We purchased this for our media group, so lets get this thing open. So im quite excited ive never actually opened a drone before so this is pretty cool its also a pretty nice drone too, as i can, or as ive read and researched. So lets see what comes in, throw that down. There got some more sticky stuff on either side here. So, while were opening this, i just wanted to talk about the different versions on the screen: real, quick, uh, just to kind of document, and show you guys what those differences are, because i had quite a hard time deciphering what the differences were between all these different Drones, just because there were so many in this price point so lets crack this open. I just want to preface this with this. One is the fly more combo and it comes with the dji smart controller. We purchased this specifically because we wanted the best possible experience with the drone. So now the box is open. You can see that it comes all packaged nicely in this nice case, everythings already set and ready to go so lets pull this out of its a here harder than it looks to get out of here all right so thats that – and this is the carrying case – That the uh drone comes with, and i guess we got a box full of accessories down here and thats everything in the box Music, a smart controller manual by itself.

Thats interesting lets, get these accessories open. Okay, so we got another dji, smart controller flying guide and an accessories username. So just some manuals uh came with two sets of propeller blades, so there are a lot of propeller blades. Seemingly too many propeller blades comes with a usb to usb or usba to usbc cable, i think thats, maybe for charging or getting the video onto the computer i dont actually know. I have no idea what this is. Oh, this is the neutral density filter kit. That comes with the fly more combo, so that just provides you with some some different, neutral density filters and if you didnt know neutral density filters, just filter out light so that the color and clarity of your image from your from your video just is a little Bit more smooth and uniform, so thats kind of nice that they include a set of four of them here. Stick that back in there. Okay, so thats! That! Let me just set this stuff over here and then looks like there is an extra replacement set of joystick controllers, which i believe that comes with the fly more combo as well. So im just gon na set this stuff off here and now. For the big moment. Im gon na open up the drone case and actually see what this is about. Ive never owned a drone before so. This is pretty cool. Ive seen a few drones, my brother actually owns a drone one of the minis and then my stepfather actually owns the original phantom.

So those are cool. Lets see what uh, what some of their newest tech looks like Music start with drone, so set that aside. So there is the mavic air 2s uh. It looks like you have to put your own propellers on thats. Probably a good thing: dont want that to break in transit, okay ill just set. That down looks like we got the dji smart controller that and that there come back to that in just a second and lastly, this box, which is unlabeled, so that is everything oh and ah its a charging hub. So this is another one of the accessories that does come with the apply more combo. It does come with three batteries. So then it comes with this nice charging hub. So you can charge all of your batteries at one time um. You know i heard from the phantom 4 pro that the battery charging hubs charge in succession, so they dont charge all at the same time so well see if this one is different than that or if unfortunately, its like that um and other than that thats everything Its a nice case, its made of this really nice uh nylon material. The zippers are really really smooth and very well made with a nice rubber, covering on the zipper just to keep that protected and a nice little carrying handle thats pretty nice. Okay lets see what is move this stuff over real quick see what is in this box.

So here we got. A uh looks like to be just the power cable for the um actually well, it doesnt fit in there so well find out, ah for the power supply. So you got a power brick and then thats where that connects into your charging bank there. So that goes with their power. Cable uh looks to be lets, see what this is okay, so this is actually a uh what they call their uh hub to power bank adapter Music. I guess well well find out what that one does here in a minute. Okay, so looks like we got the actual power bank so thats, just where the wait thats another usb adapter, okay, theres a lot of weird stuff in this container. I have no idea what this stuff is for so well have to follow up with that on what some of these things are about? Music, okay, so now were getting the batteries. So should come! Okay, oh right! So it does come with three batteries. The fly more combo uh obviously was looking for the third one, but that one is in the drone. So it comes with two separate batteries and then obviously you get the one that is inside the drone here. So uh lets see im very curious if this actually attaches on to one of these batteries and it does okay. So what this does is it actually changes? One of the power packs for the drone into a usb hub, adapter and ive, heard that this is for charging things like your smart controller um.

I dont know if it can actually charge a drone or not or no obviously not youre using the battery. So i think its for charging a smart controller when youre on the road – and you need something to charge that so thats. What that is. Okay, so then, were gon na move all this stuff off to the side. Real quick and just take a look at the drone and the smart controller really quick. Let me clean up all these little little tiny things here. All right! Look at the trash okay, so lets start with the lets start with the controller first because leave the uh the main attraction for last. So that is the dji smart controller um. It doesnt have the joysticks on it. Those are in the packaging over there, but um. Definitely very nice feels extremely solid in the hands that feels really good. It looks to be that the joystick store in the back here and just like a lot of the other dji drones. You just screw those right into the front and then, when youre done just to keep them from getting damaged, take them off and stick them right back into the back here. If i can thats pretty cool feels good, it stays in there and those little rubber bits. Definitely feel like theyre going to hold those from keep coming out, not necessarily sure what a lot of these buttons do, but i assume they probably have something to do with flying.

The drone have a return button that looks a home button on the front here. These probably have something with the photo and shooting mode power for the controller oh and its powered on, or maybe not all right. So thats, really nice and well have to give it a little look and see how that works, but uh the biggest thing and the biggest reason why you might want to get these is. It saves your phone both battery and it allows you to have your phone on you for use since things such as uh requesting uh air traffic clearance, when youre using a drone that needs to be registered, or rather for commercial use, and also just you know, allows You to have your mobile device and doesnt. You know drain that as well, so receive phone calls and all sorts of things while youre on the job so im going to set this aside for now and, lastly, the drone. So this is pretty cool, its really lagging light. Its 595 grams um – if i remember correctly its an under 600 gram drone but still over the uh, the 0.55 pound limit so definitely needs to be registered. Okay comes with these really nice rubber guards to protect the uh, the propeller shafts here, just to make sure that they dont get damaged in transit, press a notch to remove the gimbal, something that protector to come off. Lets see oh yeah, just slides right off of there and thats just a little protector that comes with it.

That just helps keep the uh the gimbal and the camera there protected while were storing it. Just so you dont damage anything wow thats super nice, so the uh, the mavic air 2s, comes with a one inch cmos sensor. It has 31 minutes of flight time and again, like i said its a 600 gram drone, so um it does need to be registered, since it is over 0.55 pounds um in comparison to the little brother to the air 2 s, the air ii uh youre. Looking at a slightly lower flight time, the air 2 has a 34 minute flight time. The air 2 also has a 48 megapixel camera so that, compared to the 20 max megapixel camera on the 2s has a slightly better camera, though, when you look at video, which is what were going to be using this, for this, can take video at 5.4k at 30Fps or 1080p or sorry 4k at 60fps, versus there too, which can only do 4k video so since were going to be using this primarily for wedding cinematography. That was the main reason that we went with this drone. So again, the use case for us is going to be using this for wedding cinematography, its a nice little package, its going to be great for traveling, you know comparatively to the phantom 4s or the inspires the more expensive drone lines. This will be super nice just to take with us in our pouches. We got lenses, we got cameras, we got bags galore, so the less the better in some cases um.

So i just wanted to wish you guys a very great day and have a great time shooting from k.