My name is heichi, and this is the review of the dji mavic mini 2.. Alright, so lets jump right in and first of all, this isnt, my drone, i met up with my friend to shoot beerul for this video and it was a fun time so, first up the exterior its all plastic, as you could expect at this price point, but It doesnt feel cheap at all, everythings, nice and rigid, and the fact that its mostly plastic also means its also lightweight. So the weight is only 249 grams for this guy, which is pretty cool and also means taking off, is going to be much smoother, as you have well less weight now for the controller, its also all plastic, but you dont get a built in screen. So your only choice is plugging in your phone and i think that thats also a great cost saving measure here. The only slight negative that my friend also pointed out are that the joysticks, which he said were a little tedious to put in place each time, mostly in cold weather, but otherwise its a pretty good controller. Lastly, for storage, you get a micro sd card slot right. Next to the usb usbc port on the drone – and you can also record through the dji app on your phones, storage. Now, the image and video quality are also pretty nice. So here are the video recording options and i think it looks really good. Maybe a little noisy here, but i dont think that most people would be able to tell stills.

Also look great from this 12 megapixel 2.3 inch cmos sensor and you can shoot both raw plus jpeg and heres. Just some footage. My friend captured for us Music, Music, Music, Music, so overall for what would be considered as an entry level drone. The video and photo quality is really really nice for what youre paying now the battery life is just decent. So from a single battery like this one, youre gon na be getting 31 minutes of flight time, and we did, i think, managed to almost discharge two of these in our shoot. So i think youd have to plan your flights with the mavic mini 2. If youre going to be doing something more serious or your only option, then would be to simply purchase more of these batteries. Now, when the battery runs out, you can charge the drone via the usb c port mentioned previously, or you can directly replace the battery pack. Like this, as for the controller, it can only be charged via the usbc port, and you already know how i feel about usbc on devices its great its amazing and its the future. I want every single port and cable in the future to be usb c. Well. Okay, maybe there should still be some exceptions anyway, i did get to fly the mavic mini 2 for myself, and i was surprised how quickly you can learn to fly this guy. I already knew the controls in like the first 15 minutes of me getting the controller in my hands and yeah.

Overall, it was really fun. The app is also very simple to use. I didnt get to use it that much, but there you can change all your video and photo profiles and you can see all kinds of air traffic information from what ive seen from other reviewers. They mentioned that this drone is quiet, but to me that didnt seem to be the case, its a fairly loud little drone. Lastly, dji also claims that maximum flight distance from yourself is 10 kilometers, but i dont know if i would really fly it that far. My friend mentioned that, realistically, you could only fly it up to a little more than three kilometers. Well, okay, thats all very nice. But who is this drone really for well its easy if youre a beginner drone pilot whos looking for something that could take your filmmaking or photography to the next level? And you dont want to spend thousands of dollars on something like the new mavic 3. But lets acknowledge how cool that thing is, or a dji fpv, which is also an absolute monster. Then the mavic mini 2 is still the best option for you even about a year after release. I also just want to respect dji, of course, not sponsored for just doing really cool things in the cinema and photography space from crazy 4d gimbal cameras to drones, like this one theyre, creating a lot of great tools for us creators out here well and thats.

Pretty much it for the review, i hope you all enjoyed watching as much as i did creating it. This is my first drone review, so its something totally new for me and your feedback is always appreciated. So leave a comment down below and yeah. Thank you guys.