Unbox. This here is a black and white box and lets see what inside here, you can see the carrying case with dj logo lets see what inside of this box. There is a drone, you can see the main camera and this front sensors here are the rear, sensors and the bottom one, the ceiling, one, which is recently added in the new version into air to s specifically, this is other battery dock, where we can charge all Three battery together lets unbox the controller, the beautiful controller and the additional accessories, the battery power adapter and the battery dock. It can convert to a battery bank the additional batteries Music. In this box, you will find browsers as well as the proper levels, Music and the four filters, as well its carrying in that box, additional power cables to connect different phones and the charging cables as well type c yeah. Here we find the knob for the joystick that you need to fit it before. You drive the dock for the form.