Today we are sam is going to be flying. He’S new, keep want to say ar drone, but it’s a dj. Where is it dj? Minnie dji mini it’s like dji like me, gimbal? What a mavic mini um, which i bought him for christmas and he literally hasn’t even had chance to open it, get out and play so that’s what we’re doing today so um yeah! But before we do this, we recorded a bit where sam opens. It all and shows you what you get in the box. So if you want to watch the unboxing um, then that’s next and then we’ll come back to this beautiful sunny day in the field flying the drone. So here it is what’s. It called the mavic mini. Not such a mini prize, but yes, okay, so yeah so someone’s going to open it show us what’s inside then we’re going to then we’re going to take out on a test run 10 hours when it’s charged. Why we’ve got to charge it and do all the software updates and put the apps on the phone yeah that’s? What i mean like 10 hours time midnight time, hello, 10 hours, it will no yeah. Okay. Excuse me dad plant. In the background. I need to put it in the bin it’s like christmas. It was christmas, yeah it’s been busy since then, yeah move me apple out of shot can’t eat it can. I be crunchy, looks like you’re about to yeah about that still got a little knife.

You lost yours, didn’t, you i found it again. I didn’t lose it just got washed yeah that one oh that’s, a nice case what’s in the case. That’S like this is the same make as my um dji uh my gimbal dj dgi, who is it dj? Dji that’s, what i said dinner you said dgi whatever december i, but yes the same similar case. What we got. Oh the oven, i think that’s the battery charger, so you can charge all three batteries at once: remote boxes, ooh, drone, that’s really light. Is that the little thing we’ve always got a little face? It’S cute, i guess uh. We should see what else is in here and then start setting everything up: lots of there’s a boxes of boxes, a lot of boxes, a lot of boxes. I think these are the propeller guards if you want to try and fly indoors indoors what to stop it from hitting yeah yeah propeller guards that’ll make it big and bulky. Okay, two batteries, oh yeah, that’s, because this is the flywheel. This is the work. The fly more combo fly more combo. What does that mean? It means you get the case. The multi charger and more batteries. Well, it’s got batteries in it, and then it comes with three extra. No, the batteries normally you’d get just one of those, but because it’s the fly more combo there’s three of those, but it only takes one battery yeah what’s.

He charge three, so you always have like one yeah there’s a little charging. Brick thing that i’ll get out in a second, so literally that takes one. But then because you’ve got three you can like yes, so one of those kill that one swap it. But the advantage is say all these are in the charging thing and you’ve charged them all up before you went out yeah and your remote tires yeah that’s effectively like a big power bank. You can use that to charge your phone or charge your remote nice, nice what’s ticking in here that’s the timer for the lights on the fish tank ooh remote, so that all folds down – and i work out how then your phone clips in there. So what the drone sees you see on your phone screen? Okay, but the drone also records to a memory stick inside it, so that will record the full hd footage it won’t broadcast hd footage back to your phone. It would just be fairly standard definition stuff, oh they’re, the antennas yeah and then the little uh joysticks clipping down there, so all folds away nice and neat and small. So it fits in this box. Okay, oh that’s, like a little alien isn’t it just like you yeah i’m, from somewhere special what’s in this house. We got i’m looking there’s a lot of boxes. Yeah that’s bear propellers before you crash it, damage them, you’ll be laughing when you have to take control of it.

I don’t want to i’m going to cry i’ll, be you, but it won’t be laughing. When i crash no, i won’t, be. You probably will be. Oh yeah then i’d be like well, you broke it. You can buy me a new one. Oh, but like look i’m pretty this one that’s as good as it gets it’s, not there’s. A second version out there is that well, but tommy you get this open. Yeah, of course there will be was this new at christmas when i brought it or not, then even i think the new one came out in january or something okay. So no okay, so we got some cables there for connecting the phone to the remote to really just take all these out the bags there’s a lot of bags. I didn’t expect this many bags normal usb micro, usb cable, screwdriver, you’re, a silly screwdriver there’s. A couple of joysticks in there but i’m just going to leave them in the bag or get lost yeah another usb to micro. Usb cable let’s see the batteries i’m getting to them. One battery let’s find charging station there charging station. So this should tell you how much power is in each battery. Oh, it should have like an indicator thing on it. Yeah. I think i need to plug it in for that yeah interesting. I can’t believe you’ve got three batteries, that’s really good, so you could be out triple the time. Well, supposedly each battery can last as much as half an hour.

You don’t get a lot of fly time with these gadgets here. No, but if you’d gone like quite far away – and i don’t know even if you just went out for the day – i wanted to use it. If you only had a half hour of battery that’d be quite annoying. At least with this, you can have two more ready to go or potentially, even because it’s usb charging you could plug it in in the car and have it charging in the car half an hour’s. Quite a lot, though anyway. I think because normally don’t, like you, get like ten, like five to ten minutes, fly your little little drones are used to have with less than 10 minutes per flight yeah. So 30 is pretty good. To be fair. 30 is a lot press. Button wants to check battery status, long press and hold button when charging to switch between charging batteries first or other devices. First, i think they’re all completely dead, but that’s kind of what you’d expect. After just getting out the box. I guess better: do some charging then so that’s it so we’ve got. We got three batteries in a multi charger yeah some cables. Two usb leads a charger plug a selection of cables to connect whatever type of phone you have to the controller, the actual unit itself. The actual unit itself, the controller, some spare propellers and a case and a case with a little booklet thing on cool, so we’re, going to charge this and we’ll be back in a few hours and we might even go out and do a little do.

Some drone footage how about that not me, because i won’t be doing it because you’ll just see it crashing but that’s what else i got as well. Oh you brought that didn’t. You leave that separate. It was only a few quick bits of range extender, so you clip these things over the antenna. Okay and it just makes it more directional. So, instead of it being like a, i think, it’s a fork, five kilometer range it gets up to about eight or ten, not that i think i’ll be flying it that far that’s, also assuming it’s like uh, clear fields like no electrical interference. Okay flying it around stevenage, it probably will get a lot of interference and you’re not supposed to fly if you’re outside line of sight and all that anyway, you’re supposed to be able to see where you’re flying, but they would clip over those when you’ve got it. All lined up okay and then it makes all of the signal go towards your drawing, instead of half of it going behind the controller nice. Now, how much does that couple of quid it’s like four or five pounds, just one of these, from where amazon i think it was amazon? I forget where i ordered that from there you go if you type that into google you’ll find it right. So that was the unboxing and now jump back forward to the um all charged up batteries, um and sam’s gon na do his first test run and then we’ll put some footage in as well somewhere of what the white sees so let’s do that this is sam’s.

First, test run let’s see what we got. You ready, yeah. Oh, oh it’s, like a big wasp, sounds like a big wasp. I come closer or will you get me he’s gone? I see you and me, you could see us yeah. So this is sam’s big controller. So you hook your phone to it, the one we showed you yesterday, where is it? Oh, my god, it’s like a little dot in the sky. Let me see if i can show you the dot let’s see if we can see this little wasp. Where is it? Is that it there? It is it’s too fast, it’s dead, high up guys, i’m zooming right in sounds like a big wasp about to attack me coming down to the camera Music. There you are what we looking at. Did you think you did? No, oh, that was your little play one. This is a real one. I will put this uh link in the description. If anybody wants to buy one of these, then you can uh buy this little wasp Music. Can you go up really fast, so i can say bye, bye and he’s gone Music it’s, so quick ain’t, it yeah. I might turn it down a bit on speed while it’s near up at this high. Can you see it there? It is there. It goes hmm. What does that mean? He died. He told him to well. He lands himself that’s very cool. So what do you think of your first test flight? I think it’s, brilliant, so the best one you’ve ever had easily.

So this one you don’t need to fly. I mean you do directional, but it flies itself. It will fly itself. It will quite happily hover and yeah that’s. What i mean like it hovers and then you just directional up down left right, yeah tilt Music, me Music, so that’s your height up to go up down to go down. This is banking. So when you go left it will bank left and right, not firm, and then this one should forward that i’ll sort. This is rotation and height, and then, if you want to move the camera it’s just this wheel, you just hold it that way and it goes down hold it the other way, and it goes up, then, if you want to record just hit the red button. In fact, it’s recording, it’s recording your flight i’m confused, already okay right, go, go, go, watch this up and down no that’s forward and backwards out forward. So the right stick is your movement. Stick left, stick is height and rotation. Okay, so forward back left right. Come here, you’re too far away. I’M scared turns it right that turns it left. I find it all right it is. It just turns slowly because i’ve got it in city mode, let’s, make it a little bit more responsive for you not too responsive no i’m, not going in sport mode. This is just in normal flight mode. Now so i’ll move a little bit quicker and turn a bit quicker that’s why altitude’s sometimes safer to fly because there’s nothing to hear if you use your screen, you can see where you’re facing no, i don’t want.

I can’t see the screen me bring the camera down. I can wait for you and then you can just fly up while i send it away that’s just right on his head Laughter food. You could actually fly that thing above the clouds if you’re in a straight line, it will go up to about two kilometers, but i don’t think you can do that in this area, because we’re too near luton airport, what hit a plane? Oh, we kind of go we’re not on the flight path for the runway, but we’re nearest there’s, more restrictions than there would be in an open area kind of thing. It comes down slower than it goes up. Didn’T it yeah we’ll, do if you put it in sport mode, then everything’s at maximum speed, and it will drop like a rock Music. If you hold down it won’t crash into the ground, it will go into landing mode and it will land itself just hold out from here. That was so much fun. I’Ve never found a drone without crashing dad. You didn’t crash this one that’s fun. Thanks no worries can i call it the wasp. If you want sounds like a wasp don’t, you think have you lost it? No we’re, 90 meters, oh god, i can just about see it. I cannot see it coming down. You’Ll hear it in a minute right: back up to 90 let’s move the camera around and see what’s around. I can see the a1 nicely Music that’s right.

So this is the uh return to home mode, so i’m hoping it’s gon na come down and land on this little box. I might not land on the box actually might might just land back near it well, it’s only using the gps system, so that’s, absolutely within five meters. Oh that’s, pretty good that’s good! So, if you’re flying out when you’re in the house – and it goes off and around it – should come back to within five meters of return to home, okay, so that would be like within your garden or your property. Oh that’s, good, that’s, good. I thought we’d land on the box, but you know well it’s not far off that’s good that’s, what just over a meter yeah that’s, really good, though bloody energy yeah. If you can’t see you know if it, where is it, you can just hit return to home as long as you’re, not less than 30 meters, if you’re less than 30 meters, it won’t if you’re going to 30 meters high or send 30 meters if it’s within 30 meters of view, though it won’t return times as far as it’s concerned, it’s already close enough, so let’s do a little review. Shall we okay? Okay? What question shall i ask you so is? Is it worth the money samwell? Yes, even though the new ones came out, it doesn’t really have any more features. The range on this thing is way more than what it needs to be.

You don’t need to pay extra money to get more range. The camera is still better than 2k quality. Nearly 3k, so the recording quality is awesome, that’s good. I think this does everything you want for the money and i think for 430 pound. Whatever it is now you can’t get anything of this quality. I didn’t pay a 400 pound yeah. Well, you bought it just before the second one came out almost nearly 500 buggers. Oh, is it easy to fly yeah it flies itself. It will hover all day. If you don’t touch the controls, you can fly around, do what you want, go up stupidly high and then, when you’ve finished, even if you’ve lost sight of it, you just hit returns home and it comes back to within five meters of where you took off. Yes make sure you like position it in the middle of your garden, so that it doesn’t land next door, it doesn’t land in your next door. It will bring it all the way back and it will be above where it’s going to land 30 meters up and then it will start descending by then you’ll be able to see it. So it starts descending in next door’s gone. Just give it a little nudge on the joystick and move it into yours, oh okay, so you can actually move it. When it’s going yeah it’s not like fully automated it won’t take over control completely, you can still adjust it on the go, fabulous cons, any cons! No, i just flew all the way to costco from here.

I could have gone all the way to work. I didn’t get any jewels. Yeah well, it’s a bit odd to go in store. I don’t have my badge on the drone. Yeah signal might be an issue. I don’t think it goes through the metal wall as well yeah. I don’t think we get signal in costco. Do we? No? I mean even as far as i flew it now it probably okay. Costco is not really that far from here it’s about half a kilometer away yeah, it was far but there’s still no signal issues with that and with that little attachment thing, i’ve got it doubles the range anyway. So last but not least the battery. What do you think of the battery life battery life? Is this claim half hour, but you probably get about? I don’t know 25 minutes something like that. We was getting yeah, so that makes the fly more combo even more worth it, because the batteries are like 60. 70 pound each the fly more combo is only an extra 100 pound on the standard unit, which only comes with one battery. You get the two extra batteries you get the multi charger. You get the hard carry case, to put it all in it’s a nice case. I was impressed with my dji um gimbal case. It was very similar to that and i loved it. I was small yeah they’re, all the same kind of design, really nice yeah for that extra 100.

You get way more than a hundred percent right here, but i think battery life. You, like i said i think, that’s long like 25., but you’ve got to remember the drones i used to have. They were really big batteries in them. Yeah they were kind of tiny built in things most of the time and also with the battery. Did you say that, like after half way of power, it will it’ll start coming back yeah so it’ll give you an alert, so it will say like if you’re it knows, if you’re in the area like if you’re, within a short distance of where you took off It won’t tell you to come back, so it knows you’re close, but if you just take off and fly out in a straight line and the distance keeps going up and up and up because it monitors it on google maps, it knows where it is. So when you get to halfway away, it will say you need to think about coming back now, so you’ve got enough battery power to yeah it’s good. It does actually show the whole time on google maps where it is and if you have to land somewhere that’s, not where you started it will keep a ping on google maps to where it is so. You can just instantly put it into your phone and click. Go here kind of thing, and it will direct you very good thanks for the review, well, that that is it for today, i think guys.

I’Ve had fun. I had a little go on sam’s new little mini drone thing and uh sam’s, having still having lots of fun we’re going to sit in the sun and play some more beautiful. What do you mean? Where are you? Where are you? Oh god, he’s gone far away. We lost his drone now, so he thinks oh look, it’s beeping. Now that means it’s returning to home, because it’s lost, because i told it yeah that little speck in the distance over the warehouses – oh my god that’s so far away anyway, don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel, and i will see you next friday. At 7, 00 p.