So finally, getting around to the range test i’m out here on maui and, as you can see, we’re doing kind of a sunset flight again normally like to do these sunset flights. There is the sun it’s going to be sitting right around kind of the west, maui mountains and lanai over there lanai’s in the background, and maybe we’ll take a peek with the drone. But today we just want to see, as far as we can go, that way towards kind of molokini, just flying over like pasture land nobody’s in danger of anything. So um really just want to see how far the air 2s can go. So we’re going to put it up in the air go as far as we can and so let’s get started and see how long and far this thing can fly let’s. Do it Music, okay, guys so for this test, really just i’m gon na kind of start. This thing up in my hand here, i forgot my launch pad here and didn’t – want to really launch on the blanket. So remember if you missed the excuse me the uh initial flight test. I did one of the launches in my hand, and it worked really well. So i’m going to do that again today: i’m, not even going to open the propellers i’m just going to basically launch just like this i’m also recording my screen here. So you guys can see what’s up on my android screen and just really get the gist of how the connection is now remember.

This has the latest occu sync. What are we at like 3.0 now by now, so anyway, um just going to wait till it launches here, gon na click go fly and there we go we’re already booted up and ready to go. As you can see, we got 99 power. I am gon na be recording in 4k guys. I know some of you say: don’t record it’s going to use up some battery power, but i’m going to do it. As you can see. I have all my sensors off on the left real quick just while it’s getting some gps satellites. Let me get up here and show you guys in the settings you see. I have all the sensors off, so the whole bypass thing is off max distance. We’Re gon na do no limit, so we can get way. The heck out there and let’s start recording and just launch right off of the screen here so hold it on my arm, we’re, going to kind of do just a touch. The screen launch here take off and get way right out there asap, and here we go so gaining some altitude and just we’re in normal mode. Remember guys so it’s going to be a normal mode, really not trying to fly over any houses whatsoever and we’re going to probably go up just stay right in line here for a second until we get over right in between these houses and stuff and then i’m Going to turn a little bit to go to mullikini, so just flying over really vacant land i’m going to be right at like 300 feet, no need to really go any higher than that that’s.

Usually the height between two and 300 is usually what i do. My range tests in that way it’s kind of out of any wireless – you see i’m just kind of flying over pasture land right here, so nobody’s in danger. Look how dry! This is guys, so incredibly dry and right as i’m getting past. All these things, we’re gon na, go right towards that little island. There you see it there in the distance just turning a little bit there, so that’s in the center, so i’m full stick forward in normal mode and we’re going 33 miles per hour, and the reason i like to do these evening range tests. Guys is because it usually gets really calm up here, that’s kind of the whole idea behind it. So, as you can see, the gimbal here, um really doing well, look how incredibly dry. It is guys. This is summer in hawaii and look at this look. How great this camera is? You know there’s like a valley there, where, when it floods, you’re gon na see, you know a bunch of um water gushing in there only when it floods. Otherwise these valleys are always dry, going to be flying right over the tip of the hawaiian homes over there. In kula, so let’s pick our camera back up, maybe when we’re doing a return to home we’ll turn towards the sunset, but just a fantastic day here on maui, so i’ll have my screen up, so you can see this we’re already at 84 boy that dropped pretty Quick huh so for this test, i’m, probably just gon na go um i’m going to say like 50, because remember the other last couple of drones, i tried to do this test in.

I went down to let’s bring up our map here. I went down to um there we go whoa. I went down to like 45 let’s go mixed satellite and street names where’d our drone go. I want to see the drone boom so i’m. Just clicking you see what i’m doing for some reason: it’s, not tracking the drone. You see that that’s kind of weird huh and i’m also trying to look at my compass and when i turn it off, i can kind of move the controller around a little bit. But um i got to keep touching the drone, so i don’t know i think it’s like every time they release a new drone. They have to like do these updates right for everything to work correctly, so i just zoomed out a little bit i’m just pinching the screen and you can kind of see i’m, definitely not seeing any compass on this screen. Interesting i’m, just accidentally touching the screen and putting a point in there anyway. We really want to make sure we’re keeping track of the video again moving the gimbal up and down a little bit just right over the edge of that subdivision. So i’m gon na turn. Maybe a little bit this way to um the right just so we’re not going over any houses and stuff. You know interesting now it seems to be tracking the drone okay, now it’s tracking, that look at that. So if i turn to the right just a little bit there we go, we want to miss all those houses we don’t want to go over them, go back there and interesting.

How you see the map to the bottom left. Oh it’s, kind of behind the drone. I don’t really like that. I want to track the drone there and then we’ll go out okay anyway, not any kind of um there’s a sunset there. You can see it i’m gon na turn back towards molokini. That was just a really brief deviation and really interesting. How we’re, behind the drone with the map anyway, here’s the quality of the picture? Where are we at i’ll? Have the mileage pop up we’re, already at um, 14 000 feet holy crap we’re, almost at like three miles, so what i’ll have is i’ll? Have the i’ll have the info popping up um, you know as we’re going out, i’ll have each mile reached we’re at 64 percent. Here still have great gimbal of it ability there let’s see if i touch on the north arrow. Hmm, that didn’t really do a whole lot. Can’T even see the drone in the map there see. If i touch on that down there. Oh there we go, okay, see the bottom right there. I just touched on it and let’s see here: moving the controller around nothing’s really happening on my screen. Let’S touch that again, i want to be able to have the compass going, so i know where i am according to the drone low battery look at this. I just canceled it guys. Okay, so i don’t know i can’t get really the compass to work too great to know like where my orientation is to the craft.

So we’re just going to do this so we’re at 57, we’re going to come back at 50 percent, but um guys we’re at 18, 000 feet and we’re recording remember in 4k, so i’m, just hitting that little north button trying to get more. My orientation to the the craft a little better, remember in the old one. It showed you exactly there. We go: okay, there’s, a tiny, little home and there’s a tiny little blue triangle. Above the h in that window, there i’ll just leave it there, um 54, so we’re going to be turning around pretty pretty soon guys, we’re at twenty thousand feet. So we’re like four miles just about what is a mile five thousand Music, two hundred eighty seven feet per mile, so anyway, uh no problem with the latest occusync. Look at this i’m pulling the gimbal down a little bit no problem whatsoever: 51 percent. 21. 000. Okay. 50, so we should be four miles now. Okay, i am going to turn around now so i’m gon na press return to home, hold it in on the screen and let’s. Let this thing do its thing, so we went down to 49 percent. I am pretty confident that this thing will come back with 49 now 48. guys look how far we went out there. Oh my gosh! So as usual a little bit of a nail biter um i’m, hoping i have a little bit of wind to my back.

But as you can see, it’s coming back slower than i went out, it’s coming back at 27 miles per hour, so maybe that’s just the most efficient. This craft can fly, but i don’t know about efficient for distance, so we’ll just be here for a while. You know testing things out still no problem now it’s facing me in the opposite direction: it’s launch point and look at this gimbal is working perfectly uh i’m, not getting any break up in the video whatsoever, while it’s coming home at 27 miles per hour. Just about i’m gon na what am i gon na do i’m, going to uh turn the head to the left, see if i can do this nope it’s, not letting me do that, is it or was i rolling nope it’s, not letting me put any side? Stick input, so i can’t do that, but guess what? While we’re coming back let’s go ahead and click the screen see how we can do kind of focusing in on areas of the screen, and we can also click that little light button and do really quick. Brightness adjustments see how i’m sliding this up and down let’s see if it kind of goes back to normal. If i let off for a second nope, not really see, if i click in other areas, you see those little cool sun spots there, oh yeah, so it’s, not really. I kind of like circumvented the auto adjustment. When i did that, you see the eevee down there on the bottom right, so if i hit that again, i can zero it out.

I know where to zero it out, so this will just be all you know, automatic and everything so forty percent and because we’re still about three miles out. This is going pretty quick, so let’s let’s reiterate here no signal loss whatsoever, no blotchiness in the screen. I’Ll have my phone recording and everything i’ll have the total amount remember when we turned around and also you know, maybe i’ll put it up right now on the screen, so you guys can see that mileage and footage up there and also put it up in kilometers As well, we’re recording in 4k, 30 and we’re, also in auto mode, so pretty cool 37, and what i want to do real quick is try to do a zoom function. So if i got two fingers on the screen, look at that so this does zoom. Okay, so i’m just doing two finger points on the screen. I’Ll try to show up my hat comb, real, quick here and i’m pulling to zoom in pretty neat huh, and you can see over here on the top above autofocus. There we go so it does four times to one time if i click on it, it’s going in between one two to four times pretty cool, so we’ll zoom back out and there we go so we have um between one and four times. Zoom very awesome. Remember, on the other mavics we could press function so i’m going to hold function on the top left of the controller and then i’m going to do my gimbal roller in and out, and we can also zoom pretty cool, so let’s zoom all the way into four Times pretty neat and look at this, i can put the gimbal up and down as it zoomed in.

If i let off that function, button i’m, just just strictly with the roller and um adjusting this gimbal, okay there’s a little hula church. There let’s get that kind of in view and then let’s press hold function and then pull the i’m pulling the gimbal roller to the left. With my finger as i’m holding functioning, you can see how it zooms out on the right of the screen. Uh. You can see that there is that one times zoom now on autofocus and that’s, just its default so 29. Are we gon na make this um boy two miles left holy crap, okay, another nail biter? I guess i should stop uh trying things right, um! Remember these things will kind of fly past zero percent power, so i’m, probably going to be coming in hot guys on this one and let’s just look at our map real, quick clicking on the map nope, not working. We got to click on this little tiny thing to the left. First see i don’t really like that. I can’t see the drone in the map it’s, like the map can’t keep up with it, see that clicking again on and just kind of zooms in and then the drone goes out of the map, so some things they still apparently need to kind of work on. Just can’t quite keep up and be centered on the drone. There that’s kind of interesting, if i zoom out a little bit more and try that again, nope it just auto zooms in 24 power, Music still coming home at 27 miles per hour about yeah.

I see how that drone is just getting right outside of the map so again, something that is pressing on this compass on the top left, something that dji needs to kind of work on i’d. Rather be it be centered on the drone. So, just to let you guys know: okay we’re at 22 and now um we’re, just over a mile away so i’m, not getting too stressed out just a little bit. Maybe, but just look at how dry the countryside is. Look at the satellite picture’s all green because it was taken on a you know after it rained kind of a green day, let’s get that camera back up so just going over farmland, really nothing to be worried about let’s go back to our compass here and 20. So it’s, probably gon na start beeping at me and let’s just really quick check the batteries. Okay, um safety battery info, so you see we’re at 3.63, volts on all the batteries. Now this is the third time this has been charged. You see the two down there. So this is the third flight on this battery i’ll be trying to pop up those batteries near the end here, but we’re at 18 um less than a mile to go. So i have no doubt that this is gon na make it and it’s really funny, because remember the fpv drone man i went down to like 45 did i even the um mini mini one or mini two.

I went down a little lower and i didn’t quite make it i had to land in this pasture right down. There go ahead and move the gimbal down a bit. I had to land right somewhere down there on the side of the road, but we are definitely gon na make it because we’re um 15 power. I think when it re reaches 10 it’s gon na try to slowly start to land, but you can you can lift it up. So a good test guys down to. I think i was down to 49 when i turned around and uh not really going into too much reserve on this one. So we’re really saving the battery. You know let’s try a little bit more zooming. While we do this holding function. Zooming in i’ll have this up on the screen: that’s maximum zoom in in 4k, i’d. Imagine in 5k. You could even do more i’m, not going to stop it, but uh. This also does 5k guys. I already hear the drone coming in and let’s see how accurate it is. 12 power, okay, low battery. It wants to already go into its landing i’m going to let it do what it wants to do. So you see how right it at 11 percent there it. What it will do is it’ll start dropping slowly and you can still take over and come down and land it faced itself down its camera down automatically. I did not do that see if i can still zoom in yeah.

I can still zoom i’m zooming all the way into four times. Zoom out – and you know a little bit off of where i launched from i believe right here is where i launched from my hand there and that’s, where it’s going to land over there let’s see if we can catch it with the hand pushing up still on The controller and i want to kind of bring the gimbal up my own it’ll reach a certain point where it will go up automatically when it gets low enough. Dci can still push up and fly this thing around now. We’Re at eight percent power left so i’m gon na be a little bit conservative. On this battery. I usually go till past zero and let’s just do a hand. Catch real, quick, see how the bottom sensors are kind of working not going down any further i’m gon na bring it down and i’m just gon na grab it. It sensed that i had it and i didn’t even pull down on that that’s, pretty cool, so there’s. Our there’s our range test for the 2s, as expected, really well done here. Let’S, stop, recording and let’s go ahead and turn this off because we’re at uh. What are we at six percent power? Remember i had all the vision sensors off, so i was saving power. We’Re gon na turn all this off and do a pros and cons. Okay, all right nice. That sunset is looking awesome, it’s, really behind west maui.

Today, um don’t normally see it that far. That way, the sunsets are usually a little bit farther in this vicinity, but i guess this time of summer it’s way over there, just gon na drop right below west maui, really beautiful. So hopefully you guys can see that on my hat cam there, but anyway let’s do a um pros and cons on that long range flight. As expected, you know this reminds me of the mavic 2 pro remember. I did the mavic 2 pro from the same exact spot same time of day, and i believe i got pretty much about the same distance around four miles. Four ish miles even a little bit further with the two pro because i really pushed it a little bit farther down and i i came back in like zero percent. This time we came back like six percent power, but really good um range test there and remember. I turned off all the sensors in that bypass mode. I just shut that down. I didn’t have any of the uh. I turned off this light too there’s an option to turn it all off, because it will turn on if it’s in auto mode, and it detects it’s kind of dark and just straight out that way. I even deviated course a little bit just to kind of get around some of the structures you know so i wasn’t on top of them and it still lasted that long. We went over four miles.

I’Ll go ahead and i’ve had that up on the screen. I’Ll, have it up again for that battery and um and how many feet miles and kilometers. This thing went and, as you can see on the screen, there was no glitching whatsoever in the fpv, the new occusync. There was no control glitching at all. I had perfect control and that’s kind of what you can expect in this kind of rural environment. Do you have like a power transformer there uh some telephones lines crossing. There is a fence i’m in a park, and there are a few tree tops right there. So you know as long as you’re not flying below the trees and below obstacles, and you don’t have a lot of interference. I do put my phone into do not disturb mode. This is the oneplus 6t android phone, so i did put it in that mode and i also had my wi fi off, but i had my cellular data data on so that’s. What you can expect, of course, just try to point this part of the antenna towards the direction of your drone for the best the best signal, but that went really well guys. Go ahead and comment down below in the comment section and also check the links down below um in the description, for you know the mavic 2 s air 2s and also all the other stuff i use in producing my videos i’ll go ahead and put all my Equipment down in there the memory cards that work the best for me, you know i usually have my backpack my gear, my launch pads and all that stuff that i’ve tested throughout the years and works really well so anyway, guys.

I hope you enjoyed that range test. I’M gon na go ahead and watch the sunset with my family over there they’re actually over there and i’ll, see you guys in the next one.