I had a good time shooting with it and we just thought it’d be fun to give one away so um to enter the giveaway there’s, actually going to be a clue buried in the video somewhere. So pay close attention for that clue and then, at the end of the video i’ll jump in and give you more details on the giveaway, so pay attention. Here’S, the video see you guys at the end. Music is Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music, um, Music, huh, Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music Applause, Music. All right guys. I hope you enjoyed watching that video if you didn’t catch it. Basically, i masked out one of the billboards uh in the middle of the video somewhere. I masked out a few of them actually, but one of them said all you need to do is subscribe and leave a comment down below um and that’s. It enter the the giveaway and then we’ll contact you guys, and one of you guys will get one of these uh for the comment. I’D. Love for you guys to tell me what’s, like the most important thing um in buying a drone for you guys. Is it price? Is it how far it can go? Is it how fast it can go? I’M super curious, like obviously there’s a bunch of new drones out. I really really like shooting with this one. I think it’s, the perfect balance between um price size. Quality 5.4k is wild, but anyways what’s.

The most important thing to you is it resolution. Is it how fast it goes? Is it? Are you more interested in fpv now um super curious, so leave that down below click subscribe and yeah? One of you guys will get this drone and uh that’s that see you guys soon.