There are very few cons with this drone, its its very well known in the drone world for its capabilities of photography, amazing photographic capability, with this thing and brand new still in the box just got it today and im really excited im going to go ahead and Open it up for you guys, because im really anxious to to see what we have in here um, while im doing that. A couple of the facts that are some of the specs are included with this particular drone. The weight is 595 grams, which of course, um with that. You have to register it with the faa and because its its over the 249 gram limit, so its not like the mavic mini and the mavic mini 2, where you do not have to register those two drones because of their uh theyre. Under the weight limit of the faa, so let me see what else i need to do here. The maximum flight time with the battery is 31 minutes, which is pretty good, considering the size of the drones, the batteries are much larger. Ive actually got some of those here for you that i can show you already loaded up in my case, and i want to review this case, for you too this case by lycus its a really good case. It holds five batteries, but the batteries are a whole lot larger. If youre, like upgrading from the mini uh to something like this drone, the mavic air 2s youre going to notice that right off.

Of course they have to be for the because of the size of the drone to be able to give it that same kind of flight time as the mini, for example, only comparing it to the mini, because its one of mavics more popular drones. So, anyway, let me go ahead and get this last little seal off here and well open the box up the forward speed, which is really impressive, 42 and a half miles an hour is what dji claims and also the operating distance, roughly seven and a half miles. So that is really going to put you out there as far as a flight distance capabilities, of course, thats going to depend on the wind and various other factors, well guys hold on just one minute im trying to get this box open. So we can do this. I apologize the field of view is 88 degrees on the camera, so thats really going to provide you a wide field of view. With that lens, a very large sensor as well. You have a one inch cmos sensor, which is going to increase the capabilities of the photography that youre going to be able to pull off with this thing, so um hang on just one moment were going to get this thing open up its really snug. I was not expecting it to be quite this snug, but well get it one. Other thing: 20, megapixels on the camera, so the camera is 20 megapixels and 5.

4 k, ultra high definition, video, which is really impressive. Um thats, of course, above well above um, anything that the mini can can produce im just referencing the mini, largely because thats, my former drone its. I actually lost it back in february in an ice storm, so taking ice. Storm footage not recommended um, the at least long term. The operating temperature on this thing is 14, through 104 degrees fahrenheit, so its its boy, dji really puts these covers on snug hold on im, really prying on this thing and im not getting anywhere, my goodness so yeah there we go. Finally, okay! So now here we go heres the good stuff, so heres the drone uh. You can see its so much larger than the mini um, of course, so much more powerful as well and uh ready to go there. All you have to do im gon na charge. Batteries up here in a bit and of course, got to put on the um got ta put the choppers on here the blades and uh nice nice quad drone here very nice, its going to be fun to fly. I cant wait to fly and ive heard. So many good things about this drone um again yeah the operating temperature 14 through 104 degrees im going to personally start doing a flight check. I would recommend that you know folks do that check the temperature, the vertical wind profile, the radar and the general forecast to try to assess if its, if its safe flying for that day, so yeah this this drone boy, i tell you it feels great in the Hands its its large, but it also feels compact for its.

You know just its density. It feels nice in the hands. Um dji did a really good job on this one, as they do with most of their drones. Pretty much all their drone series series of drones are very, very good um. One thing i should mention folks is: this is important, i believe the maximum size of the mini sd card, of course, thats. The type of memory card it takes in the drone is 256 gigabytes. I was wanting to go 512 or possibly a terabyte just to make sure that i had. You know room for for long drone days where i wouldnt have to change things out in case. I forgot or something, but you cant – do that from what i understand go with a 212 excuse me: go with the 256 gig thats, the largest mini sd or micro sd card that you can place in this drone that this dji mavic air 2s will accept. So thats an important thing do not do anything larger than that and your drone will not record from what ive been told yeah. So this is. This is a wonderful piece of machinery here again, 20 megapixel camera 5.4 um k, video, which is going to be stunning. Video um amazing upgrade there from what i used to have, so i really would recommend this drone. Of course you can check out all the video samples, specs pictures online. Other reviews people have done youre going to find wonderful things there for sure.

But as far as this case, real quick lets transition over this is a large case by leicas. They have two cases for the mavic air 2s. This is the large case. They also have a small one. The large one will hold. I think it has an extra compartment – this compartment over here, i believe, thats for cables and stuff to coil down in there, and i also believe it has an extra battery compartment. So i wanted the one with five batteries just because you know you never know what situation you might find yourself in where you might need that um. But i definitely wanted that and also that extra compartment over here. Just you know to throw knickknacks or whatever into but go ahead and seek the drone down in there and just see how it fits um. Of course, we dont have the the rotors the blades on there yet but um that that really has a has a good fit to it. There, nice and snug. You know ive had other cases where the drone is actually rattled around quite a bit, but this one by leicas, again im telling you right now. This is an excellent case. I could tell it was the second: i got it out of the box and yeah took the wrapper off and definitely has a good feel to it. So for sure that well dig down into the deeper layers here of the content box and well see what else we can find.

So obviously the controller wow thats got a good feel to it. Its got like rubber uh bases on the on the reverse side of the controller, on the back of the controller. That really has a good feel in the hands really feels nice there and personally i like a um. A range, extender and ill have to have to play with this a minute but im sure the range extender. I think it this part right here actually folds up yeah. It goes up and the range extender will um clip onto that and the antennas will go up. You know one from each side from there so anyway yeah this is the controller. It has an amazing feel in the hands and – and i cannot wait to fly this drone its almost dark here, but im im getting really excited about flying this thing. So anyway, yep theres the controller nice. I think the charge time when the controller is supposed to last about five hours between four and five hours. Um on the controller, i believe, if you can charge a cell phone, i think on this and i think it lasts. Four hours, otherwise i think the the charge times about five. You can run five hours worth of drone off one full charge of the controller, so thats nice. The controller area on this leicas case is here and seats down in just like that, and beneath this i believe you can fit um.

A viewer of some sort goes down in this in this layer beneath here or excuse me that would go above so youd have that option as well. This case is just really really state of the art really good product um. I, like it too, its really its quiet. I dont know its just. I know that sounds funny, but its just quiet, you, you undo the clips and it just really seems like its very well made um one other comment. I got this car charger here. I can put the links to these accessory products down on the bottom. If you, some folks, may be interested in getting these exact products um. This is a car charger. Obviously – and it has a port to charge two batteries in series simultaneously, so youre getting youre charging two batteries simultaneously, not one and then the other after that, first one starts charging thatll be real important if youre going to do anything on the road um. Like i plan on doing here soon so definitely check this out. I can stick the link at the bottom of this video here, so you can check that out. I believe i bought this on amazon and then also um another product i want to show you is this particular charger right here? Really a good product as well ill. Also, stick the link to this one down below and just above the comments and this one. This is like a home charger, you plug it into the wall, its got a standard, um ac plug in here, and from that you have these.

You can remove these uh ports, individual ports, that charge the batteries – and this is really nice because they will charge for this product will charge four batteries simultaneously, one two three four and um, which really makes it good, because you know you have to typically take one Battery out, if your charger ones done, replace it and charge another one up so thats really nice to have. I can give you the link to that one as well nice product there and lets see what else we have. I think thats, the bottom of the packaging here lets see what else weve got should be should be one more thing. Let me see here im trying to recall what this is: oh yeah yeah, so just the uh, the charging cable that was sent. You know with the product from dji in the bundle here, so they do give you one wall charger. Obviously um charge one battery at a time and thats what this is and i believe on the reverse side. Yes, you have a usbc uh charging or a port for a not necessarily usbc, but a usb charging port right here, uh to charge something i guess your cell phone or um, i dont know, maybe even the controller you might be able to charge the controller. I think youd probably do that here too yeah, obviously with this. You could stick this in here and i think its a usbc end and you could charge your controller from right there.

So thats nice um lets see here heres our blades, so the blades are in here. Nice have to stick those on and it looks like it comes with so one two three four, so you get two extra blades, so thats nice nice to have as well um. Maybe thats what this is for yeah looks like that. Would hold some extra hold. Your blades really nicely there that extra compartment uh right there, so yep still have uh two extra slots um available. I think there should be a battery. Its probably already in the drone here lets. Take the drone out and take a look lets see. I dont know that ive ever seen. Okay, so you have to take this little doohickey off here. Some plastic cover lets, see theres the port to get the battery out right here yeah, so the battery just sits right down there. On top its part of the drone right, there thats really nice, it doesnt fit in the back um on like the mavic mini series, and you take it out from the back its actually part of the body of the drone um here so thats nice, nice design. I like that, a lot so very sturdy, drone again it just. It feels wonderful in the hands man its just dense. I dont know i just like that feel i really like that feel. I have a have a respect for things that feel strong, and this definitely feels that um lets see here.

Let me take off the gimbal cover here. Lets see just to show you again. This is a tri mount gimbal, its connected to three locations for that extra stability for the camera and the view thatd be really nice. Try mount gimbal back in there, so thatd be great okay guys. Well, i think that just about does it again if you have any questions or comments concerning the mavic air, 2s post them down below and again i thank you so much and like and subscribe this video.