to think about it too much. You just buy it if it’s something you really want. I would recommend just buy it because you know it’s it’s kind of a lifelong thing it’s unless it breaks or something. But you know it’s something that you’d want to keep for years and years and uh cherish and look after because it’s obviously a lot of money. And you want to look after as much as possible. You want to take as many photos and videos as possible and it’s a chance for you to get really good quality, imagery and videos from a really high distance. You know, because you know you can’t fly it obviously so it’s good to get an aerial view of just wherever you’re visiting you can go to the beach you can go to. I don’t know a city mountains, lakes, wherever you want to, and you take it with you and because it’s under 249, 250 grams under 250. I believe the after. Taking that theory test, i think, if it’s 250 grams or more, you have to get a different type of license or something and there’s different rules, and that kind of thing um, like you, can’t fly it around people and it’s it’s strange you can’t fly a certain.

You have to fly away from a certain distance from people and stuff if it gets too heavy, but i think 249 is like the lowest band. There is for drones, it’s, like a really light weight. It’S very it’s weighs hardly anything um, so yeah um, yes, really good investment really um. I will be uploading a lot more videos. If i can onto my drone life channel. I hope you enjoyed the video um. I found it useful and informative.