My brand new drone, which is the dji mavic air 2, fly more combo pack were going to take it out of the package, see what comes with it run through some of the specs and details along the way and then take it for its first test. Flight lets get right into it all right, so right off the bat, not a disappointment by dji. The packaging is simple and we have to open it. Lets do this. We need a scissors or something to cut with wheres dexter morgan when you need them all right. So heres what we have first look at it. It looks like it comes already in the case: thats impressive, oh wow. There might be something in here well toss that over there im loving this case. It just has that nice fresh new car smell, i love. It looks pretty durable, oh wow. I wish i had a camera up here, but i dont so thats what it looks like when you first open it and well just bring out one thing at a time. Lets start with the drone. Oh, this is beautiful. Ive been wanting this one for a long time, because i cant afford the dji mavic 3. theres a first look at the dji mavic air 2.. This thing is awesome. We have the gimbal guard on there, keeping it safe, well unfold, the wings here or arms wow. This is cool. This is everything i was expecting it to be.

Take a look at how this size is up compared to the dji mavic mini. This thing looks so tiny, so mavic, air, 2, dji, mavic mini Music, well just kind of leave that one out there for size comparison, but so far, im loving. It now lets see what else comes in the package. This we have a box here which im, assuming is the batteries, because its rather heavy looks like we have the power cord for the charging dock right here well set those right there, and then we have one battery its actually throw that on the floor. Im gon na make my wife clean it up later anyway, so um wow. These batteries are, you know, definitely blocky, but i mean its got: ta charge the its got ta power, the drone, so cant have any disappointments. Another battery here all right off to a good start, the remote. Now this is the one thing i was pretty interested in, because i was pretty used to the dji mavic mini remote, where your screen is your phone and it kind of sits under the remote. But with this one – if i do this correctly so here we have the remote looks very luxurious. Lets go ahead and open this up. If i know how oh wow spring loaded – okay good to know so thats, where you set your phone im, actually looking really forward to this, because i dont know just something different – it looks like we got to put the joysticks on there.

Well, do that in a second, but were going to get back to what else comes with it: charging dock as well for charging all three batteries at once, so thats everything thats in the case, it is a pretty cool case and thats going to be super convenient When im going on hikes and journeys and traveling around and flying very fairly cushiony, so you know it can take a little bit of a beating but dont. Let it so lets open up this thing right here and i bet, if anything, the propel yep we do have the spare propellers. We do have the dji mavic air 2 manual, quick, start guide, which no one reads, but you should so we do have our spare propellers here, which is good to have in case we have a little bit of an accident. We do have two batteries as well. Looks like we probably have one battery thats already in there. I can just kind of tell by the weight well and its right there, so this is pretty cool. I love the look of this. We do have our charging dock, which charges each battery on there im just going to take it out of the packaging here, because thats the whole point of this video. I dont know how you can see this, but it looks like you just take the battery and pop it on like that, and i guess its supposed to charge them so thats pretty neat all three at once: pretty cool all right and then what else we have? Our charging uh power, brick right here with uh the plug in so got ta.

Have it and lets take a look at this drone here, so it comes with a gimbal guard on which, thank god, it does, because i dont want getting damaged. This one looks like it is just covered in sensors, looks like we got one two one on each arm, a couple on the back, a couple on the front and multiple on the bottom. So this thing definitely has some weight to it compared to the good old mavic mini, but im not hating that, because it means better stability when we are flying also ill, probably zoom in on this uh. When i get my b roll, but there is a little come on dont fight me, there is a usb c port right here as well and from what ive been told, this does not charge your drone. This is specifically for transferring information from the drone to your computer or tablet or whatever youre, transferring it to so good to know we do have. On the other side, we do have the micro sd card slot as well so good to know. Okay, so i found him so when you get the dji mavic air 2, when you open it up, theres, actually a zipper underneath this flap and it looks like we have another charging port. Oh ill bet you can charge if this is what i think it is. Okay, so this looks like you can put your battery on here. Lets see come on work with me here looks like you can put your battery on here, and then it has usb ports as well.

So it looks like you can plug this into your cigarette uh charger on your uh in your vehicle, or you know. Wherever else you can charge with usb, so thats really good, especially if youre doing a lot of traveling and on this channel. We definitely do update that is actually not what its for. This is actually a power bank adapter notice. These are usb ports, so you plug a usb into them and you can actually use these batteries individually as power banks. In case you need to charge your remote or your cell phone or your tablet or whatever you may have again. These are not cigarette chargers. They are to be used for power. Banks lets move on. What is this im just finding all sorts of goodies in this thing? Okay, this makes sense. So it looks like here we do have the three nd filters that came with the drone looks like we have an nd, 16 nd 64 and a 256. good to know these come in handy, especially when you live in a very sunny state like arizona last, but Not least, we do have. Oh, it comes with a usbc cord as well awesome and theres, just so much stuff packed into this thing, and then we also do have spare joysticks as well. Awesome im super impressed and then we do have a usbc to micro. Usb for the remote as well, i will use that one and then we have a usbc usbc.

Actually i think i could probably use both of these okay so clearly, i had way too much caffeine and i was kind of all over the place on the subject. So, just to be absolutely clear, this drone comes with three rc cables: one usbc to ios adapter for an apple iphone, one usbc to micro, usbc for android and then a usbc to usbc as well, which is what im going to be using for my motorola lets. Move on so the remote does have a usbc port on the bottom. It looks like this one is to actually charge it, which is good to know and then underneath where your phone goes. It does look like. There is oh okay, yep, a usbc port there for your phone, so i would actually use this one right here and i would plug it in id, put my phone in right there and then plug it in alright. So that is pretty cool all right. So now that weve gone through everything that came with the dji mavic air 25, more combo pack lets go ahead and get this baby out in the wild. Well, see you on the tripod okay, so this is going to be my first flight with the dji mavic air 2. were in roosevelt lake arizona lets get right to it: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, all right everybody, so my first thoughts on the dji mavic air 2 are its pretty darn.

Awesome lets talk about the sensors real quick, so the sensors were pretty darn accurate. Whenever i came within a few feet of something such as a cactus a tree, a bridge or even a rock, my remote started to beep very very rapidly, letting me know: hey youre, too close back it up, and i love that because thats nothing i ever had On the mavic mini – and i had a lot of close calls – and i even had one crash on my mavic mini as well, so the sensors are pretty awesome. This drone definitely does weigh a lot more too. The dji mavic air weighs about 1.26 pounds compared to the mavic mini, which only weighs 249 grams and right off the bat. I noticed when the drone is just in the air and its hovering. It is super super stable compared to the mavic mini. Even when that hovers, that one kind of does, you know, move around a little bit, so i get better shots with this one like if im just taking photos but nonetheless super super stable when its going through the air. Also, the battery life compared to the mavic mini. I now get up to 31 minutes of flight time, a whopping plus one minute per battery, its not a whole lot, but hey every little bit helps a couple upgrades that im super excited about on this drone, too, is it does have a 48 megapixel camera. Now i really dont showcase the photos that i take on my drones on my channel here, but on my instagram easyjesse, you can follow me if you want you dont have to, but i do post a lot of drone photos on there as well too, because i, Like taking pictures of stuff um and the main reason why i bought this, drone was because it does shoot in 4k and i cannot wait to start making 4k videos im gon na be getting my 4k laptop here in the next couple weeks.

So once i get that – and i get everything loaded im going to start making 4k content – and this one does shoot up to 4k at about – i think its 50 or 60 frames per second. I cant remember right off the top of my head, but nonetheless i can do slow mo on here. So that was a big selling point for me. Nonetheless, those are my first thoughts based off of this first flight as well. Ill, probably make an updated video in the next couple months here after ive really gotten a chance to get my feet wet when it comes to this drone. If youre sold on it – and you do want to buy it based off of you know my flight here and the information i provided, i will post a link down in the description below where you can purchase it on amazon. Other than that. I just want to say thank you guys for tuning into this weeks, video. I do hope you enjoyed it um if youre curious about these locations to in arizona ill, also post those locations down in the description below. So that way you can go there and you should because they are really really cool to check out and kind of explore. Nonetheless, dont forget to subscribe and well see you guys on next weeks.