I can’t even imagine any fire department in the world even if it’s a volunteer fire department not having this drone. It can do some amazing amazing things. So let’s let’s talk about why it’s named the dual enterprise. Well, it’s got two cameras on it. It’S got a rgb camera that is a really nice camera for flying around. Just like the other mavericks, now it’s, not a maverick 2 pro, it doesn’t shoot in 4k and it’s, not the maverick to zoom, because it doesn’t have a real zoom. It will zoom in but it’s just pulling the picture out and it’ll get granulated, but it’s a really nice camera to get you where you’re going. Maybe do pipeline inspection things like that, along with the thermal imaging camera with msx technology. Let’S talk about uh thermal imaging thermal imaging is kind of like uh. The difference between you know there’s different ones like you say, you know, 2.7 k, 1080, 4k, well, there’s differences in thermal imaging also. So this one is a 160 by 120, which will still get the job done in a lot of cases, but there’s a lot better drones out there with thermal imaging you have the zestmoose xt cam, a camera that shoots in 640 times 512 in resolution. For the thermal imaging, but guys that camera is 15 000 right now, they’re selling them for about half price, because the new advance is coming out and we’ll talk about that in a minute.

But you got ta, have a matrice 210 to get it up in the air it won’t even fly with. One of these inspires. The trees. 210 starts about 15 grand by time you had battery packs and cases and everything and the zestmoose xt 640 you’re, probably gotten 30 35 000 dollars in that machine. They do have a 3 36 by 256 it’s a little bit less expensive, but um. Also that drone takes a long time to get in the air by the time you get there and get it unpacked get the props on the camera attached and everything you’re probably talking. I can’t imagine any faster than 15 minutes where you can have this bird in the air in under a minute. I couldn’t imagine not getting the smart controller along with it. So right now this one’s about 3 350, a new advancement coming out is 6400, but the smart controller, i think, would be a must also with the fire department or police department, because they get to an emergency situation instead of pulling out their phone and trying to Get a cord hooked up and opening the app you just push two buttons and you’re in the air: um chasing down the criminals or finding that fire. So let’s talk about what the what it’s used for it’s got so many applications that it can be used for. Uh firefighting, i mean they put out a large grass fire. They can pop the bird up in the air and see if there’s still any hot spots, i’m a roofing contractor.

We use it for roofing inspections, especially on a flat roof and a commercial assist instance right after rain. It has a leak. You can see the cold spot and see where the water is running. So it can point out a leak very quickly. I can show heat loss on homes if they have, you know different rooms or hotter or colder than the other ones, that thermal imaging will show those hot spots here in the dfw area a couple years ago there was an escaped convict who was very dangerous. He had stabbed, stabbed the police officer in the neck uh, the police officer was fine, but we couldn’t find him for two days. So all the schools were shut down. Everything was on lockdown because we had a very dangerous criminal on the loose. Well, a thermal imaging drone found them in a boathouse out by the lake because it was the middle of winter and they knew they knew someone shouldn’t be coiled up in that boathouse. Could you imagine a little girl getting lost in the woods in the old days? You had to line a bunch of people and walk through the woods. Well, this thing could travel a lot of ground really quick and you can see if the difference between, if it was a deer or a dog or a little girl, you can see the image it’s that good, but the new one. The new advance coming out guys is going to have the 640 by 512 camera so that what used to build cost uh, you know thirty.

Thirty five thousand dollars is about sixty five hundred dollars and it’s much more convenient. Also, this battery is self heating, a lot which the other mavericks don’t have, so it can be flown in much cooler weather. So let’s talk about some of the things that drone has. It makes it’s different. It has this cover that covers this power port that’s. On the top of it, that gives you three different options over here. You have a remote beacon that you can use at night and it has to be visible from three miles: it’s very, very bright, but i don’t know why you would use this if you’re flying at night, you would want the lights and then you could just use A little remote beacon in the back of it to stay within faa regulations, and this light is really really bright, but it burns down the battery. I think a much better option would be to go to these loom, cubes they’re way brighter and you’re not burning down the battery of this, but that would be more setup time. So, if you’re an emergency situation, uh this light would be fine. It also has a speaker, that’s, really really loud, a lot louder than you think it would be for as light as it is, and as small as it is. If you go into the settings, it’s got a lot of pre recorded messages i’m. Already in there. You can talk into a mic or you can set it to have your own recordings in there, so if you’re doing, search or rescue – and you want to let people know that help is on the way.

This is another thing this drone can do, so it really makes a view very useful tool for first responders. I can’t even imagine a volunteer fire department, not at least having this drone and thanks so much for watching. If you got something out of this, please like and subscribe, i got a lot of really good content coming out with the mavericks.