I’Ve been wanting a drone for quite a while and i’m so happy. I waited for this. Gem produces great quality and captures nice photos. Music was pretty impressed with it considering i’m a beginner at flying. Definitely gon na need an extra battery don’t hesitate and get it. I fly fpv freestyle totally different for racing, fast, etc and needed a proper camera drone really torn between the mini and air too. My buddy has the mini, so i flew the mini Music. The mini is very impressive, to be honest, it’s the perfect all around drone i mean yeah. The air 2 offers a few more features, but in the big picture the mini is very, very tempting and half the price fly more combo, but after flying it and getting way too, any wind is strong alerts on a reely. I understand it’s different and it’s like comparing apples to pears, but we all want what’s best for us, but there is the temptation to get a real drone, meaning it’s over 250 grams and is not really considered a toy which really looks like Music. I have another three weeks to decide if the air 2 is staying, but i am pretty sure what i have done and seen so far i can’t get rid of it. The mini will feel like a toy and ill always be worrying. It is gon na get blown out of the sky, which they are known for due to the size for 988 plus tax it’s, not inexpensive for 499 it’s, half the price, but half the drone, plus it has ocusync too zero, far better than the other dji ocusync Systems i live in a complex, so i have buildings and have gone behind whole rows of condos and lowered to the street and there were zero cutoffs.

The app is great.