If you think youll win hot enough unlikely, i be taking shots yeah cold blooded, icy watching numbers grow is what i call sightseeing in the front row run it up when they hype me the following grows. They know how to ignite me. Call me. Ceo ive been running ricey and i aint playing games. I create my own lane making pleasure out of pain, uh turning losses into gains im the boss, im, making change ive been rocking. This exchange, uh popping off and risking things gon na make a name. I just wan na be famous, but i dont want that cheap fame, no im, not that vain. I just wan na be greatness Music thats. Why ill make it to the top yeah ill commit? I know im never getting lost, i get after it. Investing in my own stock cause its faster than any crypto hits gold. Let me spend everything that you see is something i invent and its only a percent im gon na take shots. If i miss off, forget it ill take a fat loss just to learn all this in it im taking snapshots learning how to fall and get it im getting back up always stand tall im sweating i never back up. I dont miss a thing or regret it. Im always learning you could call me academic im, always working, never been apathetic. That energy is like a poison needs some antiseptic Music. You know where to find me Music, you dont have to love me.

You dont have to write me myself in my psyche. You should have the same and youll pray Music. You know where to find me Music. I know you told your friend youre, not okay and tell me whats Music. It hurts to watch your blue eyes fade to cry as you fade away as you fade away. Yeah im bout to fade away cause every time i wake up. I feel like its monday somethings going wrong with all the chemicals up in my brain. All of a sudden, i dont look at anything. The same way got ta build up of my thoughts sitting in an ashtray im. Sorry that im so inconvenient. Okay, just let me be me and ill stay out of your way. I can see the way you look at me im such a disgrace. I never really asked to be brought into this place. You wan na love me. Will the baby have a taste all the highs and the lows? No youll never be the same. I dont really wan na hurt you, but i cant control the vein. If youre sticking by my side, maybe we could be okay, okay, okay, maybe you could be the change i need today. I promise that im never fell this way. I really hope that you will choose to stay through all the pain. I know you told your friend youre, not okay and tell me whats Music. It hurts to watch your blue eyes.

Music is Music Applause, Music Applause. I think i need help Music. I know im, not perfect. Music Applause tell me whats.