I had the perfect setup, but i have a couple getting married, so i just adjusted for their shot so that i wont be in it. Try to show some respect Music, so here im just pretty much going to do a range test, and i wanted to do it right here, because this is pretty much the coastline. So i wanted to see if this how how far this actually goes. So by now you all can see this screen and i actually want to sit this way, but you can actually see the screen and so im just going to take it along the coast and see what i can get and also i got the sun coming this Way so this is probably the better lighting, even though i want to go this way so lets see. Okay, we are fastly approaching. We are vastly approaching quarter, we are almost at a half a mile. I got some of that salt water Music. Now this is supposed to go a few miles and so im making sure i hold it this way because of the antennas they arent omnidirectional. So you want to be in parallel as best as possible with the actual drone, and we are still going okay, its looking pretty good yall, Music and we are lets see. Let me actually come up a little bit. Applause! Okay, we are coming up on about. We are almost almost at a mile im im, believing in dji.

They give me mild – and ironically i thought i was gon na have enough shoreline, but it seems like im about to run out of shoreline. Okay still got a great connection, so far 26 miles per hour. We just passed the mile mark okay, im believing in this Music, and there is no sign of uh signal loss, so that is great. This is great. I can also see that as you get further along the actual uh coastline, its less and less more less and less people on the beach. So maybe i should have actually started up there. It is very empty, as you all could see, so i think its about 5280 feet uh per mile, so you get around ten thousand and five hundred feet away. Then youre about two miles. Dont quote me on that yall. I am just going off the top of my head right now. We are 8 000 feet away. This is pretty phenomenal, pretty phenomenal and how long weve been flying were flying five minutes. So what encouraged me to do this range test is. I was actually in a more urban area and tried to do a location scouting that a recent video that i just put on my channel that you all can see, and so, when i tried in that urban area, i could not make it past uh almost like A half a mile, so i was really disappointed and i think i just passed on the right hand side.

I think thats, the hilton, the hilton hotel we are still going. We are about to be at two miles away. Oh my goodness, two miles away. You guys wow two miles: oh my goodness, and its literally its literally like nothing out here. This is pretty pretty phenomenal. I have another guy right here beside me, flying the dji mini and im probably about to get caught up by the lifeguards. Oh, no. They didnt bother me okay, im. Sorry! I got that saltwater, so about 15 000 feet thats, where the actual three mile mark at now. I think i have about 70 battery, so thats pretty good, so at 15 000 feet. I think i will turn it around ill. Be pretty happy ill, be satisfied three miles away if you need any drone, if you need any shot three miles, if something isnt three miles within your area, i dont know what youre trying to do maybe spy on somebody, but this cant be beat. I knew that for a range test. I really i needed something with a coast, so im im happy about this now, what its looking like is. My battery life is going to actually go out before my actual distance goes out. So what that means is that the drone is going to bring itself home and so thats what its looking like its going to come on, come on before anything Music, and we are 14 000 feet away now. The thing is, is that at that were about to approach three miles and were about to be at? We have 65 battery life, so i am going to actually leave myself some cushion because i dont want to play around with the battery um.

So at about 50. It should make it back, but im just going to play it safe and bring it back. So we actually went past three miles so the distance that dji says i believe it might actually be legit, and this i dont have any signal laws you guys. I dont have any signal loss. It just keeps going. We are going 17 000 feet. Okay, now now its telling me now, it just told me that my battery is too low, so its bringing it back. Okay, now im going to let it bring itself back and once once it gets a little bit closer, then ill, navigate it ill get a little bit more b roll, but im totally happy im totally happy Music. I cant believe it. It went over 17 000 feet without a break in the feed that is crazy. Okay, so now its 16 000 feet away and its probably gon na, take it a little while we, we are pretty pretty deep im im pretty happy, because when i flew uh in a neighborhood that was really urban, you know theres a lot of signals and things That kind of break up, and so when you have that, then you actually have the problem of you know signal interference and then you cant go as far so in the urban area. I wasnt able to go. Maybe three quarters of a mile, if that, so im really excited, really excited Music. Okay.

Now let me let me go to the spot that i was actually going to go and prop up right here. Okay, so this is where i actually was gon na sit at first, but the lady had a bride and a groom that was going and taking pictures so lets see. How far is the way now so now its 13 feet away my battery 53. Music, this? This is crazy, so its only a few instances where i could see that you need that much uh distance. One of them is like what i do, which is location scouting but, like i said, i had a lot of trees. I had a lot of power lines and its congested with people, so you got cell phone signals and all those types of things thats interrupting so now im actually out here at clearwater beach, florida, and so i said, let me when i go to the beach. I need to make this video, because this is going to be phenomenal, because i dont have any any any, i guess direct interference as as kind of like uh trees and things of that nature. Of course we got people with phones and all that type of stuff buildings also, but they are not actually the intercepting or blocking the line of sight and so thats the critical thing this isnt omnidirectional. So you want to point it in the direction as best as possible and when you do that, you actually get the best signal for the drone.

So uh. This going over three miles for me is definitely a feat, because you know they give it these specs and you cant. You dont really get to test it as much. So i guess i cant really speak for the full distance. I can speak up to about three and a half miles, and so for about three and a half miles, i didnt have any loss so lets see where we get now. My battery is 47 and we are still just just under two miles away. Oh, my goodness, and it is going 22 miles per hour so still on the coast, and the guy has a mavic mini right here, but phenomenal now. The thing that i believe is, i dont know how i would actually be able to test to see if it goes the full amount of distance, because if at about three and a half miles away the battery goes out, i almost would kind of need somebody at The other end of like a six mile point, or you know uh. I cant remember exactly how far its supposed to go. I think its somewhere around there that i can actually just let the drone uh land down there versus having to bring it back because uh, you think about it. Thats three and a half miles there three and a half miles back that basically kills the battery versus. If i have somebody all the way on the other end, then i probably could test it so thats, just something to think about or dji has like an extended battery pack, which has its pluses and minuses too, because if you think about that extended battery probably means More weight on the payload payload means you know drain the battery quicker, so you got all those things to think about so lets see.

Now i am about to be just about a mile away, so you see how long it actually takes for it to come. So im actually happy. I wanted to make this video for you all. I didnt really get to get a true range test when i first got this a few miles ago and its different environments, this is a beach coastline, so im very open and i was able to test it the urban area. I think i am going to put that video up just so you can see the difference in the video footage. Pretty choppy data on the receiving that i got um lets see im just under a mile away. I feel like i feel, like it took less time going there. Then it did uh coming back coming back its taking pretty long to get to get over here, so now probably get some b roll. I know i probably i cant make it any further than that. So i basically extended the battery um and if you know you can kind of tell dji hey, i want to keep going, but im definitely going to play it a little bit safer on my end, just because i dont know how i would be able to retrieve It if that doesnt come back, so we are almost in the ballpark this video feed. I hope you all, like the drone view its pretty pretty nice ima, bring it bring it back 35. On the battery, i pretty much killed this battery yall.

So if youre thinking about a drone, my my thoughts on this maverick air 2, i honestly feel like its worth it um. If you dont know, i got the fly more combo, so i do have two other batteries so ill, probably just throw another battery on here and get some other shots that i really want besides this range test and then go from there, but i definitely recommend it. You have the mavic pro 2 as well, but from what i see, this footage is beautiful. The stabilization in this drone is immaculate, i mean it gives the cinematic feel and its very smooth stabilization. The control the active tracking is nice also the way that they actually track and keep connection. My other drone i had it was the dji iv, so i was pretty late and that one actually broke. So they kind of forced me to get a new drone, but im actually happy because they have the new technology and this on mavic air 2, where you dont have to use wi fi okay. So it is two feet away and lets see exactly where it is. Okay, it is it is here you guys, so i am going to bring it home. Oh its right. Above me, it did a pretty good job of bringing it back Music. It did a pretty good job of bringing it back. I cant lie so lets see. How far did you go three and a half miles? No three and a half miles.

Oh my god, yeah this one got too much interest. Oh yeah yeah, i mean even like i tried to get close to a building its because the way you transmit is the first one. Oh yeah, yeah yeah. You know how that goes. You know you the first one. Then they figure it out and then the second one is better yeah, so basically um i could have went further. I didnt have any interference. I was three and a half miles that way, but then the battery yeah yeah, so i had to bring it back shots. Oh yeah yeah yeah, so its nice to play with yeah all right, so i still got 25. Oh, i just got a decent shot right there, all right guys, so that was the guy actually with the dji uh and so lets actually take this back and lets get me in the shot. Why dont we thats? What im talking about? Okay, guys so t to the m to the idd, and you know i want to make sure i dont hit these rocks. I forgot. I got uh the sensors im used to im used to not having a sensor so im like extra cautious, but three and a half miles you cant beat it im happy um. I hope you all like this range test um. It took a nice amount of time, but hey the last thing. I want to say why i do prefer this drone its kind of its kind of good, but you know i guess you it fits where you see fit, but 4k 60 frames per second um.

Really the speed that this drone goes.