I should say and watch the drone i’m, not touching the controller, drawing one high i’m, not doing that that’s, the wind, hey guys. This is joe tech from joe tech tips on facebook, twitter and instagram, and today we’re going to be checking out the ex 5 e chine e, a c h. I n e. If technically that would be a machine but eachine no idea very confused with the name. So we’re going to do a quick unboxing of this fun from the get go because it comes with a nice carrying case, okay there’s the logo. However, i did some preliminary tests with this, and this thing is a piece of okay um. I got it to work. Maybe once calibrated it and then the thing just went nuts: it actually cut my hand because the thing went out of control and started doing one of these things, it’ll hover and then it’ll start doing this and it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger And then it gets way out of control that you have to either grab it, which is what i did, because it was going to hit my car and then or crash landed because it just kept on getting it just kept on going looping it. It did have gps connectivity because it was hovering perfectly fine and all sudden it just it was weak because the wind was blowing. It was doing a little tilt. Do this little thing and then went out of control, so i’m gon na do an unboxing on this.

Anyway, uh just to show you what it is, it looks like a mavic mini it’s adorable folds out. This is the this is the drone. So it does the same thing as the other tiny little drones that you see it has a it. Doesn’T it’s, not a gimbal, it does record 4k. It only goes up and down does not go left and right. So it’s, not a true gimbal uh, the batteries it does run for a long time. I was impressed. I didn’t fly away from me because this would get away. In other words, if there was a large breeze, you couldn’t get it. You couldn’t, get it to come back to you, because it just wouldn’t tilt enough. So i i have video and you’ll be seeing it throughout this video, but this is the drone all right. It is super tiny and it’s. Not. I don’t recommend it. However, if you want to give it a go more power to you, um i’ve already cut my hand and bleeding badly, so i’ve i’m not overly impressed with it. I would i would, if you’re looking for something this size and exp and inexpensive. This is not it. I will have a link in the description below this is an epic fail. I wish it worked better. It does have an app that goes on the phone, but the phone doesn’t fit in the controller. So this is the controller here. Okay and this drops down it’s, not big enough to fit my note 9 with a case, so this is bad freaking news all right.

It uses four aaa batteries, which is unusual for a controller um. It offers a lot of buttons on here. You know you hit the button once to hover and take off and land there’s a button here for homing. It comes back home and stuff. There is a follow me, but you need the app and this does not have any sd cards built on it. So you can’t stick a micro sd card in this. You must record to your phone and the communication with that. I didn’t try it because if it can’t work normal with the controller, i am not interested in the software whatsoever. It needs to be able to work without any of those added features. It should just work with the controller it hovers it does this little thing i have video of it. You’Re gon na fall over. I can’t believe how much of a piece of crap this freaking thing is the biggest piece of that i’ve ever seen made so i’m just trying to show you, so you can see, got the trees. In the background, i watch the drone i’m, not touching the controller drawn one high i’m, not doing that that’s, the wind it’s trying really hard it’s, not that windy here and it’s going out of control. I just can’t. Have i can’t have a drone like this and not know that it’s going to work it’s getting way too close, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to land it we’re going to hit the home button here right here? Watch it should land on land it’s, not landing wow.

That was weird. I hit the home button, it wasn’t landing. So this is an unpredictable drone. Don’T buy it and i’m telling you right now do not buy it. Just the video alone. I just can’t believe that it happened it it. It happened, abilities of this we’re gon na hit them real time as i’m doing the review, and it was just it was just pathetic and it actually actually did what it did. Crash landed, live i’m, not sure if it was on camera, but you can sure hear me and i show you my cut and it’s actually, finally being healed, because things slice my hand right open, because i had to stop it. I didn’t want to hit my car and that’s how out of control it got and i had to crash it, but you’ll see all that so guys as much as i want this to work, i love drones. I love doing review of drones this this one.