Pricing stay tuned and lets get into the video dji mavic mini drone offers fantastic and seamless, smartphone or tablet controls, in addition to shipping, with a dedicated, analog remote control and includes a powerful battery that can last for up to 30 minutes per charge. The dji mavic mini indoor drone is a great option for consumers who prefer using their smartphone or tablet to fly their drone throughout an indoor space. The smartphone controls here are intuitive and fantastic, though this model also ships with a dedicated analog remote as well. We loved the ultra stable 3 axis motorized gimbal, which allows for an extremely stable photo and video capturing process. We also appreciated the light form factor weighing just 9 ounces and the high grade battery that allows for up to 30 minutes of flight time to charge. This is a fairly expensive drone, however, luckily, due to the stellar reputation behind the dji brand name and the high grade features on offer, also many of the components of this drone are made from plastic materials. So the durability rating takes a slight hit its a great option if youre also interested in the best foldable room and looking for additional compact options, i included this product link in the description you can check out this link for more information and latest price.