So what are we doing today? We are going to have our maiden voyage of the drone, and the jets are coming back so let’s go to that. Look at this good camera that mug look at that mug. Look how quick this focuses run forest run Music. So we found a pretty decent sized field here. We are going to test it out because there’s nothing, no trees, no power lines, nothing that john can fly. It into right well, i’d hope i’m, not gon na fight into anything. Well, we shall see first, the controller i’m really scared that we’re going to lose these little bad boys. Well, i think that’s. Why dji sends you extras what’s in your yeti cup tea? Oh tea, sweet tea, schweitzer in the south. Anyone know what that symbol is right. There did you break it already. Doesn’T work with phone case that sounds much better. Okay, i’ve already kind of played with this in the house and done all the software updates and everything. So we should be ready to fly Music. John says this thing is supposed to stop on a dime, so he’s flying it at my head. Applause like playing a video game like playing a video game. Well, you heard it here folks. What are you gon na? Do? Huh i’m, making it go around us, but it needs like a bigger radius because it thinks it’s gon na run into the playground. I think that flying a drone is a lot like putting mascara on.

So, ladies you’ll understand what i’m talking about you have to have your mouth slightly open to do it effectively, you’re doing an active track and having it follow. You yep we’re, going to see how well it does it’s following you, Music. We are testing the the anti crash sensors that it has in it and it’s supposed to break before it gets to any object or do the avoidance and go over it. So right now we have it turned on to break so it should stop without cutting our heads off, but i am maxed out. It does not allow you to go turn on the bypass Applause, Music, he’s, doing the automatic return home feature with the automatic return home. If you push the home button, it goes back to the point where it last took off from so don’t push automatic return. If you have walked far away from your drone, because it will go back to wherever you start where you originally lift it off. Okay, what are you gon na do so i’m going to fly this? Hopefully, okay, do you know how no i mean i’ll figure it out, but okay, i just need to get it up in the air. First, this one right, yeah take off button. Okay, hold it down oop and there it it’s goes because you’re at low altitude, yeah, no but there’s a aircraft incoming is what it said. So apparently it tells you when aircrafts are coming well right now, it’s said it’s not going to go above 60 meters because we’re in a fly zone for military, your mouth’s not open, because i’m very skilled.

I feel like. I need to walk wherever it walks. There goes flies not walks. Morgan has been flying the drone for a while. Now i think i’ve given up my new toy, and it has now become hers just like everything else. Yeah i’m gon na have to steal my toy back. Music. Come on down moves forward. I’M gon na go home there’s our house. Where are you going well? Oops yeah? I should definitely not fly this over water. Yet, okay turn yep there’s our house now straight forward. There drone. What are we gon na name? It wally wally, come on down. Oh there’s, our house right now return home uh you can or you can land it right there. How do you land it right there, oh or what press the same button that you used to take off the, but it says home, yep, okay and then land land. No, you have to hold it down there, you go, they make this thing pretty idiot proof yeah, like i can’t, believe it’s a 16 and up i mean well it’s, very expensive, so 16 and up would probably be a good idea, but i think anybody, a toddler Could fly, i can fly it, so anyone can fly it did you have fun? I did have fun Music, oh Music, fyi. If you have it in sport mode and fly at someone, it does not stop on its own. It will take your head off jonathan.

Where are you going with it? There’S power lines Music? I didn’t want you to bring it down so what’s that so when the battery goes low, um it’ll tell you in 10 seconds. The drone is returning home, which is what it’s doing right now. Oh it’s automatically parking itself. How much battery time did we get? We got 49 minutes total of battery time, yeah of flight time, that’s, really good, yeah and that’s only on one battery and we have three more Music do Music. Did you have fun? I did have a lot of fun, that is, that is a fun toy, an expensive toy yeah. What was it right around just so you guys know uh at the time of making this video we got it for just under a thousand dollars. We also got the black deal or black deal black friday deal and it was like the what was it the something extra the extended flight pack extended flight package, yeah yeah, so the extended flight package comes with two extra batteries and two extra sets of rotors. So it was a really good deal for what we got, because the batteries themselves isn’t like 130 bucks for 149 for one battery yeah. So it came with a bunch of batteries so like that’s, that there right there saved us a lot of money plus extra rotors and all that stuff. Nd filters are expensive, also yeah and it comes with three nd filters, so you get 16 64 and 250 256.

I think yeah, which is really really dark. I am really impressed. I did not think i would be able to fly it yeah and i could i could totally fly it. Congratulations about flew it into an rv though yes, yes, you did because i was too busy. Looking at the little screen on the controller and like you have to be well aware of, like looking up and at the screen all the same time, because you can only see on the screen what the camera sees in front of it not on the sides of It so yeah and that’s why they put the active uh crash avoidance on it. Theoretically, you’re not supposed to be able to crash it into anything, no i’m sure if you like, forced it into like tree limbs or something because it’s not going to register anything that small it has to have some mass to it and it’ll avoid it. But right, i don’t think it would have actually hit the rv i don’t know, but i don’t want it. It’S got a sensor on the front, a sensor on the back and um two on each side had he not been standing next to me, i probably would have tested it today to find out don’t be breaking my stuff man. I didn’t mean to listen your stuff. What do you mean it’s mine? Now i like it, so she said when we bought it that if i crashed it, i wasn’t allowed to get another one what’s, the stipulation, if you crash, if i crash it, i’m allowed to get another one that’s how that works.

Okay, you’re gon na have to go stand on the street to pay for it got ta. Do what you got ta do all right. You want to wrap it up. There’S a truck stop across the street yeah you done, yeah no i’m, not done i’m. Never done all right guys that’s gon na, be it for today’s episode. Thanks for watching hope. You got some enjoyment out of this. I know we did so until next time.