. First of all, this is not sponsored by dji or any other company, but before getting started, lets go to the bureau Music, Music, Music. So welcome back so this is dji mavic air 2. wow. This is some kind of a leather material lets check this out Music. This is dji mavic air, 2, drone Music. We get to sit to obstacle avoidance sensor over here backward and even at the bottom, and here we got to see led light over here and we get to see the profilers over here and here we get to see a gimbal protector Music. It has 48 megapixel camera 8k hyperlapse and we can shoot 4k 60fps and 240 fps in full hd in which we get to shoot. Super slow motion video here we get to see the battery over here and we can fly a drone about 34 minutes in one battery and we get to see two extra batteries over there. I can show you here: we get to see two extra batteries and here we get to see the controller, and here we get to see two joysticks put it over here. Here we go to see charging hub and type c usb to charge a controller, and let me show you how to charge this battery first of all put this over here and then you can Music put the battery Music here out here. You can put your batteries at the same time, but it will get charged one by one, and here like that.

Oh sorry, we get to see extra professors over here. Nice now lets talk about controller. We can switch to normal mode sports mode and we can put our android or smartphone over here. You get to see the cable which we can connect to our smartphones to fly a drone, but first we have to download the dji app, which we can get it from dji website and ill. Show you how to turn this on single click. We can see the battery and turn this on by single press and long press its on now, and we have to turn on the drone and same case out here. We can turn this on by single press and long press Music. This is dji phantom 4 pro plus, and this is dji mavic air 2.. So we get to see this is much more bigger than this, which is very difficult to carry while we are traveling to other places, but this is smaller than this, which we can carry out when we are going to other places. So i prefer this so thats.