I put up a little handkerchief windsock on one of those little bamboo skewers, just to kind of let you know how windy it is. Google actually says it's 22 miles per hour, but this spot is always windier because there's kind of like a channel coming in so it's super windy, probably gon na, be getting up to like 30 miles per hour and we're. Just really gon na see how it handles it. We'Re gon na try some advanced tracking and see how stable that video is. If you remember, I did the mini hearings in this exact spot. Go ahead and check up. There see the video of the mini handling the same wind in the same area. Imagine this is gon na do a little bit better, so let's get started with the Mavic air high wind test. Let'S see how it does Music we're gon na shoot guys today, not in HD, are not in 4k 30, but we're gon na try a 4k 60 ok, and this should make it a little more fluid when you're turning and stuff anyway. We'Ve got 20 satellites here. Unbelievable so a great day for GPS. Now the winds like blasting right now know if you guys can hear that in the mic, but look at that flat, maybe I'll. Let it settle down for a sec before I launch got to be about 25 30 right there. On that gust anyway, I'm gon na press, Auto lunch and we're just gon na take off by holding right in here, recording my screen.

So you guys can see this I'm gon na start recording right away. I just tapped record now we're just gon na. Let it hover there for a second. There should be no excuse man. This thing has 20 satellites so that time it pushed it back a little, but look how its kind of pulling back. I launched right in the middle of that H. Those kind of pulling back is trying. I guess you up fighting that about 20, 25, 30, 35 gusts, probably Music, there's a gust right there, so let's just see how it handles the wind and we're also gon na check the flight time right. This thing whoa there's, a gust honestly that's like 30; okay, it backed up and it's getting back let's just to give it the Bennett, the benefit of the doubt we'll go up slowly, so it can look at that launch pad with its bottom cameras and sensors and I'M gon na go up to 30 feet, just maybe thirty one, thirty, two so there's, no doubt in a high how high I'm going to let this thing do as much as it needs to have a precision return. Okay, so it's up there just hovering. Let me give it a few more seconds and it's gon na be windy. You'Re up there right so right. There it's, probably like a few miles an hour, windier it's doing pretty good. Now let's go ahead and do some shots, so I think that's enough time hovering over the launchpad let's fly forward.

You really hear that wind cutting through the propellers what it seems to be doing fine remember this is on 60 frames per second, so let's do a pan, shot and you'll be able to look at the video if you ever do decide to use 60fps video. This will be a good indication of what you can expect right. So if you look at my other videos, I usually shoot in 4k 30 and go ahead and check out the difference, because this should be a lot more fluid like I was saying not for that. All right, so what do we want to do? We want to just go let's. Just go forward I'm gon na go up and book it right into the wind and see how fast we can go. Wow it's blowing it back a little, definitely better than the mini, but full stick forward. This is in normal mode right guys, so let's just see it right into like 20 30 mile per hour, winds and it's only able to go like 15. The gimbal just kind of adjust it itself look at that so see how the wind died down over there. A little higher now remember this isn't, like a neighborhood, see this whoa. We just hit gnarly Gus to win their obstacle. Detection unavailable it's hang up on the screen. Look at that max power load fly with caution and it keeps saying obstacle the detection unavailable. So apparently the wind is giving it all these errors, I'm full stick for it and look at this guys.

I went down to like 2 miles per hour fluctuating between like 5 and 15 yeah, so that means there's a pretty dang good breeze here, it's already at 76 power I'm gon na. Let it off and let's just come back. Okay, I'm gon na pull this full stick back, we'll just get kind of a backward shot. Maybe I'll rotate the camera down. I want to go over to many houses. You know doing. This should be back in the park now yeah, so we'll just come full on back just get a downward shot check out that 60 frames per second 4k downward shot full on back. Are you let off tell you what I'm gon na do a quick wow? It doesn't like the wind and not having the sensors on so I remember that thing keep popping up when I was doing that range test. The other day, you guys missed that range test, go ahead and check out that it'll be in the description and on the right of the screen pop up to. If you wan na check out my range test, let's just pan over to the left and remember we're. Looking at the video quality in this crazy wind, we're at 214, feet high, so it's gon na be pretty windy up there and let's see how it is to rotate that gimbal side to side. Remember we discovered this use it a little more. In the last video you just hold the screen, and then you can move your finger to the right or the left.

You'Re gon na see the motor in the propeller eventually look at that that's as far away as it can go now. This is sideways on the wind, the winds hitting it from the right side, so I'm, pan to the right side, there's, the propeller and the arm let's panel ribs. I was just like track trying to track something let's pan over to the left side and look at that so I'm at the same horizontal level, and you see how the other side, the left side of the drone, is way higher right. That'S such a cool feature. You don't have to use it if you don't want to, but it really allows you to be in one direction: I'm gon na go back to zero. I haven't really figured out how to get this back to zero without touching the screen again and moving the gimbal. I want to be at L, zero there's, our strong wind warning. It finally came up. Huh Wow it's, really coming up now: it's bubs buzzing on me and everything I'm gon na turn off my put myself in airplane mode. So I don't get all these notifications all right, strong wind warning, guys: okay, I'm gon na pitch the camera, all it's really buzzing at me right now. It keeps buzzing at me on the controller Wow. Just look at that flag with my hat count. It'S got to be 25 30 down here. Look at that thing, it's just blowing so here's.

What we'll do we'll just do some free tracking we're burning that power, pretty quick, we're pretty high up here, so it's got to be like 30 up there. So definitely gon na be better than the Mavic mini if you're in a windy area, even though this strong wind keeps beeping at me and let's see. If we can dismiss this there, we go. I just like swiped it away, but we still have the warning up. There so the controller is not vibrating anymore anymore, since I swiped that away – and let me just try a draw a box on the screen. Okay, look at that. We cannot do any kind of spotlight when we're recording in high frames per second, which is 60 so I'm, going to stop that I'm gon na go back into let's go into HDR. This will give us a really nice shot of 4k start recording again and let's. Try to do this like spotlight, free tracking right in here in this high wind, so you see that so we can either rotate. If I was to rotate the stick to the right right now, it should keep it in view yeah. So I'm gon na do like a slow rotation and it looks like a kind of lost track of the skate park as resorting to its GPS tag. I guess it put on the skate park. That'S kind of interesting huh I'm just gon na leave it and keep rotating it now.

I'M. Gon na pull push I'm gon na push. Sorry, pull to the right really keep an eye on this video guys and I'm just manually orbiting after drying a box around this object. Man it's, really blowing it's, got to be twenty five thirty, so this drone can handle it no problem. This is like up in the Mavic pro territory of win handling – probably not quite as much but very darn close, because look at this really inspect that video we've done one full revolution at full: stick to the side and I'm, really not seeing any jitter in my Fpv, but I will have that up I'm gon na let off let's, see how it deals with that I'm gon na push to the left now let's go the other direction. Okay and while we're doing this I'm gon na start to pull back a little now. This is gon na get pretty high up in the wind up there, so I'm going to wait till where we got the wind to our backs before I do that full stick to the left. As far as the roll and I'm gon na start pushing up I'm pulling back so extreme wins let's see what we can get guys stream wins still pushing full stick to the left and seem to kind of want to slow down a bit yeah it's having some Trouble up there whoo. What are we 321 feet in this crazy wind? So, yes, I know somebody gon na say that's kind of reckless but I'm.

Confident in this thing, if it did start wandering I'd pull it down. Quick in the park here come down and and bring it closer still full stick to the left a little bit of a jitter there. You see that ups, our GPS point moving around so that's, probably like the camera. Like you know, maybe the drone wobbling around and just really trying to track that let's see what happens if we stop letting off the stick, fully see how it slows down and smooths all that out: I'm gon na click again on the skatepark and try to get That whole thing in view let's see if it loses that again, if we get kind of the whole contrast of the skatepark okay let's just see what happens I'm gon na rotate it to the right this time and let's see if it does that same thing, yep. So, for some reason, with at least the HDR mode, on it's kind of losing the shape of that and it's digital tracking, maybe by default. It goes into this mode when you get this far away. Maybe that's like a default feature where it just you know what I mean. Triangulates takes the parks GPS point and it just tries to keep that in view which isn't bad if that's, what it does that's far and beyond a lot of the drones out today. Okay, so we're gon na keep doing this we're going to come forward and down and we're just going to do a little bit more flying we're at 30 power right, so we're getting close and I'm gon na just tighten up this circle a little bit and go Sideways again looks like it was rotating the camera down a little bit.

These guys are skating here, we're, just gon na check them all. Okay, as fast as we can in normal mode. Okay show some cool, skatepark footage and then let's do every turn to home. Gon na let off here, it's right above me and let's get out of this so to get out we're gon na press this I and that just completely shuts off that they call it spotlight mode. If you don't want to do any other kind of tracking, and just do it manually, you just do that. Okay, remember just draw a box around whatever you want to track right when you're just recording and there you go, move the sticks around and it will track it. It does a great job. Remember you can do these other things over to the left. Okay, that can only do people in vehicles, so it sees that's a skatepark, and so we cannot do the follow modes on these kind of objects. It'S only saying people in vehicles so it's smart like that, and then we can do this circle tracking. If you just wanted to designate it speed all right so pressing the I again totally get out of that and let's bring the camera and let's just do a beeline to that other Park over there. So we're gon na go upwind full stick. Four guys let's switch into sport we're going 15 canceling. The return to home now I'm in sport see if we can go any faster, wow it's super windy over here.

I only can go like 10 11. All right going back into normal and let's. Just do a return to home, so holding then return to home. Clicking on that error. Warning again – and here we go so it's gon na go up a bit and come home 15 power left and let's see how it lands right on this mat. Okay and this wind it's still fluctuating between 20 and it seems 30 down here, I'm gon na pitch the camera down. So I can see where it is it's coming down, it's just coming down kind of slow Wow. Some reason I have the return to home at G's. It like 300 feet. I don't know why I did that. Well, we went kind of into the low battery warning, so hopefully that doesn't really affect the return to home it should it. I mean it still has 11, you know what Dad on me. I turned off those sensors, so we'll do another one. I have another battery. I want to do one more we'll, just see how close it lands with all the centers off. This is only its GPS. Sorry about that space that out I'll get strange gust we'll, just let it land where it thinks the GPS is. The best looks like about right there, man, that wind is just going. So if you have all these sensors off check that out guys I'm gon na stop recording check this out if you're, only using the GPS we're.

Looking at one two, three, four five: six: seven, eight nine 10 12 feet 12 feet away: that's strictly GPS accuracy, all right! Tell you what we're gon na do I'm gon na pop in one more battery turn the sensors on I'm, just gon na go straight out and we're gon na do a return to home, precision, test and that'll be the final of this video okay, guys we're at It again got a brand new battery in there just let it cool down for about five minutes. We'Re gon na go into the settings and if you guys wanted to know how to turn off your sensors let's do it. So we got our safety screen here. Yeah. Look at that altitude I think I've made it go up, because I was going to try to fly out to Molokini Island the other night when we were camping. What I never did, because it was too dark so I'm, going to get that back down to 98 feet, obstacle detection a pass okay! So now, since we have those sensors on there all the obstacle detection, you see how up on the top the sensors are in white on the top rate they used to be in red wow. The winds back do that flag. It'S got to be going up there again on the wind, so just gon na do an auto, take off let's, just watch it do its thing Wow. So that was interesting because it launched and then when it was about there halfway to where it is now, then it said the whole point has been updated.

I don't want that right. We want to hear that when we're, just when we're launching so let's, come back down I'm gon na reset this thing right here and let's: try this let's try just a manual launch and see if we hear that home point updated listening yeah! That was really strange. I mean if it was logging the point over there that's not right. Is it I'm gon na slowly push up? Yes, so it says the home point has been updated when it's like already a ways off, so maybe the wind does screw this thing up on its takeoff anyway, let's just keep going up again trying to make it give it. The benefit of the doubt remember on its return to home let's just get up there to another 30 feet. Let it sit there for 10 seconds, because apparently some people believe that's what you got to do with this one and there's the flag that's, how windy it is here. Well, you can see my shirt down there in the video too, but yeah there's, some wind leave. My shorts sure that flag is a great indicator, though thanks for your requesting that guys, it's a really good request. You guys had a little tip so remember. I have the the home launchpad sweep flipped over from the orange and white. Now it's the black in the orange, so you know maybe we'll have more contrast on this green grass. So all I'm going to do on this one is fly directly out that way up and then out.

You'Ll want to get going over too many people. Well, you can't really hear that hauling. So as long as we're like a couple hundred feet away, the return to home point should work no problem, so we're just gon na go up. I don't want to be anybody's, really audio range too much. You know they're trying to enjoy the park, go up to 200 feet. We'Ll, stop right here: okay and let's. Just press return to home right here, holding in return the home button on the controller, and we hear the audio. I turned up the volume I had a little lower in that last flight just want to make sure I'm recording yeah. We are recording guys I'm, not gon na touch anything I'm just gon na. Let it do its thing I'm going to stand back where I was so my shadow and all that stuff doesn't, throw it off whoo. We got a strong wind warning, so it's doing this all on its own it's adjusting, remember, we're an HDR for this flight, but it'll be cool for you guys to tell me what you think about the difference between the HDR and the 4k 60 frames per. Second. Both in 4k there's a skatepark so I'm, just looking at it at that home, pad landing pad and just really want to see. Really how close this is gon na be a second chance. One was without sensors 12 feet with all the sensors on.

Will it adjust? Remember we launched right in the middle of that hexagon hey. It looks like it's gon na be a lot better man heck yeah, only a couple inches off that time. Right so will the difference. You know make sure you do an IMU adjustment. Make sure you do a compass Cal in like a area like this away from metal objects and make sure you have all those sensors on some of you? Actually viewers have have mentioned that you tested it where you flew around just turn off this video. The longer you flew around and then try to do a return to home the farther it was off. So that could be the case on the precision, maybe you're flying around and really just like. You know, it's doing too much stuff and it kind of loses track. Maybe it's sensors get a little out of whack and then, when you try to do, they'll return to home might make it a little more off so, and that seemed to be the case in this one that's, the best I've ever had on this and all it Was was a fly out and a fly back for a couple minutes anyway guys. I hope you enjoyed that high wind test. Again there is our wind indicator, I mean there, we go look that's what the motor is not even on, and here we are back to about probably 25 right now up there definitely about 30, maybe even 35.

At times I know when I was flying over that way, there was some major gusts and it went down to like five miles per hour for a second, so it must have been blasting over there. Okay, guys again, thanks for watching Mavic here down in the description down below my other videos up there on the top right, you'll have seen those pop ups popping up, so you can watch the series and the other videos and those will also be in the description As well as all the gear I use in my videos as usual and again hope you enjoyed that test and I'll see you the next one.