You also have a range of 10 000 meters that’s over six miles now has obstacle voice in the front and the back, and it does have a sensor on the bottom as well – has a top speed of over 42 miles an hour. This camera will shoot 48 megapixel photos, but the best part about it is the hdr video that you get out of this thing, it’s better than i think some of the videos coming out of the mavic 2 pro it has internal storage of 8 gigabytes. You can also add your own sd card. If you need more than that, this is the only mavic. You can shoot 4k at 60 frames a second, and if you want slow mo, you could do 1080 at 240.. You have all sorts of awesome flight modes from hyperlapse, asteroids, boomerangs, helix drones rockets, all of that stuff, plus your return to home. I think this is the best drone for most people if you’re thinking about getting into the hobby. If you haven’t, already check us out on halfchrome.