If you guys are like me with your gopros, your drones, your cameras, your lenses, any of that stuff, i’m trying to find a case. That is a small enough b, um easy and ergonomic to carry whether you’re going up hiking or wherever you are, and a bag. That is able to carry everything in one thing: to get it to where you need to go to do your photography, your droning, your video gopro, whatever you have to do so that’s what i’m going to do today, i am going to give you a chance to Look at the small tree, mavic mini and mini 2 case. I really like it. I, like all the small tree stuff i’ve done a couple reviews on their backpacks for the gopro and the drone combined and so it’s. Just a good company and good stuff i’m, not endorsed by them at all, but what i will do on the channel. Just give you honest feedback on some of the products that i buy because that’s what i use youtube for is i’m making a purchase. I go and check out some channels to make sure it’s good reviews and then you know decide to make my purchase. So hopefully you guys enjoy it so let’s get in and check out this mavic mini and mini 2 hard case Music. All right, you guys so let’s go ahead and look through this small tree, um dji mini 2 case. It will also hold the original mini.

So i have the mini two. So let’s go ahead and take a look at this thing. Music and uh go through some of the features of it. I really love a small tree. I have their backpacks for the gopro and for the mavic pro so good cases let’s go through some of the features, so you got some instructions if you need it. Uh case dimensions that you could see. This will also hold the mavic mini. As you can see, the controller is a little bit different than the mini 2.. Okay, all right, so i went ahead for time’s sake, went ahead and pulled out the peel and pluck that went in these okay, so it didn’t waste up your guys time. Um one of the things you’re going to notice is that the smell is horrendous. It smells just like alcohol, i don’t know what it is. It’S, probably the foam, but it smells horrendous, so be prepared when you open up for that. All right, so let’s check this out. So i got my controller fits good let’s check out the batteries. Let’S go this way. Okay, so we’ll hold up to three batteries. You will take your uh mini two, even with your um, your binding case on here that holds your props in place and keeps everything kind of tight. It will also, it will hold it with that. On there so that’s a good thing, so let’s fit that thing in there it’s a little snug but that’s okay.

Now there is an extra piece on. Let me check something on the very bottom of this. There is an extra piece if you guys want to pull it out, there’s an extra piece of foam that will make the drone sit down a little bit further if you need it, but i want mine just like that, so it’s a little bit easier for me To pull out uh my nd filters, the freewell md filters. Four pack i’ll put these right here that holds well what i’m going to go ahead and do is it will hold your extra propellers that come with it, so they will pack down in here like this um next thing, the um cords that come the extra cords That come that will link up your uh phone to your controller, are right here and they actually fit down in here pretty well, and then the nice little thing that i saw with this is these two little holes. I don’t know if you guys can see them right here right where my thumb is at these two holes right here. These toe holes will hold the extra joysticks that come with the mini okay with the drone and then last but not least, i have a cord that will tuck in right here, that’s just the power cord for that, and that is it we’ll lock it up. That is it, that is the small tree, dji mavic mini and mini 2 case that’s it.

So that is it that is the mavic mini and mini 2 carrying case from small tree. You know when i go out and i try to look for cases and i look at youtube channels. I’M, just getting honest feedback from people that helps me, make my decisions and purchasing things. So hopefully that helps you guys and you get something out of it and it helps you push over the edge if you’re, making a decision on buying a case for any of your drones. Your gopros come back to the channel that’s. What i’ll do i’ll be doing? Some reviews i’ll be out doing some flights, some photography and just enjoying my stuff and showing it to you guys and giving you some honest feedback and reviews. So if you enjoyed it hit subscribe, i appreciate it it’s a new channel trying to get it up and going and with that we’ll be coming back next week, where i’m going to be looking at and unboxing the mavic mini 2 that i picked up.