Finally got my hands on it. If you missed the unboxing and full on set up really getting in depth and looking at it close up with all the parts and how it connects and updating go ahead and check, the video in the series I'll have that pop up here, you might want to Check that out also subscribe for the rest of the series. Anyway, this is going to be the initial flight test. We are going to take it out of the case. Set it up real time, make sure we just see how everything works. We'Re gon na try the tracking we're gon na. Try all the features. We'Re gon na see how it flies anyway. Let'S get started with the Mavic air, 2 Music, okay, so setting up just opening the package the case now this is the flam or combo. First thing: we do let's, take the drone out and remember front first back. Second, and all we need to do is take off the gimbal guard, so we just kind of grab it like this pop that off and that's it for the drone it's, pretty much ready to go I'm gon na. Do a compass Cal two on this compass calibration, because I haven't done one yet so we're gon na go through that real quick before we fly you can see. The two extra batteries are right here, fit really nicely in the pouch. I left the charger at home because I don't really need it today, but you can fit the whole charger and multiply charger in here cool.

This is the bracket we're gon na mount our phone on check it out. This one does have the cable already built in here, so you have to keep it extra in your bag. It'S ready to go as you can see. The controller looks quite a bit different, it's kind of different kind of neat, but the phone can't really tilt or anything so you're, just kind of stuck with having your phone in this orientation. Now this is an Android one, 60 phone and for some reason I only can put it in this way where the plugs on the left side. I usually like to have it this way where the plugs on the right, but for some reason, the DJI app kind of forces it to be in this orientation, so just kind of pushing really easy. Just put it in the top push the bottom in. You can see how that snaps in really nice one thing about this: is you can't really touch the buttons after you put it in? So if you need to turn your volume up and stuff, maybe do that first cuz. I want to hear the voice, the DJI voice, so I'm gon na go ahead and turn the volume up and we're just gon na put it in just like that remember this is a USB type c cable. So you can really just twist this any way you want and put it in. So, if it's better for you to switch that cable around you can so it can reach your phone and stuff.

The first thing I'm going to do is press press and hold on the controller. You hear the double beep, the familiar chime press press and hold the drone I'm just going to look at the gimbal kind of booting up. You can see it doing its self calibration and that familiar boot up sound we're, just looking at the controller enough. You guys can see this, but the lights blinking now it's on solid, so it's ready to fly. So basically, you can fly this without even your phone as long as you set it up at your house initially and register it and stuff. You don't even need your phone. You can just go ahead and arm line of sight and fly at line of sight by pulling the sticks down, as you can see, we need to put in our thumb. Sticks almost forgot about that, so you screw these in pretty cool and convenient just right in the bottom here, tucked away nicely, if you didn't even want to plug in your phone or have your phone on top watch, see see how you can just pull both sticks Down and in well then it's armed let's, see if, if it shuts off, if we don't take off, I always like to just do this for safety reasons. Just to see you know what, if something happens, where it's just sitting there armed? How long does it take to turn off all right? I don't see it turning off.

Okay, I usually like, if the thing doesn't take off for about 10 seconds. It is nice to see it just turn off their propellers for safety reasons. So you fell down and your controller. Who knows what fell in the water that thing's just gon na be sitting there dangerous with the propeller spinning, so maybe something they want to look at. Otherwise you have to disarm it by pulling down and out or down and in you can disarm them again. All right so now we want to connect the phone up and we're just plugging directly into USB, see now I was having some trouble you'll see it auto launch the app I was having some trouble in my unboxing. I did get it to work. Sd card detected yeah, I just put an SD card in there, so I have a 32 gig SanDisk Pro in there. So you want a really high quality card, high speed card if you're gon na be doing especially HDR or 60 frames per second, so you can get that 4k resolution anyway. What I was saying is, I was having some trouble initially with this phone. It seems like, if you maybe have the Mavic mini first, and you have the app in your Android phone at least, and you have the Mavic mini bound and that's all working great. I couldn't get it to recognize the Mavic air 2 until I uninstalled the app reinstall the app re logged into the gie, my ji count and then it recognized and could update so just a little tip there for you, guys that are having some trouble.

I went over that my unboxing, but something good to know: okay, we're ready to go I'm gon na ruin and record this screen for you guys, so you can see what's going on with my screen recorder. There we go. I like to use the AZ screen recorder. It'S been working pretty good for me, everything's good to go, go fly again, as you could see it. Initially, it went into the fly screen so I'm, just going back in there. I have it set to 4k 30 frames per second in HDR mode. You can do 60 frames per second, but it's not going to be an HDR okay we're in video mode we'll also take some pictures up there. So let's go ahead and start fly and see what this thing can do. We'Re 95 cuz you've been sitting for a bit. We got 18 satellites awesome, so it should be good to go so I'm gon na do an auto launch. This switch here, I'm going to stay in normal mode. If you're a super beginner, you might want to switch it over to the left and tripod mode. There is also a tutorial on here for flying and it totally teaches you how to fly. If you want to do that, I went ahead and bypass that all that stuff. But you can do that if you want, when you initially boot it up so I'm hitting Auto takeoff and then I'm just pressing and holding here propellers are gon na spin up and there goes so.

The wind pushed it back a little bit we're getting about five miles per hour from this direction and it has all of the sensors on so. Did you hear that beeping? So that means it detected me behind it see that, because that has these two vision, sensors, it looks like it only launched to about 1 meter high. You know what I'm gon na do right away. Is I kind of want to change that to Imperial you see this on the screen here, it's set to metric by default I'm in the US, so I want to do Imperial just click anywhere out of that screen and you should get back so now you see That it only launches to about a one and a half feet: high I'm gon na bring it up right to eye level just pushing up on the left. Stick a little bit, let's just see how it kind of hovers and maintains. I forgot to record the video so I'm recording. Now there we go this press record. You can also press right here on this trigger button check this out. This cable is kind of in the way of the trigger, so you might want to turn this around and mount it. So the cable is higher because it's a little bit in the way of my finger. There, no big deal so we're. Looking at the craft here, we're just gon na kind of it's, just locking in I mean it – did go to the left a little bit, hey guys, thanks for tuning in thanks for watching the videos I make.

But you see how I just went a little bit to the left now it's beeping again, because we're in the way and it's just hovering there right at the eye level I set it at. I do have that ND filter. If you look over here on the drone itself, see that that's the nd 16 filter that comes with the flame or combo, you don't get the filters with it. Unless you buy the Primark combo or you can get them separate. So I have the nd 16 it's a pretty sunny day today and so that's. What we're seeing and you can see how it's not detecting me from the side, so let's move over to the right there we go so it detected me right when I came in view of the camera teams, see that that's the limit of, I guess the sensors On the front, so this one I don't, know about tracking sideways, it might still crash just FYI let's move the gimbal up and down I'm just using this left little roller on my finger, and you can see how that's, nice and smooth coming down looks like it's. A slow speed by default, I haven't, changed anything by the way, guys, except for the distance and height settings a little bit. So what we'll do is we'll start off in tripod mode I'm, pushing this button to the left, tripod mode, low speed and let's just see how it does in this left.

Stick fool to the right, it's detecting me again, and you see how slow it's turning look at this close up. Still doing very good now detected me from the back see maybe a little narrower range of detection from the back okay. Let'S, go full stick forward, see how fast this goes again. This is very slow. This might be the the one you want to have in this mode when you're just beginning see how slow it's going it's turning very slow coming towards me remember. This is hgr mode. So keep an eye on that video Wow. Okay, I was headed right towards my head, get the gimbal down a little bit, so it is working. It stopped very well on its own before it hit me. Let'S let's! Reverse it here, so really slow, it's! Spinning in the camera, doesn't look that slow, so maybe a good mode for cinematic shots too I'm gon na pull back a full stick in tripod mode and let's see. If it detects me in this mode here in some beef in yeah, it slowed down really gradually and it's maintaining about. I know it seems like about six feet from my head, that's good. I think I just accidentally turned on that bottom light. I have the bottom light. You see this LED light on the bottom. I have it set to turn on. If i press this function, button see that you can do off auto enable when it gets low light or always on.

I think I just accidentally pressed it. So it was on anyway, let's do some other stuff, so that's how fast this thing's going. I wasn't even looking at the speed okay let's, just look at the speed let's. Give it full stick see how fast it's going alright it's only going about ten looks like it's limited to under 10 miles per hour Wow. It looked like it's dropping look at this dropping on its own, for some reason: that's unusual for a DJI, unless I was hope, almost saw me and stopped, but I stepped out of the way: okay, well that's, the tripod mode for you. Let'S push full throttle up, see what our speeds are now look at those Jacaranda trees over there they're blooming right now, beautiful, full throttle up let's just see how fast this mode is, then we'll go into the other modes two miles per hour: maximum full stick up. Okay – and you can see it going up – there, I'll have the phone on the screen, let's turn towards the Sun and see how it doesn't directly into the Sun. In this HDR mode. There'S a Sun up there full stick down same speed to mile per hour negative. Coming down see that each year I don't know tell me what you guys think: Oh, the HDR would have brightened up the ground a little better but that's the way it's working, okay, we're going to switch into normal modes so I'm, taking this switch in the middle.

Go into the middle and it's saying and normal mode. This is gon na, be a long review. Just let you guys know, but I do have three batteries so might as well. Just do it all and show you everything this thing can do so let's. Do a quick, yeah all the way, definitely faster. You see that detected me and detected me on the back too, so apparently they're working in normal mode that detect the sensors now let's go full stick forward. Oh wait! A minute that seemed interesting started, going really slow. Wow, okay, so it's pretty slow in normal mode, slow to start let's, see how how fast it gets going. I'M gon na get a running start here. You guys look at the camera. Tell me what you think in the comments below Running Start full stick forward. We'Re gon na go up a little bit, maybe that's why it can fly so long, it's, just really smooth so what's our speed, uh eighteen nineteen miles per hour, getting up to right on 20 that's, going against the wind about five miles per hour. Let'S bring it back with the wind and now we're going about 25 okay, so it is about five miles per hour. Winds blowing from that direction. Okay! Well! This is what we can expect from normal mode slower than I thought it would be. Let'S, do a punch up three two one turn it here, so we can look at something that's.

Not there. We go there's the house over there full throttle up: okay, that's faster now, we're, going at about nine miles per hour. Okay in normal mode, pull in full. Stick down on my left: stick and we're, going a little bit slower six and a half so couple mile per hour, slower coming down and make sure you guys are looking at that camera. Seeing how that thing's doing let's try see how low we can get before it wants to land. Okay, see how I'm pushing down on the stick and it's, not letting me go any lower. If I was to hold it, it would land and so it's stopping at about well now it thinks it's negative three feet, so it may be a little bit off on its calibration there. Oh you know what I didn't do is a compass. Cal will do a compass Cal in the next on the next battery. Anyway, I want to see if you can cancel the landing so I'm holding down don't want it to land push up great, so you can cancel that just by pushing up the throttle. Okay, what else we want to do in normal mode yeah, it sure, is flying slow in normal mode. Why is it so slow? I guess cuz we're close to the ground. Let'S pick it up a bit yeah. So, if you're close to the ground, it just wants to fly slow, come down wow, it just went over me.

Okay, I think I have a pass. Maybe on a pass is it'll automatically avoid the obstacle let's. Try that we go right in front of me, I'm gon na stand right here. Look at this going up on its own right over my head, that's great let's, try the same thing in Reverse, so we'll just be right in front I'm. Gon na stand right in front of it that time it turned to the left on its own ooh, not going faster, that time guess with the wind huh all right, so I think that's good for the normal mode, let's go into sport and then we'll try some Other stuff we have 61. It says we have 18 minutes of flight time left you see up there in the top right. If I click on that, showing us our battery voltage and how long we've been flying, which is 11 minutes and 50 seconds great, so we're switching into sport, now guys this button to the right, and we want to see how fast this thing flies in sport. First, we'll go low cause; it seems like it's fly slower when it's close to the ground, which is interesting. We'Ll stick forward. Okay, now it doesn't care about the ground. Look at this that's going fast. I don't think the obstacle avoidance is gon na, be working let's. Just try it going slow at me. It could detect me, but it didn't want to move so be careful with sport mode it's not gon na stop it doesn't seem let's.

Try that one more time I'll just go slow, just go very slow right at me, nope! So it's gon na run into you in sport mode or run into obstacles, so don't count on those sensors working they'll, just beep a little bit let's see how fast this thing gets. Going I'm gon na go up. We'Re gon na go right into there's a West. My mountains, beautiful we're gon na go straight that way for a bit. Okay, let's see how fast this thing can get going. I think it was only 20 in normal mode already at 35 approaching 40 okay with into the wind actually that's about 40 miles per hour. I'M gon na slowly turn, while checking out that HDR right and I'm gon na come right back at me. Well, where am I that's the wrong part? Oh, where the heck? I am. You see the little icon in the on the bottom that's. Our radar let's see how fast it goes going with the wind yeah about 37 still going with the wind 40. So you can expect 40 max. With this thing then I'm at the lower park now let's bring it on back there. I am okay there's the higher Park there. We are booking it. The ping flies fast 40 miles per hour for a drone is pretty darn fast. Now let's see how quick it takes to stop so full stick forward letting off, so that was going with the wind and it took about 20 feet to stop Wow, so sport mode is really fun.

That'S gon na burn your power look at that. We only have 48 percent power left you're doing all that stuff. Okay. So what do you want to do next, guys let's get up here and do some pictures? We know how the video is. Oh, you know what I'm do I like to do? These punch up shots we'll just get the launch mat right here in view tilt the camera all the way down using this left. Stick roller and let's just do a punch up in sport mode. Oh yeah! We forgot to see how fast it goes up. So full stick up sport mode, checking out the videos seeing how stable it is. It'S going about 9 miles per hour up, that seems about the scene as the normal mode was okay and that's, how the cameras looking looking beautiful, Jacaranda trees over there, looking fantastic, okay, full gimbal down again and pulling the stick all the way down same speed. Six and a half miles per hour coming down same as the normal mode, they're gon na get faster, lateral flying, but not faster up and down. Okay, that's what we can expect looking good looking at the video coming down, making sure it's, not wobbly right down right above the mat okay. So now, if you want to get up there and we'll, take some pictures, so we'll go straight up. I'M gon na go back into normal mode, so I'm just clicking that button to normal let's go up and we'll just get up here.

Ways maybe walk 200 feet right there, 200 feet and let's take some photos of this. So I'm gon na stop, recording guys let's see what happens if we press the picture and record button from up here all right, that's gon na stop your recording, so you have to physically on the phone you have to switch between video and picture. You see this so I'm clicking on HDR clicking photo and let's do a single shot and then we'll try some diff things so I'm. Just gon na push this physical button on the right trigger picture, let's, try a 45 degree angle, okay, another picture and let's try. It all the way down angle, just like that picture, let's see how the camera auto deals with this let's get some of these Jack around the trees and view picture. Okay, cool now, let's try a couple of these different photo options: let's try the 48 megapixel mode. All right, that's, what's doing let's just leave it. There take another picture, I'll rising up into the Sun. Well, if I click on the Sun Wow that really darkened up look at the Sun now poof and then, if you click on so you can click the screen, see that, and so it adjusts the exposure values. I just want to click right on the water out. There it's gon na be a kind of a dark picture. Let'S just see how it works. Okay and then we'll do one with it tilted all the way down, just to see the difference and 48 megapixel mode just to try.

It looks like it kind of bring in more made it maybe like a wider field of view. Alright, smart let's just try this smart what's. This gon na do picture. I'Ll have these popping up on the screen, guys as they come out. No post production let's. Try a picture right here, get these Jacaranda x', some of the new construction here and we'll do one just right into the Sun again right there. This is automatically it looks like you can see more of the ground. That'S good in this auto mode, let's take a shot. Okay, so I'll have those popping up, so you guys can see what's going on with those well. We still have 32 power left that's great. Now that we took some pictures I'm starting to record again I'm going to pull it on down while we're, looking at a little bit hazy over there a little bit hazy today, I want to pull on down and we're gon na try to do some tracking. It does have the quick shots. Remember that was kind of limited to the mini. Could only do quick shots, maybe a little bit of tracking in quick shots, let's see, if maybe we can do some free tracking. With this I was under the impression you could now the Sun is kind of covering the cloud so it's a little bit gloomy plus we have that filter on let's. Just try this. Let me click on myself, click and hold.

No. I guess you can move the gimble if you do that, let's do a box how to lock target Wow a little bit of Chinese language. There stays centered. Ok, so see this little tutorial here. So you can. You just have to drag a box. Okay, let's see if we press on this other one well how to lock target yeah so it's just doing a tutorial and let's skip it and close that so there we go okay. At least we have a target and it has it's on the little eye. You see that whoop and I just pressed it again and it went away so I'm dragging a box and this thing keeps coming up. Don'T show again there we go, and I want to press this left one to see how what that does active trap. Taco and the aircraft will follow the target automatically. Okay, there we go so you can do a trace or a parallel, so I just hit it again and it goes away after a while let's just press GO and let's just track, so it should be staying at this height let's see if it follows yeah so Sing at the height and the distance away and it's keeping me in front of it and it's just moving to keep me in the shot so that's working great. I want to do some like driving around and trying it a little battery. Okay, let's just do a little bit of running, see how this thing works, looks like it's, tracking, great okay, so let's stop that and you can see the filters make it really dark right when there's not too much Sun around so don't put a filter on.

If you want brighter shots, so you see how I'm kind of moving around just in a circle around it and it's just keeping the distance and keeping around me I'm gon na stop I'm gon na press that little thing to the left bottom again and this time Let'S, try a parallel go, so what this should do is it should just follow me with its head locked, okay, but walk forward, Wow what's it doing now having a little trouble right. Did you see that those having some problems can't believe PGI, is still having these problems like that was supposed to back up let's go away from it, so you see how the heads not really turning? Oh, it kind of is actually I don't know what it's doing so. Maybe they can work on the parallel a bit: okay, home point, let's back up and let's, let it do its automatic home point. There goes it's gon na go up and let's just do what it thinks it needs to do. Okay guys looks like I was far enough away from the home point for it to do a fool return to home. I think, if you're within about 50 feet, it's just gon na land, where it is so important if you want that return, the home to work, go ahead and just get far enough away. It was probably about a hundred feet away at that time. So you can see how high it went on its own.

It went to 100 feet 98 feet, let's, see how close it gets to that landing map. Okay, the whole time watching the video making sure everything's nice and stable and I'm not gon na touch anything I'm. Not gon na touch the hope, so I did that on its own with the gimbal I'm, not touching nothing it's shedding its said insurer landing is safe. I think eeap's popping off once in a while look like it adjusts it a little bit from the bag over there to the landing mat wow. You really can't see that landing mat. Okay, I guess it's just gon na land there and that's that's like four or five feet away. Let'S see how far that is. I didn't do a compass Cal, so maybe that's why I will do one we'll, try that again, one to four feet so four feet away: that's reasonable totally, especially for not calibrating the compass at all, so let's go pop in a new battery I'm gon na stop. Recording pop in a new battery and we'll try more of those tracking functions and we'll do a compass Cal. First before we even launch it and we'll see how close it lands next time we do a return to home. Okay, guys got a new battery here, fully charged battery, so we'll put this guy in you know what I'm gon na do since it's a little dark for this NV 16 filter. It seems I'm gon na change.

This filter take it off. So all you do to change these is twist it to the left, pull it off, just like that, put on the regular one which doesn't have any glass on it. It'S, just like a little rim. Guard and we'll put this one back in the filter case. Hold the camera, have it slightly angled, so it drops in to the tabs drop in and then twist it to the right and that's it. So you change it now. You can see it's a lot. Lighter we're gon na see how it looks when we launch it with no filter on this time, guys I'm going to twist this cable so it's more up towards the top and put it in so it's, not interfering with my finger. You see how that's a lot better on my finger by the way you see up here. I had my Wi Fi on and I have my bluetooth on in the last flight, so I just turned those both off. All I have is my data on so let's. See how it does here there. It is compass, normal and IMU normal I'm. Just just to do this I'm going to go into compass and I'm gon na start this, because I actually honestly did not get do this before I received it or after I received it. So you see on the screen here is just saying: rotate it to counterclockwise I'm, just trying to hold it away from the controller turning it counterclockwise.

Then it says point up and rotate counterclockwise again and that's it this time. Let'S launch straight from the controller, so both sticks down and in check propeller installation, okay, yeah. I know that's working cuz, I just flew it. Don'T show again: let's try again both sticks down and in there we go little safety, precaution and let's just pick it up. Slowly there we go we'll just fly up to maybe like 20 feet or so so 30 feet. Remember the old Mavic one used to have to do that. Alright. So this is the picture now, with the ND filter off it's gon na be a lot brighter. You see that the jack ran. Those are beautiful a little hazy today here on Maui the West Maui mountains, okay, so let's get back to what we were doing just in normal mode and we're gon na do more of this tracking. Okay, so remember we just all we do is draw a box I'm gon na try parallel again, because that seemed to be really wonky and weird let's. Try that one more time, let's walk this way sideways, see that's what it's supposed to do? It'S not supposed to be turning its head, it's just supposed to be following you with a locked in head. I mean, of course, it's gon na have to turn if it goes too far a little bit, let's walk. The other way seems to be working good. All right and if we go forward towards it, a little delayed it's taking a while for it to react to what I'm doing now it's going not really going fast enough back it's kind of going back in sideways.

I don't know why it's doing that anyway, that's? What it's doing now it's following me parallel again: let's walk away from it. I know it's doing it's just trying to stay in that lock position that's. Why it's turning alright that's good enough for me, let's! Stop it and let's. Try this other thing to the right. You see this little circle with an arrow and okay. This is an orbit cool, so you need to press it quick because it goes away so let's get a little closer. You'Re, probably gon na want to start this, keep the drone where you want it to be. When you start it, you don't, I mean or put it where you want it to be: okay, so now we're gon na press, it we're gon na, be slow first and go. This is its default orbit and that is really slow. The winds coming on its back about five and it's, really going slow, let's see if we can speed this up while it's in the middle of it yep. I just dragged and sped it up, so it went back a little bit and let's try to move around while it's tracking. So this is the infinite tracking you guys are looking for if you're not satisfied with the mini limited, quick shot. This is what you need to get. This is the next best thing. I don't think they not sure if they make the old air one anymore, but this is the next best thing right yeah, if, besides like a Mavic pro two, so might be good for you, hey it's tracking me, even with the shade on me in the shadows.

Let'S just run a little bit, see how it maintains. I wonder if it would run into a tree. Probably I don't think I'm gon na really want to touch that, but I don't know let's just see oh yeah, it kind of sees the trees. Do you see that I'm not sure if something wasn't right piece on the side of it, but it saw them and beep? Does it pass them that's kind of cool, all right, it's, doing great let's, just speed it up all the way that's as fast as you can go and it's going just about 12 13 miles per hour, max okay let's see if we can adjust while it's doing This let's go back and higher, you sure, can doing a great job. Look at that whoops. I just turn the light on again pressing the function button. Oh back to auto. Ok! Now this one has a good sensor, because it's able to track me from very far away. Remember the sky. Do two had problems with this. Wouldn'T know where you are, unless you have the beacon, but all this is using is the visual just doing a great job? Let'S keep going up and back and see, go until it loses me how about that I'm, pushing throttle up a little and I'm pulling back. Oh, there goes now it's tracking, it looks like a GPS location. Did you see it on that on the screen? They lost? Visual tracking of me and now it's looks like it's trying to track.

Maybe my phone GPS or something okay, well at least that's. What you can expect right, let's, go forward and not up, but forward and down bring it in a little tighter and let's see if it retracts me if it gets some close enough yep. So I didn't do anything. I just bring it in tight. High and tight let's go down, see how far down we can go. Well, it still tracks. So you can do your own cool, boomerang shots, that's, really neat I'm, just pulling down wow it'll even track you all the way that low look at that that's. Pretty neat let's try to run well. This is gon na be dangerous guys. You got ta watch out around you right. I don't know how it's gon na react to sideways things. It'Ll move this all the way to the other side, let's see how it deals with this and I'm gon na bring it in a little closer. This is so weird gosh, so you can do some low tracking shots. That'S neat a lot of drones. Won'T, let you do it this low okay. They need some really neat shots. Let'S get out of the shade it's, seeing me with its sensor, so at least it it's not going to get too close I'm gon na go down all the way that's as low as I can get. This is me alright, so you this can be your cameraman dude for some low shots.

That'S really awesome! You guys will be checking the out the video and seeing how the HDR is doing I'm gon na get it back up a little bit. Okay, so far very impressed hit and stop just gon na stop there and really that's all we can do, we can do orbit and then we can do trace and parallel. So they made it really simple. Maybe eventually they'll enable this for the Mini 2, because it's using the same application tap X on myself or you tap the eye. Those are the two ways you can get out of this. Oh yeah. We need to do those quick shots. So how do we do? The quick shots we have to stop recording, I believe, oh yeah, okay, I just forget you have to press on I'm gon na I'm gon na. Actually, just let you guys look at the sunset for a little bit while I finagle with this so we're gon na tap on quick shots to the right there and it's telling you exactly what to do. You drag on target and then you have just this. Just like the mini same exact thing except looks like you might have some more see that on the right and then you can choose your distance we're gon na go all the way to 380 feet this time. I don't think you can pick this far with the mini militias. Try it so in this instance, since it has these rear sensors let's try this let's try it super low I'm gon na bring this camera all the way around.

Okay, I'm gon na click on Media. Is the user let's go back right against the back of the tree and let's see what it does when it's going back towards that tree. So beeping out me because I'm in the way, I'm gon na click on myself, okay and we're gon na start this quick shot. This is just the drone II, I believe so let's start going back. Let'S see how it deals with that tree behind it. You see that in my hat cam Music it's sensing it okay let's come back forward. Oh Suns rating, my eyeballs, so it's gon na stop. When it's trying to do quick shots. Does it seem like it's gon na go around them the obstacles, let's click on quick shots again, and we want to do a different one. Okay, how do we different there? We go so we tried droney let's. Do a rocket let's go all the way: 260 feets. What it allows us for this one that's a little annoying sorry about the BP, but the sensors are on Music. There we go I'm gon na do a rocket, for example, we're sitting on the beach, and of course you can speed up the video. If you want right use when you're editing you just fast forward the video say you're with your family and you want to get this rocket auto shot. Of course, you can easily do this with your finger and just press up, but some people like to have just these easy, automated type of deals here so we're looking at it it's going four point three miles per hour, speed upwards and I think it was 240 To 30 feet Wow so check out the video I'll have that up for you guys just about ready to stop.

I could see the percentage ticking away around the record button over there. Did you see that to the right so now it's gon na come on down and it's, not recording? Is it recording, I don't think so. I think it stopped recording it's just going to come on back and stop in the same direction. It started let's see if it works its way, a little more away from me, or did it get closer, no that's about it's about how far away it was it's gon na stop higher than it left off out and we got to bring our camera back up. Okay, let's step way, so it's not beeping at us. So much and let's try something else: boy, hey just stop! Beeping will ya it's like you got to be like 20 feet away where it stops with beeping let's. Try this circle! Okay! Now this will be interesting. If it's gon na hit a tree, let's just go and do it start, click on me let's get up just in case. We don't want to be in anybody's way and we'll start here and just see if it's gon na hit a tree. Okay, sorry about that, I want to start so I can start farther away out here. Okay, you lost me. I got ta get myself back there we go, so I want to start farther way out here and then see if it hits the tree so here's. The test guys let's, do it tap on me again: okay, ready start so it's, just gon na maintain this circle and it's going slow.

I don't really see anything on the screen to speed it up. Okay, this is it. Is it gon na hit this tree? Oh yep hit the tree okay. Well, there you go that's what it does it hit the tree, but it saved itself and I'm gon na come out of the treat there. We go let's check the damage, there's anything I don't think so, hey. That was a good test right, I've never seen anybody else. Do that I'm not afraid to really put these things through the test. Even though this is a kind of expensive one I'd rather do it, then you guys crash your drone, so it seems like it's flying fine, so I'm, just gon na let it go we're still 49 power we're doing great, so don't do that. Okay, now you know really not to do that. You don't want to do any of these sideways functions because it will run into things. Remember only the back and front sensors in the bottom, but it was really good at hitting the tree saving itself and then just staying stationary and canceling everything and it put itself into a little nook that was free of any branches. That'S, pretty awesome. Okay, so we don't want to do this around any trees, so let's do that again kind of in the Sun here – and this is also really good to know how it deals with different types of shading right, so we'll get away from it.

So it's not beeping like crazy, because that's really irritating let's go back into our quick shots and let's. Just keep going let's. Do a helix, it's gon na beep for a second because I'm gon na come in close and let's just start. It click on me it's! Funny how the X's on certain area of the body isn't it start hurry up, starting all right, so it's gon na go up and out in circle and I've put it. I set it at the maximum altitude. So here we go it's taking a 4k HDR video 30 frames per second, and it should just go out and then come back in what a great shot let's see if it loses visual tracking. Remember how it resorts to the GPS tracking if it loses it. Okay, 50 percent complete Wow. It can really see me that far do you guys see the screen tiny little box at three hundred and forty feet away up box is gone now, what's it gon na do okay, I'm, just looking at my phone screen, quick shot complete! So hopefully it knows where it started and it logged a point. So at least it knows to come back to that spot. Okay, coming back in so it's, just gon na come straight down into an angle towards you. So you know, DJI is one of the only companies that does this other companies go just straight horizontally and then come down, but this one does an angle coming back and watch.

This is just gon na go right where it left off, but it's, pointing at the wrong person, so maybe a little bit of a con but that's kind of minor. I guess all right, let's try something else, so we want to go back to our quick shots. We'Re gon na try boomerang so clicking on boomerang and we're gon na get close, and you can see how that is just showing the graphic of what it does it's like any other boomerang this here really close start click on us. Let'S, just do a really cool boomerang start: Music; okay, it sure is beeping isn't it and so it's doing a slow burn ring. The thing is, I don't, I don't see any speed let's see if we just pressed right on the stick now that just canceled the whole thing so where's our speed, guys where's our boomerang speed, that's. What I want to know, I don't see anything. You guys go ahead and comment if you know how to change the speed of the boomerang cuz. I don't see nothing this you just got. I like speed up your your shot or something let's. Try that again start again yeah. I didn't see any option to turn off that beeping either. So as far as I can see, one speed on the boomerang, because when I try to move the stick, it just stops it wherever it is and cancels it and cool. But I wish you could change the speed I'm gon na.

Try that one more time and change the speed it's right when it starts, go now pushing right, nope it just cancelled it and it's flying regular. Okay, I'd say that's, something they need to work on. If you really can't change the speed, let's see what else we can do another shot. The last one is an asteroid and here's what it does yep it does a little planet let's. Do it let's, do it and make it go right between the trees there see if we can, if it'll hit those trees or what one asteroid. So this is what it does. It goes up and out that we're not close to the enough to the trees for it to worry about those – and this was neat with the original Mavic – remember it would go out, and then it takes this 3 dimensional picture watch what it does still recording my Screen now watch it picture pic is taking a whole bunch of pictures and then it's gon na stitch them all together, and it just makes a video for you. I'Ll have that video up when this is complete. Let'S just watch what it's doing wow that's really washed out over there by the Sun, isn't it that's what you get for taking off the ND filter, whoa. Okay, so see how it's, taking all these three to 360 photos and there we go quick, shot complete returning. The start point not sure if it's still recording or not because it's still saying it has a percentage till it's done but we'll just let it do its thing and then it what it'll do is it'll stitch it for you and it'll, throw it in the SD Card yeah so now it's, just returning with no percentage so guys I'll have that up for you playing maybe two times you can.

You can make it go forward and reverse speed it up or not your editing, software or the fly op software, whatever you want to do, that was pretty cool man. We did everything look at this. We did all these quick shots and we even tried a circle. Sideways into the tree and we hit the tree, but it's still flew so here's. What we'll do we got 20 left we're gon na fly out and we're gon na do a return to home. Okay, let's just fly away the heck out there we'll do a little quick little range test into the sunset. Not this isn't gon na be a full range test, but we'll just fly away the heck out there until it tells us we need to come back as a power there's only an 18, so I'm full stick forward. We are going 25 miles per hour. There goes so wants to come back still pushing forward three two one let's, let it return home still had great picture there's that HDR footage for you. What, if I hope? Oh, I forgot this keep recording. Okay, my bad guys, I totally forgot. I was still in I'm still in picture mode. Let'S go back into video start recording, so you will have only been able to see my phone screen for that last little trip out. There let's see what we can do here. We can still turn the gimbal up and down good on return.

The home and let's see. If we can turn the head nope let's see. If we can go sideways nope can we push forward yep? It gets going way faster. If we push forward. Look at this. Okay, letting off again let's, just let it land where it thinks the mat is this time by the way, guys when we finish up I'll have the flight times up on the screen for these two flights. So you know how long we had until I wanted to return home this isn't a full fledge to zero percent flight test, like I usually do I'm gon na do that in the range test I mean you'll really know how long it lasts because I'm just gon Na do a range test in regular, normal mode, first, so coming on down normal people when they're flying they're gon na, let it come home when it needs to boy it's like the singing distance away from the mat again okay. So my luck with return to homes, a precision it's the same distance it's just over there now remember it was like over here last time about four feet: let's see what it is now one two three feet this time: one foot closer, so I think that's gon Na do it man we did a lot of stuff. We did tracking. We did all the quick shots boy. We did everything. Oh yeah, you know what I forgot is this button here will change you from photo to video? You don't have to keep pressing this on the screen.

You just press that for photo press it again for video. I think that really goes through just about everything we just didn't do any time lapse, but maybe when I do the range test I'll do some time lapse at the end, so you guys can see how that aerial time lapse looks anyway. I hope you guys enjoyed that let's go through a pros and cons real quick. This little guy is great. It looks like basically Mavic pro 2 mini doesn't, it here's what it is and look great. You guys be the judge of how those pictures look. I'Ll have had those up on the screen for you to see. Oh yeah let's look at the damage. I totally forgot to see what happened when it the tree. Just a little paint scrape on the propellers front backs just a little bit about a gray paint scraped off. Okay. Well, if that's, all that's gon na happen hitting a huge Jacaranda tree, then no big deal and you could see what happened. It was literally trying to do a circle right into that tree over there. I think it was that tree, not the Jacaranda that other tree, I think, that's the one it was trying to circle and this thing will hit things sideways. So do not Bank on these sensors having a wide enough field of view on the back and the front to keep you safe from sight. Obstacles will not happen. I know a lot of people have commented saying.

Oh, this thing's as good as the sky do no it's, not it's, definitely not anywhere near as good as avoiding obstacles. That sky do can avoid pretty much whatever you throw at it unless maybe it's a tiny little wire or something it did crash into the tree. But we need to remember that it saved itself, it hit reorient ated itself and it got into a position where it wasn't hitting any branches. And then it allowed me to just fly out okay, so that has something really good going for it and there's no damage whatsoever, that's pretty resilient to accidents like that now, if it was a tree trunk, I don't know if how that would have been when we're Doing these quick shots, we couldn't adjust the speed. I thought I remember on the Mavic mini, you could adjust the speed somewhere when I tried to move the right stick to make it go faster. I just cancelled out some of them so definitely need to work on that. It was a little bit different speeds. Of course, you can speed up your video, but then that's not like a real time type of deal, but definitely a fantastic drone, and what this one's all about is the camera, because it does that 4k HDR. I don't even think the first MagnaCare did that I don't remember you having HDR this one. Member also does the 60 frames per second also have had the pictures up.

You guys be the judge of how the video and the pictures did in that entire flight, how it dealt with the brightness of the Sun darkness of the ground. How the white balance was how the exposure value was and remember. We did one with the filter and then this second flight there's no filter. So you could see the difference that was really interesting to see how it lost visual track. But then it defaulted to a GPS point where it thought you were, which was it looked like. It was within 10 feet away from me, so it's, obviously maybe using the GPS of my phone once it loses sight. Then, when it came back in it tracked me again, except for that one time remember it somebody else was walking by and then it started to track them that's. What a device like the sky do is good for, where you hold on to the beacon or have somebody holding on to that sky do beacon, and it knows where that beacon is, and it will just keep track of it anyway, for the maiden flight test. I think this thing did pretty good no real complaints, except for those couple of Nick cons. I talked about there's a very fit and finish: quality product and I'm, really anxious to see how those pictures and video came out and what you guys thought of those. So comment down in the description below and also guys you can pick this up and all the products I use in my video I'll have those all listed in the description like the video equipment.

I used to shoot my videos and also the Mavic air 2. If you're ready to buy it, go ahead and check my link out and buy it and support the channel, it just really helps me. Keep going on and doing videos like this don't forget next, video is gon na, be the range tests to hopefully 0 now, we're gon na see how far we can get out. Will it make it be eight kilometers that DJI says probably probably more with these kind of products I can usually get more than they say in this kind of country, environment, so that's going to be up next thanks for tuning in and subscribe link over here on, The right hand, side click that stormtrooper, and I will see you in the next one.