This is my second video of the dji mavic air 2.. I posted my first video about half a year ago and if you have not seen that video, yet i strongly encourage you to watch that video before watching this video ill go ahead and link it down in the description below, because i do the unboxing in that Video and i go over a lot of things that im not going to go over in this video, including a lot of technical details, because this video is going to be more about my experience with the drone within the past six months or so, and im going To split this video up into three sections: first ill, just give you guys a quick background on my dji mavic air 2, and just let you guys know what i have second ill talk about. My overall experience with the drone over the past six months and finally ill give you guys my final thoughts on the dji mavic air 2 after a full year of ownership, and just really quick before we get started. If you do like this video or if this video helps you out, i would really appreciate it if you went down there and gave this video like that, would help me out so much and if you would like to see more videos by me in the future, Make sure to go down there and hit that subscribe button and also hit that bell notifications button and i will have the link to the dji mavic air 2 on both amazon and the dji site down in the description below in case.

You want to check those out for yourself and lets go ahead and get right into it. So, just as a little background, i bought the dji mavic. Air 2 fly more combo, it costs 988 dollars and i also bought a 128 gigabyte, sandisk extreme sd card for ‘ and the dji care refresh for 79 and thats the one year warranty, including tax. My total came out to 1201.42 so now lets move on to my overall experience with the drone over the last six months. The first thing that ive kind of slowly started, noticing over the past six months, is that when i go places to fly my drone, i dont fly nearly as much as what i thought i would. I bought the flymore combo, mainly because it comes with two extra batteries, but i have yet to be in a situation where ive had to switch out an old battery for a new battery whenever ive gone out to fly youre supposed to get a max of 34 Minutes of fly time off a fully charged battery and im starting to realize that thats a really long time to be up in the air. If i was a more serious drone flyer yeah, you know i probably would use the batteries up more, but that just doesnt seem to be the case at this point in time, and this kind of brings me into my first criticism of the dji mavic air 2 Fly more combo, the fly more combo comes with a multiple battery charging hub where you can charge up to 3 batteries at once, and i just got ta say it: charges pretty slow and the other thing is is that it doesnt actually charge the batteries simultaneously.

What it does is it charges one battery once that battery is fully charged. Then it moves on to the next battery and charges that battery once that ones fully charged. Then it moves on to the third battery and charges that battery. I think it would have been cool if they included some kind of high speed charging hub instead of this one, and i just want to make it clear, really quick. I dont actually have a lot of things to criticize about the dji mavic air 2, but ill go ahead and go through my criticisms right now. Just to let you guys know that my experience hasnt been 100 perfect. One issue that ive been having more recently that i dont remember happening as often when i first got the drone is that the tracking features seem to lose their target pretty often and for some reason it tends to happen more often when i just turn the drone On after flying around for a little while, the drone seems to get better at locking onto its target and not losing it and im, not really sure why. That is. Although having said that, the tracking features are by far my favorite part of the drone and you can get some really awesome shots with them, another thing that happened to me, which was a bit scary, is i took the mavic air 2 to the beach just over. Here in malibu the other week and my gimbal actually got stuck while i was flying, the camera was stuck straight up and i couldnt move it down.

The dji fly app even gave me a notification saying that the gimbal was stuck and sure enough. This happened right after my warranty expired and i didnt renew it, and i dont know why this happened. You know, maybe a grain of sand could have gotten stuck up in there because you know i was at the beach im, not really sure, but i landed the drone turned it off turned it back on, took off again and it was totally fine. So, im not really sure what the problem was there, and i guess now i can go ahead and move on to my final thoughts on the dji mavic air 2. After a full year of ownership, Music after a full year of ownership, ive come to the realization that i am a very casual drone owner and drone pilot ive been trying to make a point of flying the drone more often, but after a full year of ownership. Ive flown the mavic air 2, a total of 25 flights and ive spent close to only 2 hours with the drone up in the air. Although that might not sound like a lot, i just got ta say the results that the mavic air 2 produces blow me away every time. The footage that this thing is able to produce is phenomenal. The camera produces very vibrant, colors and very sharp footage which never ceases to amaze me. I was having this conversation with somebody recently where i said if i had never seen a drone before, and i had no idea that drones existed and someone just happened to show up at my house with this thing and told me that they paid like fifteen thousand Dollars for it, i would probably believe them, because i really do think that this is a very high tech product and a very high quality product as well, and to think that you can buy a remote control flying camera for around a thousand dollars.

It just blows. My mind so anyways guys im gon na go ahead and put the links to the dji mavic air 2 down in the description below in case. You want to check it out for yourself ill put both the amazon link and also the link to the dji website, and once again, if you did like this video, i would really appreciate it. If you went down there and gave this video a like, that would help me out so much and if you would like to see more videos by me in the future, make sure to go down there and hit that subscribe button and also hit that bell. Notifications. Button, i upload a whole bunch of different kinds of videos and just really quick guys. Actually, if you guys, are interested in buying a t shirt with a picture of my face on it, ill go ahead and have the link to that down in the description as well.