. I realize both of these are not brand new drones, but if youre like me and its a hobby and you dont want to spend a ton of money on it, the newer drones that have come out make these a little bit more entry level. So i got this one lightly used and really good shape. Still and ive been really happy with it ill be honest, theres some things i actually like better about the mini, so im going to show you that kind of what comes with each. I had a fly more combo with both of them and give you some pros and cons. So first of all here is the carrying case for both of them, the mini here and the air 2. Here i like the shoulder strap on the air too. I like that its a little bit easier to bring with this, has got to be put in a backpack pretty much because it has a handle but um not much else. I do like that. This is a hard shell that is nice, although its still not super super hard. The other thing is the air 2 is nice that its compact, but i feel like its hard to fit a charger in here. The charger is kind of big and bulky and awkward and ive, yet to find a way to fit it in here, without feeling like its gon na bend and mess up the cables or something like that.

But lets open these up and see whats inside. So there are a couple more things that the flymore combo includes. I dont bring with me. It has a cage that goes around the propellers either for flying indoors or different things like that. But the main things that i bring with me are the drone, of course, which comes with this gimbal protector and the props will kind of flop around, but really it does a good job of protecting it. I just make sure that theyre pointing the right way when i slide it in there and it fits really snug the controller, and this is nice that its so compact um. I bought a little range extender that ill show you that goes over these antenna and then this folds down now one thing i dont love about this controller is that my phone does not fit super well into it. With the case on i mean it still fits in those grooves here and here, but when i try and close it down, then the connector is kind of goofy, so the connector goes right in the side thats. The other thing i bring with me is just the one that matches my phone a little spider on here um, but it just yeah its its almost too long, so it gets squished up this way anyway. I dont love that its not the end of the world, but i like that it is so compact and then youve got.

The little control sticks that hide in there that you twist on. If youre gon na fly it with the control sticks. The thing i really like about the mavic mini is how the charger is set up. This is so smart. I wish they would have done this with the air 2, because youve got all three batteries that slide in there. If you push this little button, itll show you the battery level on each one, not sure if you can see those lights, but its compact, and you can use a usb charger that everyone already has to just plug that in and charge them. Super compact keeps them together, theyre not bouncing around inside of the case, and then these are just some extra propellers thats how it came, packaged ive, just never taken them out, but theres the case and everything that comes with the mavic mini. Now let me show you the case for the mavic air 2., so theres a lot of different compartments here. This one feels to me like its mostly for, like i dont know, if you want your users manual in there or something its a pretty thin narrow pocket, it also has this little handle. It has a shoulder, strap and theres a handle right here, which i find to be pretty handy, so no pun intended im going to flip that over here now, so i can show you the other side. So this is well – maybe not totally waterproof its a nice zipper, thats gon na protect that quite a bit if it starts to rain or something so again i like how this is set up.

I can slide the drone right in there and i can slide. This is a anti collision light i just bought, so i havent used that yet, but the remote fits in there really well, of course the remote is bigger, but its still um, pretty compact still fits in there nicely and then the three batteries ive got one in The actual drone and, like i said, the other ones, kind of flop around a little bit because theyre just in there the batteries are bigger. The charger is kind of awkward now theres a couple other pockets theres one kind of pocket right there. I think thats, where the other chargers are and then theres another one right in the top here now a couple things that i love, that this comes with. First of all, nd filters that is awesome to have now im going to do another little video showing how to put the nd filters on because its a little bit tricky. If you dont know what youre doing, but its actually super simple, nd 16 is the one. I almost always have on and theres a 64 and a 256 and then thats just the clear one in the middle, so that is so so awesome and then ive got some extra props in here. The other thing, thats kind of cool, is theres, this little connector, where you can put this on your battery and then use your battery as like a power bank, so thats kind of cool power button is still right here.

Youll hear it kind of power on and then were gon na find somewhere to set it. Okay, so were gon na take off right off the case. There we go now im going to tell you a couple. Things were looking at this almost every single time. This mavic mini requires compass calibration and the air 2. I have never had to do it and so thats one big benefit to me is: i dont have to do the annoying compass calibration. I dont know why it makes me do it every single time. Okay, so were gon na take off here. Please check it on the map there. I am okay, so were gon na take off gon na fly around a little bit here, Music and im, to tell you some other things pros and cons here, heres some, a beautiful st george for you. For one thing it sounds like a mosquito. It really does it just is kind of an annoying high pitched sound, but pretty sturdy pretty stable with the rotation does a pretty good job with stability. The one thing i have noticed, though, if you are doing, for example, youre trying to do your own hdr, you might as well forget about it, because it just does not work well, theres too much movement, even on a calm day between shots. It just moves around too much and its not staying stable, so flying around a little bit here, um watching the speed here the highest im getting to is about 20 24.

25. 26, 27, 28 miles an hour almost 29 there. So it moves pretty decently yeah theres 29, so im already im only a thousand feet away. Im already losing my signal here, its getting splotchy theres a much better connection. Oh yeah! I totally have lost it. Theres a must much better connection with um the mavic air ii. Im gon na have to get to a spot where it can see me it will return to home if it doesnt get a signal within a certain amount of time. Well, maybe its already working on it, even here, though, its just splotchy, like one thing i do like about this one okay lets cancel is it is pretty easy to catch it by hand, because its so small and light – and i tried catching the air too, by Hand – and it resisted me so ill – show you that right now, if i can okay there, we go so a couple. Other things well just use this to film for a second, a couple other things its fun that its so little uh its fun to fly its super small, easy to bring along, but stability when its flying is a big thing, especially if youre trying to take like An hdr image um it doesnt have a really great range, thats, a downside for sure theres, not a real good, dynamic range, either and so trying to get really good. Um, like ive, done videos where im im looking at the sunrise or sunset, and it just doesnt capture it very well um.

Obviously, the image quality is not as high as some of the higher end drones, so some things to consider overall ive liked it its been a really fun entry level drone. I think for the price, its really good, but if you can afford a little bit more to get a mavic air 2. Its definitely a better drone flies real. Similarly, but a lot better range, a lot better dynamic range, a lot better quality on the pictures and videos and all that sort of thing has been updated. Please check it out the map, okay, so a couple things with the mavic air too. First of all, it is just plain fun to fly, does not sound quite so whiny. So let me show you a couple of the different options here. So 48 megapixel photo, which is awesome. Then there is a single capture, a smart capture which is kind of like an auto hdr is the best way. I could explain it and then theres aeb, which is going to give you different exposures, so you can set that to three or five and then burst. If youre trying to capture like uh something trying to capture someone on a wakeboard or something like that, for example, and then time shots, you can have this take pictures every 10 seconds, every 20 seconds every 30 seconds and can, in contrast, if were looking at pictures On the mavic mini it just has single. Now you can change a lot of the same things on the mavic mini, but it does not shoot in raw.

You cant change the white balance im, trying to think what else you cant change on the mavic mini. You can change shutter speed in iso. Now lets go back here. If were looking at video, we have normal, we have hdr video, which is cool and then slow motion and then again down here we can change our settings. This is telling me its 1080p 120 frames per second. If i want to go back to hdr, i guess hdr is just auto, but then normal. We can change the resolution. We can change now. The zoom im quite sure, is just a digital zoom. So something to be aware of there lots of different options as far as shutter speed, all in 4k, so thats really cool and then, if we go to quick shots, theres, definitely some more options here that we dont have in the mavic mini the mavic mini. Has these first four has droney rocket circle and helix, it does not have boomerang or asteroid so thats kind of cool and then our very bottom, one here or sorry, another bottom one hyperlapse, so theres a couple different options with the hyperlapse of how you can do That im not going to go into detail of that. You can find that somewhere else, but this is an 8k hyperlapse which is pretty cool and pano. There are several different options with pano. Neither of these are available in a mini, no pano, no hyperlapse, but pretty much.

You have a sphere where its going to create that cool mini world effect that youve probably seen on facebook, theres 180 degree hyperlapse theres a wide angle, theres a vertical. So those are options with panos ill show you real, quick, so super convenient. You just set up your shot. Click the button and its going to do. Everything for you starts in the center, goes to one side and then comes back to the other side. So really easy and convenient now another thing: thats, really cool, that this drone has is a tracking function. Well, grab this water tower okay and were gon na do so theres a lot of these and im not gon na go into super detail, but if we do spotlight for example, then as i fly no matter where i go its going to keep my drone pointed At that spot, even if im moving elsewhere so thats pretty cool, you can also do active track where, if its a moving vehicle, for example, it will track it for you, or you can also do a point of interest where it will instead move around that object And and show you and you can speed it up or slow it down so thats kind of cool as well, Music and again thats, something that you dont have available on the mavic mini right on the actual remote itself you can change from tripod to which is Like their cinema mode, so theres cinema and then normal and then sport mode well, let me show you sport, real quick, so we dont have obstacle avoidance, but we do have a flippin fast drone, so im already at ‘.

40. I think 41 is about as fast as ive got. Oh no theres 42., so thats, pretty darn cool as well were almost at 43., oh, were losing okay. Even here we lost signal, so thats uh, im kind of in a low spot here were gon na. Go climb again there we go. I climbed up high enough auto returning to home. Okay, we can cancel that so im going to turn it off of sport mode because theres no obstacle detection a couple, other cool things over on the menu. We can set a couple more things. So, for example, if any of these sensors go off, is it going to just move around it or stop, or do i want it off, which i dont uh? Do we want the radar map on there whats the max altitude, like i said it is hard to land in your hand, which is a little bit of a bummer because being somewhere like here, theres, not a really flat landing spot for me. Okay, so first size comparison, ive got these both laid out side by side, the remotes at the top, the drones themselves in the middle and the batteries and charging apparatus at the bottom. So im gon na come a little bit closer here. First of all, looking at the drones themselves, thats what we care most about here, you can see a difference in the prop size and the drone size. The weight is pretty noticeably different.

The battery size, the sensor and camera and quality of image, of course, is quite a bit different. The remotes you can see the antenna, which also is where the phone attaches on the air 2 remote on the left, and then the phone goes below on the remote. For the mini on the right and then like i said before, i actually think that the battery case and charging is quite sleek on the mini. I like it better than how the battery charging works on the air 2. its less cumbersome and bulky, and also convenient that you can just use a micro, usb cable that you have rather than having to lug around this extra cable thats connected to the air 2 Charger and you need a flat surface with the air too, because if not, these batteries are easily going to get knocked out or knocked sideways. They just kind of sit on to this here and or this is going to get knocked out and so a little bit tricky with the battery charging situation. There definitely has a lot longer battery life. Um ive been really impressed with the battery life of the air. 2 after having been used to flying the mini, but it does come at a cost, so the way that the arms are going to fold in and out is going to be identical between the mavic mini and the air 2.. Now one thing that is a little bit of a flan design, if you ask me on the mavic air 2, is in order to get the battery out.

You have to lift these arms out, which is not a huge inconvenience but its okay. In order to get the memory card out, you have to lift three arms out. Well, i guess you just do two. You do that side, but theres a memory card and in order to either get to the internal memory, you also have to push down that other arm, so just a little bit of an inconvenience now. The other thing that i will show you thats kind of cool, is theres a pretty bright auxiliary, light right here that way, if its getting to dusk or youre, just in a really shaded area, these optical cameras arent going to get thrown off, trying to tell where The ground is and make your drone crash so im a fan of that now id have to say one of my most favorite things about the air 2 and the remote. This little micro usb just plugs right into here to store it away and you can plug your phone right in and put it in there. The other thing thats really cool, is that the little joysticks with the mini, if you dont, take them out before you put your phone in its too late and you cant get them out, but these ones this one, your phone goes in the top and the joysticks Go in the bottom, so even if youve already got your phone set up, you can still grab the joysticks, which is pretty cool, okay, so final thoughts walking back here um.

I think that this is a good entry level drone. I think that the size is really small, which is fun, but its also really hard to keep visual line of sight, because its so little and kind of light gray, its very, very easy to lose and so much easier to keep an eye on something like an Air 2s or an air 2 just because it is, it is small, not a lot of range, but again, since you have to keep visual line of sight, thats, not necessarily the end of the world. I, like the charger i, like the battery battery life, has pretty consistently been between 25 and 29 minutes, which is what they advertise, so it does a good job there, but overall, i think its a good drone to get started with. I dont think i really would use it for anything professional, its just not quite high enough quality, but lots of fun just to fly around and a really good one to start with. As far as which do i prefer hands down the mavic air 2. Does a better job flies better takes better pictures. Better video has some more options, which is those are all good things. Well, i hope this has been helpful for you. If it is id appreciate, if you could leave comments or questions below likes, subscribes are helpful for more helpful content and come visit.